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“Mayor Vincent C. Gray Introduces Color Schemes for D.C. Taxis”

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2012 at 11:30 am 54 Comments

From a press release:

Mayor Vincent C. Gray and D.C. Taxicab Commission (DCTC) Chairman Ron M. Linton introduced a vehicle exhibit at the Verizon Center to display four proposed color schemes for the District’s taxicab fleet. The exhibit is the next step in moving towards a standardized uniform color scheme for the D.C. taxicab industry – a critical aspect in the implementation of upgrades to the industry mandated by the Taxicab Modernization Act.

Additional proposed color schemes will be posted on the DCTC website to generate further public feedback. The responses will be incorporated in the decision-making process along with comments from an upcoming public hearing as well as meetings with D.C. taxicab owners and operators. Final recommendations are expected by the spring of 2013.

Continues after the jump.

“I’m delighted to open these proposed color schemes for public feedback, because it represents another step forward in modernizing our taxicab industry,” said Mayor Gray. “We intend for D.C. to establish an identity and image that will set a new standard for public vehicles for hire and will help improve enforcement to prevent illegal vehicle service by creating a more recognizable D.C. taxicab.”

The vehicles that have been wrapped in the proposed colors have been loaned to DCTC by DARCARS (Toyota Camry), Ford (C-Max), Vehicle Production Group (CNG MV1) and Clean Energy and its subsidiary BAF Technologies (CNG Ford Transit Connect). The Toyota Camry and Ford C-Max are hybrids and the MV1 and Transit Connect run on clean natural gas – representing another aspect of the Mayor’s efforts to modernize the taxicab industry by increasing the numbers of fuel-efficient and low-carbon-emitting vehicles.

The vehicles will remain on display at the Verizon Center through January 7, 2013, when the exhibit will relocate to Union Station. In February, the vehicles will make an appearance at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center during the annual Washington Auto Show. You can follow the reaction to the proposed color schemes on Twitter by using the hashtag #votedctaxi.

“This is an exciting moment for the D.C. taxicab industry. The implementation of the uniform color along with other upgrades to the new dome light and driver training will make a significant difference to local service operations and enforcement capability,” said DCTC Chairman Ron M. Linton.

DCTC is the regulatory agency responsible for finding the appropriate balance between a fair charge to the passenger and a fair return to the driver. DCTC ensures that drivers and vehicles operate safely within the laws of the District of Columbia with the objective of providing residents and visitors with a safe, comfortable, efficient and affordable transportation experience. DCTC is required by law to ensure a viable and economically sound industry within a system that is fair and transparent and allows for technological advancements.

Third Color Option (PDF)

Fourth Color Option (PDF)

Vote and see more options here.

  • Anonymous

    OMG they based the color scheme on your blog!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like any of them, but if I had to choose one, I guess it would be number 2. What is with the diagonal stripes? Just awful.

    • As noted on another site – on the actual cars – two have “proposed” mis-spelled – yay One City!

  • Pcat

    All of them are uniformly horrible!

  • PeachyKeen

    Yes because this is a burning issue in our communities….
    (-_- ) <—this is me side eyeing Vince Gray right now.

  • dat

    If they choose the green/yellow color scheme, does this mean they’ll actually start servicing areas along the green & yellow lines?

    • anon


  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t they be one solid color so that they’re recognizable from all angles? What about just red? Its the color of the bikeshare, the Circulator, and the supposedly coming soon streetcars anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I like the idea of one color, but I think it should be a color that would be unique to taxis so that when I see that color car coming I will immediately know it is a taxi.

  • The Real Jason

    Hideous. Why not just incorporate the DC Flag into it somehow?

  • Anony

    Seriously, how hard would it be to simply choose a color like red or blue or white or whatever?

    • There’s nothing wrong with DC cabs that an expensive bureaucracy can’t prolong.

  • Anonymous


  • All hideous. and the pictures are too small. They should be one solid color.

  • Anonymous

    Why not red with three big white stars on the side? or something similarly recognizable and simple? Is there an issue with emergency vehicles looking too similar… the cop cars being red white and blue for example

  • Anonymous

    If they’re calling it “DCab” there should be a picture of Mr. T.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Greatly showing off DC’s best and brightest here. I absolutely love the phonetic spelling. The absolute condition here is that you can only take the D___Cab to the D___Club.

      Just simply amazing what buffoons are employed by the city.

  • I don’t give a hoot what color my cab is. I want 1) a driver who knows his way around the city and obeys basic traffic laws AND 2) a car that has working windows and doesn’t smell like the bathroom of an Adams-Morgan nightclub. And it would be an added bonus if the driver wasn’t blaring talk radio or screaming into his phone for the entire ride, but I’m willing to negotiate.

    • KenyonDweller

      You said it. We need decent taxi service, not a new paint job.

  • Anon

    How about a simple YELLOW CAB…?

  • Anonymous

    Why wouldn’t they use Red & White, you know, like the colors on our flag and stuff.

  • Michael

    I vote for green, to represent the color of the money that is being wasted on making taxicabs a standard color. I’m hardly a libertarian, but doesn’t the DC government have better things to do than dictate the color of our cabs?

  • jt

    All of the proposals are awful. As others have suggested, why not something based on red, white, and blue? Using the DC flag as a logo would also be an appropriate choice.

    • Bob M.

      I think they had a meeting and opted to go with the Jamaican flag instead.

      • +1

      • Actually Green, yellow (and red tail lights) are the colors of the Ethiopian flag, which is where most cabbies are from…

  • not one positive comment. paint them whatever color, their only function is to provide a service. the first one looks fine.

  • Because paint color is the biggest problem with DC Taxis.

  • mattbrains

    More reason to use Uber

  • halfsmoke

    Gaaaahhhh! These are effin awful.
    POP should hold a contest…..like the U street sign deal.

  • Grand Funk

    As Charles Barkley would say that’s just ‘turrrible’

  • That Guy

    Is it weird if I judge the color schemes based on what it would the cabs would look like if they were covered in my poop?

  • anonymous

    Let’s go Packers!

  • lol – I just went to their website and voted “no” for each color scheme. Seriously, why do they all have racing stripes??? And unless they have plans to reform how the cab industry works in DC, this means that all of the cab companies and independent drivers will need new paint jobs for their vehicles, right? Why would I not be surprised if it turns out that someone connected to the mayor stands to make $$ from this new regulation?

    • Anonymous

      Existing taxis would not have to change their color….they would be granfathered. It would only be for new taxis.

      • If that’s the case, the whole initiative is even more pointless.

  • This is like an action/spy movie where someone says, “Let’s create a diversion!”

    D.C.’s cab system has much bigger problems that the lack of a uniform color scheme. Service is poor, many areas are underserved, getting a taxi dispatched by phone is a hit-or-miss proposition, taxi drivers at Union Station flagrantly violate the rules (as explored in a recent Washington Post article), and many taxis won’t take black male passengers.

    I’d much rather see the $$ for this initiative going toward remedying any/all of the above.

  • The green/yellow combinations look like a design for the Jamaican bobsled team.

  • ScoobySnacks


  • Anonymous

    If they insist on three colors, why not red, white, and blue?!?! We are in Washington, DC, you know!!!

    • Identified

      Because red white and blue are the colors of our police cars, so that would not work at all.

      • Anonymous

        Of course it would work. The police cars are white with blue and red writing. The taxis could be red, white and blue stripes.

  • Sir Douchy

    Make it reflect our divided 2 party nation. Red on the driver’s side, Blue on the passenger side. When the conservatives exit on the red side of the car they’ll get run over.

  • cwndutilh

    this must’ve been drafted by the government. no way a private design firm would’ve ever contributed these terrible proofs.

  • Anonymous

    How about painting them the colors of a rainbow flag?

  • Laura 1988

    I just want a light on top that is ON when the cab is available and OFF when it has a passenger. So simple, yet so difficult for the DC Taxi Cab Commission.

  • Anonymous

    As long as the taxi drivers HANG UP and DRIVE. Taxi drivers’ wives and relatives, please help out with this one.

  • Anonymous

    All 9 colors are terrible. I would prefer 1 solid color.

  • EM

    Like many I would prefer a solid color. And to be honest, a toned-down color. Who wants their urban experience be visually flooded by overwhelming red, pink or yellow, like New York? That’s one of the things I like about DC, not seeing the cabs as much as in NY.

    • BitterElitist

      One color is fine. The brightness helps with visibility.

  • Chris

    What is the problem that the proposed “color scheme” solution seeks to address?

    • Anonymous

      it “will help improve enforcement to prevent illegal vehicle service”… Ok.. but how serious of a problem is this really?


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