“Mayor Gray Announces Emergency Rulemaking to Raise Speed Limit on Two District Roadways”

by Prince Of Petworth December 3, 2012 at 11:30 am 6 Comments

From DDOT:

Mayor Vincent C. Gray today announced that he has ordered an emergency rulemaking to permit the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to raise the speed limit on two District roadways. DDOT will raise the speed limit to 35 MPH on Benning Road, NE, between Oklahoma Avenue and Kenilworth Avenue (DC 295). DDOT will also raise the speed limit on DC 295 to 50 MPH so that the maximum legal speed is consistent from the Maryland border at Eastern Avenue to the southern border with Maryland on I-295 near the Wilson Bridge.

“These are roadways where we have previously studied the speed limits and can make changes immediately without significantly impacting safety,” Mayor Gray said. “We want drivers to respect our traffic laws, and in return we have to have realistic expectations of them that match the physical environment, while continuing to protect pedestrians and cyclists.”

The changes will take effect as soon as the emergency rulemaking has been completed and DDOT has changed the signage to reflect the new speed limits.

The agency will also continue its comprehensive study of speed limits on other roadways across the District.

  • Kam

    What is the post of increasing the speed limit by 5 mph on that part of Benning? Nobody does the speed limit there anyway outside of the camera. The smarter thing to do would be to remove the camera on both sides of Benning and to fix the Rt. 50 and Benning Rd. intersection (very dangerous). However, I know that the intersection won’t be fixed until more gentrification takes place in those areas a la H st/Benning Rd.

    Most of you likely don’t know that intersection because you are never over there (unless you travel it for work) but it is a very, very dangerous intersection. And I don’t mean the area it is in but how it is designed.

    • Brent

      I’m drawing a blank here – I didn’t think Rt. 50 and Benning Rd intersect.

      • Kam

        You know what, my bad. DC 295, not 50.

        • Brent

          Spot on, that merge is awful at rush hour, trying to take Benning to get onto 295.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve driven through that intersection many times and never thought it was particularly dangerous. Definitely awkward, though.

      • Kam

        Awkward = Dangerous especially considering you are merging onto a highway and nighttime to this and there you go.

        If you are on DC 295 and take the Benning Rd. exit on the left it is crazy because you cut in front of the lane from Benning Rd trying to merge which you can’t really see and often times they don’t yield. After you get past that, you have to stop for the Westbound folks coming onto Benning. And then once you get past that there is a light people try to beat only to slam on the breaks for the speed trap and try not to get hit by cars on Benning coming over the bridge. I will say most of the people that drive that area know it because it has been like that but still…

        I have no problem navigating it but that does not mean it is not dangerous. It has to be one of the worst designs ever, right after that FL/NY mess they came up with.


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