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  • Mediocre to poor food and some of the worst service I’ve seen anywhere.

    I hope it gets better because I am trying really hard to like this place. It’s tough when you order a beer, see it in the service window for 20 minutes while your server runs around in circles because they have never worked in a restaurant before.

    • I’ve been there twice. The pancakes and waffles are great, but the Croque Madame is horrid, as well as their turkey sausage. It’s bad enough I’ve woken up with a hangover, but having to spend the next day on the commode adds insult to injury. I hope they fix the menu and keep things a bit more simple. Also, the pie selection is a major feature of Tryst that should have really carried over… There is no excuse for being a diner and not having a quality and affordable pie selection with great lattes (with sugar free options too). The waiters are a little too talkative, when customers on a date or with friends hang out at the bar they shouldn’t have to add the waiter to their conversation because he’s bored and just standing there. The dining experience should be a bit less intrusive.

      Otherwise, I love the decor, and the fact that they’re open all night. There’s a lot of good happening at this spot.

      • Agree on the pie, and I love the carrot cake at Open City…they were out of it along with my second and third choices.

        I tried the Moroccan Lamb Sausage dish, which comes out not at all as it reads on the menu, along with a couple sandwiches. All have been disappointing.

        The thing is, even if the food were average I would come back again and again if the service was decent to good – it is not, though. It is the opposite. With so many other options to spend my money at on 11th I don’t know that I’ll be back until service drastically improves.

      • cs

        i completely agree with the comment about the waiters. last time i was there two people were sitting next to me, they had a baby with them, and the waiter ended up talking to the baby probably for 35 minutes of the 45 minutes the couple was there, and they got visibly annoyed by it. the first time was fun, the second time ok, but after that it was just annoying.

        the same waiter came by/”checked in” at least five times during the 30 minutes i was there (he actually made me leave early). on top of it he got me the wrong dish.

        so service is anything but good. and the food is far from making up for the poor service.

        i have stopped going and instead go to room11 now.

    • indc

      Was just there recently. Completely agree with what everyone is saying about the hipsterific…er horrific service. We had only ordered drinks and were one of a handful of people here. It literally took about 20-30 mins to get one mixed drink and a draft beer. Our waitress was nice enough, but that lousy bartendress behind the bar – please cut her lose. She’s doing your business no favors. We ended up at maple across the street, and while much smaller it’s also much better service and has a lovely intimate bar. The Coupe is really just a slightly dressed up Panera.

  • Agree on the poor service. We came on a Sunday night, and were clearly our server’s last table for the night. We were enjoying a bottle of wine when the server tried to take a partially full glass of wine from my friend, and essentially ushered us out of the restaurant well before we were ready to leave. So we got another glass of wine across the street at Maple where the atmosphere was infinitely better. I’m not itching to go back anytime soon.

    • That’s funny because almost the exact same thing happened to us one Friday night at Maple.

  • Anonymous

    Total let down. Small portions, not very good. Thought all the pastries sitting out exposed was gross (as I was sitting close by at the bar and could see flies landing on them). Just read the yelp reviews, most are pretty bad. We need more just general good all around places to eat. I wish we had a Ulah Bistro closer than U street or a cafe deluxe etc.

  • Went once; service was indeed slow. Also, I wanted a small inexpensive non-sweet bite to eat with an early afternoon cup of coffee and didn’t find anything on the menu that fit the bill; but to be honest, I often have that problem :-(.

    • So, Just Sayin’

      Try a savory quiche or other savory item at Le Caprice, the French bakery at 14th and Meridian.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the interiors a lot.

    I went there one late afternoon.

    Coffee was good.

    Pastry seemed a little old.

    Waitress seemed very inexperienced.

    Nervous dealing with super-simple order when the place was dead quiet.

  • oats

    Had breakfast there, and it was OK. Nothing spectacular, but comparable to food I’ve had at the Diner in Adams Morgan. I’m just glad to have a place in walking distance to get decent breakfast (not brunch).

  • Nabob of NoPe

    GF and I had brunch there yesterday, and after all of these bad reviews I’m sorry to admit that we really enjoyed the place. We took option of eating at the bar, which may have helped, since there was quite a wait for tables. They messed up the order of one of the people sitting next to us, but we both had a good experience.

  • Anonymous

    Over-priced. Bland food. Slow service.

    • Anonymous


      • Adrian

        agreed. Really cool space though. Hopefully it’ll get better in time!

  • 11thStLocal

    This is a two parted review:
    1) I agree that when they first opened the service was slow.
    2) Since they opened, they have made great strides. I ate there yesterday and it has improved ten-fold. The prices are ok – not cheap, but not too pricey. They’ve got good food.

    Overall, this place should (and will) be around a while.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that this was totally disappointing both in the food and service and in the coffeeshop part, if you could really call it that. There is no ambiance or comfort to that aspect at all. Was pretty disappointed as I am a grad student that just had a 24-hour coffeshop open up across the street.

  • sk

    Been there twice and seriously disappointed both times. The food is just not good. The food does not taste good and there is no value (expensive and small portions). The service was ok, not great. I think this is how I feel about the whole family of restaurants now – Diner, Tryst and The Coupe…the food has gone way down hill in the last year.

  • That Man A

    It was a generally OK expierence when I went

    food was… just ok, nothing special at all

    service was just ok

    i did like the set up though, though it was cool how they had restaurant, lounge/ cafe, bar setup

    all in all to improve i think the cust service needs more & a revamp of the menu

    somewhat upsetting because this had a chance to do very well with the hours/ location

  • Lil

    Food is overpriced (french fries don’t come with your burger and cost extra? c’mon…) and service is slow. Servers seem very inexperienced and additional training would be a huge benefit for both the business as well as the customers. That said, the location and hours are super convenient, so I’m willing to look the other way, for now.

  • Amanda

    I’ve had a pretty good dinner and a definitely good brunch here. Dinner accompanied by a really delicious glass of wine from their keg system. A few kinks to be worked out, but I’m happy to have this in the neighborhood, especially given the 24/7 availability and larger number of seats than other nearby options.

    • TonyS

      Nice try Coupe employee!

  • anon

    I really really want this place to work but the service is rather slow. I think the coffee and pastries are good, however, I don’t think the food is as good as The Diner or Open City. Also, we were there yesterday evening and they were out of burgers and several other things. Not sure how a diner can ever be out of burgers. Our waitress did not let us know this until after we ordered drinks. So we were stuck with a beer and soda. I worked it out with the manager and we left and went somewhere else. All in all, I think they have some bugs to work out of the system.

    • I went to a Burger King that was out of burgers once. It happens.

  • Phoebe

    Agree with the comments above. I often order a burger at a new place, because it should be a fairly standard, easy dish and it’s a way to compare across restaurants. The burger was coated in a layer of grease. I like a greasy burger, sure, but this was a bit much. The bloody mary improved between the first and second times I tried it, though. My plan is to wait it out a few months and see if it improves. The reviews here can’t be a surprise to the owners so I am hopeful they are working behind the scenes to fix things …

  • _

    I’ve only been there after 10 pm… The croque monsieur is actually quite good but i wouldn’t recommend anything else that i’ve had. The coffee is ok but pales in comparison to Columbia Heights Coffee or the surprisingly fantastic brews at Harrar. Service is inattentive at best but you can’t beat the 24/7 availability.

  • Anonymous

    I concur with many of the comments above. I’ve gone twice for dinner with my wife and toddler. Also gone once for drinks at the bar and then probably 3 times for coffee. My biggest gripe is dinner. Service is horrendous (starting with the hostess). Food is overpriced. Fries are extra – it’s not mentioned on the menu and our server didn’t let us know. Portions are small and food is so so.
    I do not want to write this place off, but there is too much competition to put up with sub-par food/service. Why not drop the 24/7 hours and focus on service and quality. I want the Coupe to succeed. I love the look and feel, but so far I’m not going back until I hear it gets better.

  • BitterElitist

    The mac and cheese is bland.

    • Park View Hoodie

      I thought it was just me – I ordered the mac and cheese for lunch when it was supposed to be on the “dinner” menu. The bartender let me know the “chef” would make it anyway and it was really flavorless. If I hadn’t waited 3+ hours in line to early vote before getting there I would have been much grumpier about it, but I was starving.

      So yes, even starving and sober, the food is bad.

  • I’ve been there a few times. All the dishes I tried were bland except for the Tunisian Eggs. That was very good. Service is pretty bad. However it’s not everyone. The older guy that works at the breakfast bar was very good. Hopefully things will improve when they work out the kinks. If your food is not so good, your staff better be good.

  • Anonymous

    Overpriced and the food is not good!

  • Anonymous

    The food is gross. Burgers done in the frying pan for example, no taste. Pancakes were very thin and average. Service was below average, ordered tea and they forgot about it completely. Most of the people in there were one person taking up a big table or booth and clearly spending hours sipping a beverage and doing work or web browsing. Lame. Won’t be going back.

  • Anonymous

    After terrible horrible service at IHOP I decided to give this breakfast place in Columbia Heights a try … my better atmosphere that ins some other places, nice to have a new option .. food was OK … need more vegan options … but SERVICE was slow to none. I actually had to go ask the person at the front door for my food. Will I go back? eh — its easier to go pick up a pizza

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been once and was disappointed. My burger didn’t come with fries. I left hungry. Not good when you leave hungry from a diner-type place. My wife liked her veggie-burger though. The service was ok, but it was slow when we went. Also, we went to dinner early assuming they would have happy-hour specials. We were wrong in that assumption.

  • David

    I’ve been twice. The first time the service was abysmal. Second time service was terrific.

    As for the food – I get the impression they are trying to be too many things to too many people. Look, the food is fine – not great but also not terrible IMO. I think they need to tone down the number of options and focus on being a 24-hour diner with better than average food offerings. Nobody is asking them to have stellar food offerings. Chill, Coupe, and you’ll be just fine.

  • Anonymous

    I like the breakfast, but had a Coupe burger once for dinner and it was just bad, bad, bad.

  • hilespi

    I really enjoy this spot for studying and writing. The decor and layout are great and the bathrooms are very allie mcbeal. with that said… I think that the chai tea is awful and the food uninspired and over priced.

  • Anonymous

    Not to beat a dead horse, but the service and food were definitely subpar. I was very excited that this place was opening, but my experience there was pretty disappointing. I ordered the tea sandwiches and a bowl of soup. Pretty simple. The tea sandwiches were basically 3 triscuits with some spread. And for some reason, the soup just never came out, despite the waiter’s efforts and reassurances that it would come, to no avail. Screwing up something so easy makes me nervous to ever try this place out again.

  • anon

    Please – people who run the Coup. We want to like you! Please please read the comments above and revamp your operations — b/c its all true. I have been about 10 times (we live a couple of blocks away). We are really trying to like you, but almost every time we go, it’s incredibly slow, and invevitably, one of our dinners never comes out of the kitchen. Cut the menu options by 25%, get better coffee and pastries (Room 11 blows you totally out of the water in this department), and please please talk to your staff about speed and customer service. We dont need you to be Komi. Just be decent and have better service.

    • Jon

      Completely agree with this – owners, listen up. Folks (including my husband and myself) want to like your place. But after giving it three chances, we are done giving you the benefit of the doubt. As many other have said, food quality, service, and price are all issues you need to turn around. You clearly have mastered it at your other restaurants (we are fans), so work your magic again. Thanks for listening.

    • pru


  • bostondeaner

    We live around the corner and have been several times and tried a number of the dishes (breakfast and dinner). We were hoping this would be a great go-to place in the neighborhood, but each time we are incredibley disappointed.
    It seems they should either try to be a diner with a large selection of big messy portions that really fill you up (classic hamburger and fries, huge french toast, etc), OR a place with a smaller menu, more elevated food that is really good. They don’t meet either standard and we don’t think we will go back unless we read that they have a new chef and better food.
    The space is nice and we want them to succeed, but they will have to make a lot of changes to get any regulars.

  • hulloktty

    Bad service; mediocre food. I went twice just to make sure I didn’t go on an off day. Nope, it really sucks. I ordered food, it didn’t come out. My friend got his food. And the waiter didn’t apologize. Just said he forgot to tell me, then walked away. WTF?

  • md

    I really hope the owners read thesde reviews. I really WANT this place to be good. It is just not good. The food BAD, the service, WORSE….prices I can live with if these two things are fixed

  • Yep yep yep. Just add one more vote for mediocre food and bad service. Beautiful interior but it can be LOUD. It seems that this place is only surviving because every other place on 11th is packed to the gills.

  • I don’t understand the people that go back more than twice. If it is bad – stop going!

    • Anonymous

      Calm down. I think people go again to give it a second chance. Maybe they went on an off night and want to give it another go before they completely quit on the restaurant.

  • FJ

    It is a serious disappointment and no adjacent eatery on 11th street need worry about losing permanent business to this place.

    I live a block away and was sold on the concept and really wanted to like this place, so I gave it 3 trys, but I am sorry. No more.

    My first visit was a week after it opened. I went in midafternoon. They weren’t busy but were out of the first two things I tried to order. It took them 25 minutes to bring my ice tea and the food they did have came out barely room temp. I chalked it up to first week opening pains. However, the service the other two times I went was similarly as spotty where my food (which took 30 minutes) would come out before my beer.

    I patronize the local establishments pretty regularly because I am too lazy to cook, and I am well aware of DC pricing, but the Coupes menu is just priced off the charts, especially in comparison to what they give you.

    Below are a few of the items I’ve seen and tasted the 3 times I’ve gone in with a couple friends.

    A $11 dollar omelet with literally one paperthin slice of ham and one chewing gum sized piece of cheese with a post it note size serving of hashbrowns?

    A $12 dollar burger (that doesn’t come with fries) and instead came with 8 potato chips. I’m not kidding, I counted…8.

    A $9 dollar subpar biscuit with two hilariously small chicken strips.

    A $3.25 order of french fries so tiny they actually served them in a cappuccino cup.

    The taste of the above was painfully average, so considering I am regular size guy and I walked out each time still obviously hungry, the value you get for these exorbitant prices just isn’t there.

    The food across the street at Meridian pint tastes better and you certainly get far more which doesn’t leave me with that “Geez…I just got robbed” feeling when I walk out the door. There are 4 places within rock throwing distance that provide better value.

    Don’t even get me started on the price of booze at this place. I will say the beer selection is decent and the deserts / bakery fare is also pretty good.

    Lastly, the service is more miss, than hit. It isn’t uncommon to take 10-15 minutes to get a drink, or for your waiter to ignore you for 25-30 minutes or more.

    I just don’t see myself going back anytime soon which disappoints me because it is so convenient.

    From the look of the yelp reviews, I am not the only one disappointed by the place. 2.5 out of 5 stars is pretty awful for a concept the ownership has made work elsewhere in town.

    • md

      Yup, this.

  • anon

    The most expensive mediocre food in DC, and that takes some effort. I was shocked when I went in with the GF for lunch and we walked out with a 40 dollar bill, and we didn’t have any alcohol, and were both still kinda hungry.

    I’ve also talked to a couple friends I have living nearby the Coupe and they all say the same thing. None of us will be going back unless they pull off a miraculous 180.

  • Anonymous

    Consistent reviews, clearly, but, the problem is that they are 24 hours. No inventory, or re-stocking. Retaining a bunch of lame staff to cover all the shifts. Too many screw ups, and no time to plan, etc.

  • Anonymous

    They need to cut their menu by half, focus on making a few delicious things and quit using SHITTY QUALITY FOOD (probably GFS)…the prices are akin to local, organic ingredients but taste like Wal Mart. I want this place to make it though…

  • Anonymous

    Went a week back and had a good experience but hoping they correct all these problems. The potential is there but looks like they are falling way short

  • I’ve only been there once, and the only thing I ordered was a hot cocoa, which shouldn’t be a difficult item for a fancy faux-diner to produce. After tasting it, I’m about 95% sure that the cocoa came out of a packet labeled “Swiss Miss.” VERY disappointing.

  • As a (former) industry person, I know how it feels to be at work on a Sunday night when you’re tired and just want to be anywhere else. That said, our server was making ZERO EFFORT to hide it. She must have been trying to get out of there because she tried to take my wine glass away when it was not even close to empty, and I am by no means a slow drinker.

    Food: the most boring $12 sandwich I’ve ever had in my entire life.

    I won’t be going back.

    • monkeyrotica

      If I pay $12 for a sandwich, it better be (a) the size of a medicine ball and (b) shaped like a moaning vulva.

  • Taylor3

    Like others, service was lower than IHOP quality, but cooking/food was even more disappointing. They burned a $9 grilled cheese and served it completely black. After trying it twice with similar experiences, I’m not going back til they make major changes.

    They also need look around a little more and set prices comparable to the area, since both Wonderland and RedRocks has bottomless mimosas for the price of one Fellini’s Bellini at the Coupe. A RedRocks bellini also is even $7 w/ $3 refills compared to $10 each at the Coupe.

  • I almost feel bad adding to this, but yeah… service is terrible. With over a decade of hands on F&B experience it hurts me to see an establishment with such potential operate so poorly. Everything from getting a table to getting a few extra napkins took entirely too long.

    My suggestion – Hire a new manager. Someone with experience and the personality to make patrons want to come back. Then let us know you’ve made a change!

    Any Louis CK fans? watch the first few minutes of ‘Awesome Possum’ on youtube before you go to the Coupe.

  • norb

    I found the place to be fiine and would go back. The breakfast was good, and I’m sure the place will get better as they work out some of the problems. I’m not sure what people were expecting, its not like Tryst and the Diner are known for their exemplary service and quality of food. I guess the biggest thing I don’t like about the place is the tinted windows.

    • anon

      I couldn’t disagree more (atleast with the Diner). I’ve never been to Tryst, but been to the Diner dozens of times and the service was always fine, and the food always above board.

      It was like the ownership saw what was happening on 11th street and decided they could just “phone it in” and the yuppies would pack the place without them having to try. Well, from the looks of it, they couldn’t be more wrong.

      • Anonymous

        well its always packed so i guess it worked 🙁

        • Marcus Aurelius


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, gotta agree. The food is bland, and the drinks are expensive. I think the Rolling rock tall boy was like $6 or something. Ridiculous.

    I gotta tell these restaurant people–I am not going to pay you more than it costs me to make food unless it tastes better than what I can do on my own.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful exterior, kinda cool interior, awful experience.

    Not saying I won’t go back, but with much better spots for breakfast (red rocks), lunch (KBC), and dinner (Meridian Pint) and of course coffee (Columbia Heights Coffee), it is low on my list.

    One thing that is worth mentioning that I didn’t see anyone else comment on was the menu. Gah. So snobby!! No I don’t want duck confit at a diner, no I don’t want frogs legs or other stuff. There was only 1 thing I wanted for dinner on the whole (tres pricey $$$) menu, so I got the burger. It was honestly worse than Z burger. The fries cost extra, and don’t even think about using ketchup because you won’t get any until after your fries are gone. After a 50 min wait, this was sub par.

  • Anonoymous

    The hashbrowns were cold, which is not cool.

    The fact that they are open 24/7 is great and all, but if the poor service/food continues the way it does then they need to make some changes.

  • IHOP

    I am almost embarrased to admit it, but after having given them a couple trys, I’ve gone back to IHOP for my late night / early morning breakfast needs. Yes, IHOP in Columbia Heights is a little more sketch and “shooty” than the Coupe, but atleast I can get relatively tasty breakfast food in satisfying portions in a normal time frame without calling up AMEX to increase my cards credit limit.

    Really, you know its bad when IHOP does your business model better than you for half the money, and a lot less attitude.

    • +1

      My wife and I were very excited when the Coupe opened, however we went one night around 10pm to get some dinner, and then spent 20 minutes milling around the lobby waiting for a hostess to even greet us and let us know what the wait was. During that time, we both looked at the menu and agreed that A) the menu wasn’t very diner-y, and B) it was awfully expensive for the diner-y menu items.

      We didnt bother to stick around for a table after waiting an additional 20 minutes, went to IHOP, drank a whole hoddle of coffee, and had eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc. The works, really, for less than $20 bucks. It was tasty, our server was friendly and competent, and we were in and out. Also, IHOP has wifi.

      I’d really much prefer to line a local company’s pockets rather than a chain restaurant, but i’m not going to pay double the price for half the quality for the privilege to do so.

      Also, what’s up with everyone calling this IHOP sketchy? I’ve been there several times late at night, and it’s never been sketchy, nor for that matter has the Denny’s on Bladensburg rd. If anything, in my experience these places have been filled with WAY less weird/sketchy/stabby people than your run of the mill small town 24 hour diner. It seems to be a really unfair label.

  • Anonymous

    i am glad everyone agrees with me, mediocre expensive food with bad service. who is still going there? there always seems to be a lot of people there. the restaurant will not get any better until people stop going.

    also i remember the owner claiming that the restaurant would cater to everyone in the neighborhood. not at those prices. i’d rather go to ihop man.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand what Constantine was doing with this place. Great reno, but it’s not as homey and casual-feeling at Diner or Tryst or Open City, nor is the food or service as good or affordable. Town down the bells and whistles and get back to basics.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Wow. I think much of PoPville was lying in wait for this thread to open 🙂

    Been a few times. The bar area is great. I’ve had really good service from one of the the bartenders – a brown-haired gal whose name I don’t remember. Very knowledgeable about beer. Offered recommendations and tastings.
    Sat in the dining area once. In contrast to 90% of the prior posters the server was very attentive – almost too much, but it beats the opposite.
    The two sandwiches I tried were pretty good. Not amazing but I wasn’t expecting anything transformative.
    The menu is very ambitious. Agree with the earlier poster who suggested they should decide to either go the diner food route or the specialty food route, as opposed to trying to do both. My vote would be for the diner food route.

    • Anonymous


    • cammie98

      Been twice, just to the bar for drinks. Both were good experiences. Friendly attentive bartenders, good drinks. From this thread I’ll avoid eating here.

    • I’d count myself among those waiting to pounce of this thread. This place is positively terrible on so many levels (and I live a block away so I really wanted to like it). The only redeeming quality in the beautiful bay windows and the open seating plan.

  • Anonymous

    Not to beat a dead horse – again and again, but the food was really not good and the service was awful. All that for insane prices is a recipe for disaster!! We’ve all looked forward to the opening of the Coupe, and it is a wonderful addition to our neighborhood, BUT a billion China men can be wrong … Lower your prices, simplify the menu, serve simple first and build up to fancy, fire your wait staff (or train them to do better) and if you can’t handle 24 hours and provide good service, then close for a few hours — 24/7 is just a novelty anyway. It would be a shame to have done so much work and have so much hype only to have someone else come in and do great business once yours has failed … see Shaw Tavern if you need an example. We love you, but you’ve got to make some changes! PLEASE!

    • Anonymous

      Flagging this for racist China men remark. Totally not necessary.

      • Anonymous

        Flagging this flag for being too “PC Nazi”.

      • Anon’y

        Seriously. China Man is not the proper nomenclature. Asian-American, dude.

        • Anonymous

          Are you kidding me? Are the Chinese embarrassed to be refereed to by their nationality? The expression is “a billion Chinese can’t be wrong” nothing to do with Americans.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand how this place can be failing so miserably, when their sister restaurant Open City has been getting it right since the start with a smaller space and in a much busier part of the city. All of their other places are also very consistent, in my experience. What gives?

    • Anonymous

      I think you actually figured it out.

      Smaller space and busier part of the city is probably better for a 24/7 restaurant.

  • Anonymous

    The grilled chicken sandwich lists ham as a topping, which is strange to begin with (just call it chicken cordon bleu or something else – ham is not a topping) – so I ordered it without. It came with ham anyway, which was no big deal (I don’t object to ham for religious or dietary reasons – I just don’t like it), so I removed it, but that only left a thin, floppy sliver of chicken breast. The cocktail I ordered was supposed to have fresh lime juice, but it was pretty clearly Rose’s. The whole thing was a mess.

    • Anon

      I took half the meat off my sandwich and then found it to be unsubstantial. How dare they!

      • Anonymous

        When it’s supposed to be a chicken sandwich, the chicken should be substantial. If it were called “Chicken & Ham Sandwich” you might have a point.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly can’t believe how bad this place is. IHOP has them beat. I mean IHOP! C’mon son!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else find the menu (the actual menu) to be a pain too? I find it very hard to read and if I wanted a medical file, I would go to my doctors office. I agree with everyone above, I really wanted this place to work, but it just doesn’t, hopefully the ownership takes this to heart and makes changes for the better. Ditch the frog legs and rabbit and focus on good food and good prices. I really do hope they do improve!

    • Anonymous

      Agreeeed! I said above the menu is too snobby. Just give the people what they want. If you want to cook frogs legs, do a chef’s special once a week. Focus on food that people actually want to eat first.

      • So, Just Sayin’

        I completely disagree — there’s nothing at all wrong with adventurous food items. I don’t need a diner menu when I can go over to IHOP.

        I just want the food to actually be GOOD.

        And seriously, they can’t even make diner food good.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree with you there! Well made diner food please!

    • BitterElitist

      HA! I told my friend that the menu made me feel like I was at work!

  • Anonymous

    I, too, wished for the best, but I seem to be in concensus on food price/portion. I really want to feel like going over and over to this place but its kinda just a “blah, ok lets try it again” sort of feeling. I had the $11 lox plate and couldn’t even recognize the lox, I thought they were rolled up ginger….SO TINY along with 3 paper thin and small “bagel chips”, dash of chopped up egg, capers and onion — all of which could of fit in a tablespoon TOGETHER.

    The place is fantastic looking and inviting but PLEASE CONSTANTINE REVAMP THE MENU, more Diner like options

  • CoHi Resident

    Completely agree with the commenters. I’ve been three times and the service is always terrible (especially in the cafe) and the food is not good especially for the price. I WANT to like this place but I’m totally over it.

  • AR

    Love the location, hours, and concept. Haven’t even been because they are so vegan UNfriendly. Hard to believe in this city, in 2012. We love to check out new places, too bad this one stays off the list until they have an inclusive menu (like so many restaurants nearby).

  • Anon

    The menu says sandwiches and burgers are “served with chips, fruit, fries, or salad.”
    Is the menu lying or are a lot of people complaining on here misinformed?

  • This place is awful if you want to eat….I have been three times (twice to eat, once to drink) and will only come back to sit at the bar and have a drink….the Croque Madame is awful and we sat at the counter where some older dude was our server. Never offered us refills on the coffee or asked if we needed anything else.

  • Charlotte

    Maybe the service is different at different times of day but we always have great service in the morning. I think it’s great place and a nice addition to the neighborhood. I like the menu and think it’s a perfect compliment to what we already have. And I think it has the best coffee in the area.

  • Anonymous

    I would compare this place to a Three Stooges skit but the Stooges had impeccable timing.

  • Anonymous

    I actually don’t think this place is that much more expensive than the rest of the yuppy garbage on 11th street. But I’m glad to think people are starting to agree with me that the hip strip is overpriced.

    If you ARE going to overpay though, do it at room 11. Their stuff at least tastes good and it is romantic as hell.

    Look forward to seeing a little damn competition on 11th and a beer that costs under $5.

    • Anonymous

      “Romantic as helll” and “looking forward to seeing a little Damn competition” …easy there with the testosterone big fella

    • Rhody

      Shhhhh! 11th keeps Looking Glass less crowded.

  • Anonymous

    Been a few times– food and service were just OK. Did they forget about the coffee bar concept? I’ve stopped in twice just for a cup of coffee or latte to go, but there’s never anyone working the coffee area and there’s no coffee menu/board. What happened to the coffee to go cups? I ordered a small and it held probably 6 ozs. The cup was so small the coffee sleeve didn’t fit. The cup was so hot I burnt my hand carrying 5 feet to the counter to add cream. I brought the cup back and the barista offered to triple and quadruple my small size cup. What a waste– I told her to dump it into a bigger cup so I could use a sleeve.

  • me

    i’m just so pleased to see all this happening on 11th st.

    choices enough to not go to a new place that just opened!


  • KK

    I completely agree with most of these, I was really rooting for this place because of the location, the hours, and the interior. I’ve been there twice, once on a dead afternoon and the service completely screwed up my order. First, they forgot to put in my food altogether. Then, they brought out the wrong thing. Also took forever. The second time I was there they brought out the wrong food for one of my friends. The drinks were sooo weak and the food was OK. Overall it’s overpriced for how mediocre it is. I really hope they improve!

  • Anonymous

    This place is sucks. Terrible service, overpriced, mediocre food. The best thing can say for it is that the interior looks cool and trendy. Terribly disappointing.

  • Great space. At this point that’s about all they have going for them. . .

    I’ve eaten there a few times, and my food never seems to be hot, or even warm for that matter. . .

    The service wasn’t the greatest, but it also seems like they rarely have enough waiters on the floor to deal with the size of the space.

  • Anonymous

    I often stop in for coffee, as I like the taste of the coffee. However, the people who work at the counter are dreadfully unpleasant, and act as if my order is a hassle.

  • JB

    Yikes! I thought it was fine when I went there. I thought it was because I just got a simple breakfast dish, but now I think it was because I was drunker than I realized.

  • Not IHOP

    You probably won’t find a bigger IHOP fan than I, but the comparison between The Coupe and IHOP is way off. IHOP is a chain restaurant that offers a set number of menu items made with the same recipe and the same ingredients. You don’t go to IHOP expecting anything exceptional because it doesn’t promise anything exceptional. A bad IHOP meal for me is one where the food doesn’t taste like it does at other IHOPs. Or the portions are smaller. Or the cooks forget to add the rooty tooty to the fresh and fruity pancakes.
    What the Coupe – or any specialty restaurant – is trying to do is much more difficult. Reach higher, fall farther.
    That’s not an excuse, it’s just a partial explanation.

    • Anonymous

      This place should be leaps and bounds above IHOP. You do not have to reach that far to surpass the culinary experience of IHOP. This place just flat out sucks.

    • Identified

      Well, from the reviews, you don’t get anything exceptional at the Coupe except for the amount of the bill.

      And if this place can’t do better than IHOP… that is just sad.

  • Anonymous

    Abysmal. It’s a Sysco truck with tinted windows.

    • Anonymous

      Ouch! I LOLed. This is not far off.

      My advice, fire everyone (who didn’t come over from the Diner), use the menu from either the Diner or Open City. Thats what I would like as a customer.

  • OpenCity

    I was shocked both times I went in how awful the entire experience was. From the service, the food, the drinks, the prices, and this was a month and 7 weeks after they opened respectively.

    I love Open City and used to eat there all the time when I lived in Woodley Park, I don’t know how two places owned by the same person could be so different. Why don they just copy the freaking menu at Open City for the Coupe and call it a day? I mean, even the burgers at Open City “gasp” come with fries, and you want to charge me $3.25 extra for them here?

    Your service is awful, and definitely needs revamping, but copying your other diners menu for the Coupe would probably be enough to atleast bring be back through the door. As it stands, my two trips were two too many and I can’t see myself ever going back.

  • V

    horrible service…late, and underprepared food.

  • Me

    I had drinks there this weekend, our server was excellent.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the owners see this thread and think about addressing the issues. Lots of non-vitriolic, constructive feedback here (what a nice change for the interwebz!).

  • hmmm

    Reading the other comments makes me realize I’ve probably put on rose tinted glasses because this place is super convenient to me. I’ve found the food to be passable, if not great. I do think the breakfast sandwich is the best value (and best thing I’ve had so far) on the menu.

    My biggest complaint is lack of a real late night menu that scratches late night food cravings. How about some disco fries, nachos, sliders..something? Drunk people don’t want a hummus platter.

  • comment one billion and 23

    ditto on all of the comments above re: underwhelming food, crappy service, i really want to love it, etc, etc. too be honest, saying IHOP has better service is being generous (the few times i’ve been to IHOP i’ve had super friendly wait staff).

    anyway, i genuinely hope the owners are reading this thread (nevermind any a-hole remarks) and i would LOVE to – dare i say it – request a public PoP response from them to tell us how they’re working to improve.

    frankly, i think they could benefit from shutting down for 3-5 days, take a good hard look at everything, spend time training staff, and reopen by marketing all they’ve done to improve. one can hope…

  • columbina2

    I love the interiors & the location, but I had a bartender with a lot of attitude the first time I went for drinks and a simple, small and pricey salad when I went back to give The Coupe another shot.

  • Anonymous

    Design of the place is very poor. The bar is at the completely other end from the restaurant, which inherently makes for slow service (not that horrible servers don’t slow things down, too).

  • Anonymous

    I went there on a thursday evening, there was hardly anyone in there. It smelled like something was rotting in there. I was with a friend and we waited about 15 minutes before being noticed and seated. We sat down and the menus were intimidating and overwhelming. I was even more shocked at the prices. Several minutes passed and I wasn’t even offered a glass of water nor did I know where the server went. Then I noticed something moving on the table, it was a bug. It looked like a roach to be honest, but it scurried away really fast. I was through. The waiter arrived with an unfocused attitude about ten minutes later we just got up and left. We also noticed an angry couple leaving just before we left.

  • mla

    Been twice, only for breakfast. Wife really likes the Tunisian eggs, I usually just get a simple 2 egg breakfast. I like the sausage, but the hashbrowns aren’t anything special (right out of a bag). The first time the waiter wasn’t very good but we went this weekend and our waitress was excellent. One thing that I find extremely strange, it is so difficult to get a coffee refill. Overall we like the place, find the prices reasonable. But please, for the love of god, walk over and top off my coffee!

  • Mike

    Don’t remember the food, but do recall that the service was incredibly slow.

  • Otis St

    The decor is great. Coffee is good. The menu looks good, if not a bit overpriced. The service has been awful every time I’ve gone here. The Last time (upper case L) I went, we weren’t even acknowledged for 25 minutes.

    I want to love it. It’s so close to my house and twenty-four hours but it’s been a consistent letdown.

    There are too many excellent restaurants in the neighborhood to keep up with this abusive relationship.

  • Anonymous

    Very loud to the point that I couldn’t hear the people sitting with me at the booth. It wouldn’t bother me if this was at night but during breakfast it made me uncomfortable and I wanted to leave.

  • nc3

    Pretty ok. Blueberry pancakes were great. The Omelet was was good, if a little over wrought. Coffee is good, lack of free refills is lame. No huge issues with the service both times I went. Everyone was pretty nice. I’ve heard so called “horror” stories and they all sound pretty hyped up.

    • Anonymous

      Have you been reading this thread? Over 100 posters with almost the identical
      consensus about this place, and you believe they are just made up horror stories. How long have you been employed at the Coupe?

  • Anonymous

    Someone should really send this thread to the management at The Coupe. Hopefully they get the hint

    • Anonymous

      A savvy business owner would have a Google alert set up so they’d be notified of this post automatically.

  • This place is a painful Hipster Walmart. It’s gigantic, a combination of a diner, coffee shop and bar, and their food is mediocre at best.

    Unfortunately I never see it empty, so I doubt it will go anywhere. This is gentrification at its ugliest, though.

  • Also, a half smoke on a baguette?

    Get the fuck out.

  • Anonymous

    I want desperately to like this place. In the lead-up to its opening I screamed (positively) about it everyday and told all our friends that we were going to go there repeatedly and it would become a new local hangout.

    Not the case. Why is the food so bland and uninteresting? We love The Diner in Adams Morgan, and this just falls so far short of that. Crew that works there seems nice and professional. the menu just needs to change immediately. BRING THE DINER’s quality to The Coupe

  • Anon’y

    This is a great example of the Peter Principle, except for small business owners: you get promoted/are successful until you reach a point where you are striving beyond your abilities and fall flat on your face.

    It’s obvious that the mgmt/owners are overextended. The Coupe makes tons of sense on paper, but management doesn’t have the time or resources to properly run it. Crappy food, poor quality, bad service – these are things that can be fixed with strong leadership, a vision, and demanding oversight. Unfortunately, those things take time and dedication, things that The Coupe/Open City/Diner owners are short of right now.

    It’s also obvious that whoever is running The Coupe is in waaaay over their head. Or they simply don’t care. If that’s the case, The Coupe owners need to spend the money to bring in a professional manager who knows how to run an upscale restaurant. Or give them an equity stake. You can’t cheap out on that. And, at this point, the owners risk ruining the reputation and financial solvency of their min empire if they keep this up.

    • Anonymous

      Bring in Gordon Ramsey!!

  • whatcamefirst

    As a big fan of Open City, I was super excited about the arrival of The Coupe. I finally went to try it a couple of weeks ago with a friend for a late happy hour. We were planning to just have some drinks and a snack or two. Sad to say, my first impression wasn’t great and it was purely because of the lack of service.

    We walked in and there were three female staffers huddled together talking. One was probably the hostess but no one greeted us for a few minutes so we assumed we could just walk to the bar and find a seat. There were a couple of two-seaters open but asked the bartender if it was okay to sit there or if we needed to see the hostess. The bartender wasn’t very pleasant … very abrupt and seemed like he was too busy to answer a simple question. Bad day, maybe? He told us to see the hostess. So we walked all the way back to the entrance (it’s a big place!) only to find the three staffers still huddled together talking. Hey, they could have been trying to figure out quantum physics for all I know but they made no effort to acknowledge us, let alone help us. So we ended up at Meridian Pint, as usual.

    I’m not saying I won’t give it another shot but I’m going to wait a while and hope they learn something about good service before then!

  • Anonymous

    It should be better, it can be better.

    The food is meh, the service is meh, and my reaction to being asked to go there is now “meh”.

    If you own Tryst, you know a thing or two about food, cocktails, and coffee. It seems that the “bottled” cocktails means that some of the bartenders aren’t very familiar with basic staples like an old fashioned. The coffee is pretty good, but comparable to nearby cafes (Room 11 is oh so quaint). But where you really lose me is the food. It has been consistently disappointing, it just seems a bit careless.

    Step it up! I want to love you!

  • Anon

    Expensive. Small portions. Mediocre food. Too bad because it’s at a great location.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I might as well pile on. I checked the status of this place near daily when it was being built–I was so excited to see it come to the neighborhood.

    I’ve been probably three times for breakfast/lunch, and each has been an utter disaster. The worst service I’ve ever experienced, especially when sitting at the coffee bar area, which is weird because there is dedicated coffee bar staff. Last time, it took me 15 minutes to get water and order a coffee and another 15 to actually get the coffee.

    The food is ok, I guess. What I’ve had anyway. The problem is that very little on the menu appeals to me. I don’t see myself going back until something changes. There are so many better (and faster) options.

  • steve

    I went as a party of 4 three weeks post opening for simple pancakes/breakfast fare at 1am. Bad service, but what caused us not to return was the bland average food. Reviewers seem to feel the same today and thus we never returned. We used to be regulars at Tryst and Open City -much better there. On a positive note -the inside decor and the hours are great!

  • Mike

    I’ve been 5-6 times, service is consistently awful. Twice I’ve waited forever for breakfast and my food has arrived before coffee — both were stone cold. I really want to like this place but they’re making it hard. i head to Le Caprice for coffee/breakfast these days.

  • christina

    i have liked everything i’ve gotten – two burgers and a breakfast sandwich (really an excellent burger!!) but the service is SO BAD SO SLOW and the wait just to get a table is forever. the waitress i had last time was also just straight up rude and borderline incompetent. i agree that i think it’s a few dollars overpriced.

  • DCMama

    Glad it is there. And, there are always lines, so obviously the neighborhood has demand for something like this. Sad that the coffee does not measure up to the awesomeness of Tryst. Hamburger is good. All other food has been “ok” or disappointing. Service is friendly (even with my irritating kids along) but not speedy. I hope it gets better. Love, love love the new Room 11 add on!

  • Pam

    I’m was really hoping this place would be good, so maybe I will wait

  • Expensive and bad service. I can go to Giant and cook a 4-course Indian meal in the time I would waste going to this restaurant.

  • pru

    I was there with my toddler one day at 6 am, the place was basically empty of customers. We were hard to miss and a few employees said hi, but it took a good ten minutes for our server to show up to our table. He was busy chit chatting with the cooks and didn’t apologize or find anything strange/rude with taking ten minutes to come to us.
    I find the place surprisingly kid-unfriendly, especially compared to Tryst, but also to several of their neighbors, including Meridian Pint. Kitty corner from a playground, you’d expect them to expect us and welcome us.

  • Disappointed

    I live and work a few blocks away from the Coupe and couldn’t wait for it to open. I’ve been three times and both the service and food have been consistently terrible. I think all of my talking points have been covered by the 145+ similar bad reviews (menu is weird, food is mediocre, people that work there seem totally confused). I SO want to like this place… please get better!

  • 10th Street

    I’ve been three times.

    First time: Hideously inedible food, appallingly slow and incompetent service.

    Second time: Bad food, slow service.

    Third time: OK food and friendly (but still slow) service.

    That’s an upward trend.

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    Wow. I think there is a lot of room for improvement, but I’ve certainly eaten worse in D.C., and I am suprised by the overwhelmingly visceraly negative experiences.

    First, I love the decor / vibe. Huge, comfortable, attractive space, love the green leather booths, atmosphere gets two thumbs up. I’ve had some issues with the getting-seated portion of the experience, but generally, the waitstaff was very friendly and attentive.

    The food definitely needs a lot of improvement, but isn’t horrible, I’d call it OK (granted, OK is not good enough for me to pay for on a regular basis). I agree with others that the menu itself is part of the problem … just not much on there that really appealed to me. If you are going to be a diner, be a diner, not some weird hybrid / mishmosh. If they scaled down the menu to fewer items and focused on doing those really, really well, I think they could make the food work. It’s not super expensive, so if the food was 20 percent better, and the menu axed some of least-appealing options, then I’d go back. Until then, I too would choose other 11th Street options.

    Right now, I put Room 11 and Maple clearly at the top of the heap on 11th street. The Coupe has a long way to go to reach the level of either (and I’d still also pick Meridian Pint over it, for example, for brunch), but is hardly a totally lost cause.

  • Sami

    I really don’t like the menu choices! Beautiful space and one of my waiters I’ve had several times is great (he’s there during the day). With that said, I’ve also had very bad, slow service there before.

    • Anonymous

      I was there this weekend and the menu was different-overall a good experience, definitely better than the first month. I think that they are making strides.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Coupe, I have a novel idea about how to cut down your Sunday brunch wait time- have the waiter show his face (or maybe even bring coffee and water) sometime within 20 minutes of our party being seated.

  • JWK

    I have gone 3 times, opening weekend and twice since. The food was good but cold by the time they brought it out. As for service it is God awful. I thought by the third time it would have improved, but sadly NO.

  • I ate here today, mid-afternoon, after having seen this post, and I think these comments are pretty accurate.

    Given the time of day and the day of the week, the crowd was fairly sparse–maybe 1/4 of 1/3 full at most–and yet, service was spotty. The waiter and hostess were attentive at times, but absent at other crucial times, like when we wanted to pay the bill and leave.

    I had the “toad in a hole” with a side of bacon, and my boyfriend had blueberry pancakes. My food was relatively OK, but a little bland. It could have been a little warmer too, and the brioche was too crumbly. I kind of had to scoop it up rather than stabbing my fork into it. He wasn’t enthusiastic about the syrup. It was pretty thin, and he thought the taste was a little off, but it might be because it isn’t the typical store-bought, processed stuff that he’s used to.

    This is a pet peeve, and I might be in the minority, but I hate it when hash browns have onions in them. (I’m not at all a fan of onions.) You can always add stuff to a dish, but it’s impossible to extract certain things. They looked pretty mushy too, so I turned them over to my boyfriend, but they went uneaten. I always wish that menu items would say when a fairly standard food item has something added to it like that.

    Also, the water was room temperature and unfiltered (I think). Yeah, it’s a First World problem, but I like cold, filtered water, and I’ll bet most people do too–DC tap water is pretty gross, especially when it’s not cold.

    I don’t think prices were as bad as some people have said. I expect to pay a little more for an “upscale” diner, and I think prices were moderate.

    Also, there’s probably not much to do about this, but I was disappointed that every booth was taken up, and most of them by a single person with a laptop who had ordered nothing more than a cup of coffee. I expect that at a coffee shop, but when you want to eat an actual meal, I wish there were a way to reserve the booths for people who are eating–or at least require a minimum party of two.

    As others have said, even for the small number of people there, it was still VERY hipster. To each his own, but my eyes hurt because they were rolling every time I saw a porkpie hat or a messenger-bag shoulder strap made from a seatbelt.

  • Ditto, everything above. I had the veggie dish–lentils maybe? Very dry and unfulfilling.

    Also, they need to install a foot rail at the cafe bar because it’s uncomfortable for those of us who aren’t tall to just dangle our legs for an hour. I said this to someone who looked like an owner/manager, and she pretty much dismissed me.

  • Anonymous

    I heard they just streamlined and re-priced their menu. Perhaps they are simply working out the kinks?

  • jake77

    I went there two weeks ago for the first time. I agree with some reviews that the service was a little slow, but not as bad as some make it sound. If you think this is slow, I should take you to [***name withheld to spare the unfortunate***] to show you what slow means! Anyway, I didn’t experience anything that I didn’t expect from a fairly new restaurant. I liked the ambiance and the decor.

    I had the veggie burger and fries and they were fine. Next time I’ll get one of the “bad” dishes mentioned in the comments to see what the fuss is about.

    And I can’t help but close with a personal rant: for those of you who get so worked up about a restaurant and whether the food was slightly harder or softer than it should have been, or about the water being room temperature; it seems you have it too easy in life – get over your first world problems!

    • Anonymous

      You should apply for a PR position there! You sound like you would fit right in.

      • Boris S. Wort

        Yes, no dissent will be tolerated because the majority is always right. Toe the party line or be mocked!

        • Anonymous

          You kind of missed the point on this one. The majority sees the problems and wants to make the place better by talking about it. Are you saying that’s wrong?

    • Anonymous

      the absolute best way to get people to change their minds or attitude is to insult them.

      • Jake77

        Not trying to change anyone’s mind. Keep at it. It’s very productive.

  • Kathy Via

    Im not a coffee drinker so can’t comment on that, but the couch area in the back creates a cozy atmosphere. The food is creative and tasty- I would definitely recommend the veggie burger. Finally the cocktailswoulda maxing. Coupe is one of my fav spots for drinks with friends. Clearly a great deal of experience, thought and attention to detail for each glass.

  • Anonymous

    An anorexic person would love this place. You get to go to a restaurant and pretend to eat a meal. Then, if you do actually eat anything, you want to vomit. Only problem: don’t expect servers to bring you enough water to “fill” yourself up.

    The reality of eating here is dry, tasteless bites of food that are outrageously overpriced and delivered by inexperienced waitstaff. I’m a small woman, yet every time I’ve tried the Coupe (three times, for the record — I too wanted to like it). I’ve left hungry (and feeling like somebody had just robbed me).

  • sp

    my chicken biscuit wasn’t just very tasteless – it was raw.

  • Kristin

    Biscuit on my breakfast sandwhich was burnt, and stale (and would not have been good if it was fresh) service slow, other food bland…so sad.

  • Lawstudent

    I had high hopes for The Coupe as a study place. I like the decor and the atmosphere but the service is consistently bad and the food hit or miss.

  • mark

    The interior and decoration is outstanding. The open face breakfast sausage is not

  • JoelHarder

    Send to the e-mail address provided (but share with this group)

    To Coupe Management:

    I haven’t read any of the comments but want to share my first hand experience. The Coupe needs to go back-to-basics on the menu since any innovation tastes I have eaten is either nasty or under-whelming.
    The Fried Chicken Biscuit is nasty — the jelly doesn’t work with the Chicken which doesn’t work with the Biscuit. Why can’t you just change it to Chicken, Gravy & Biscuits to cure a hangover? You have chipped beef gravy! (and I’m not paying $2 for gravy..)
    How can you screw up The Coupe Fries? They are tasteless — no jalapeno kick and the meat does nothing to add to the flavor. Get rid of it.

    You’re day service is palpable but the night service is horrible. Why do you close the expresso bar around midnight? Why can’t the waiters/waitresses make a cappuccino or expresso? LMAO at offering Breakfast all day but screw you customer on getting access to a barrista! (LOL) –> You might as well just not offer breakfast. Why isn’t the closure of the expresso bar this noted on the menu?

    I don’t think you have a night manager since that person should rotate around to customers to ask them about their experience. The wait staff play around at night and seem to forget any add-ons (e.g., cheese on burger) that are ordered.

    The burgers are good. And, the Milkshakes are great. I miss the veal cheek carnitas which were amazing. Thanks for considering this information.

    — Joel Harder (11th and Fairmont St. NW)

    • Kelis Anders

      I went this restaurant at 5 pm on a Sat.

      First the good part. I like the location, the concept and the bathrooms.

      Bad News: the food is terrible. I ordered a soup and hamburger. Waiter came back after 35 mins and said that they had sold out of soup. I said, all the soup, and he said yes. And I said it is only 5 pm do you not serve soup at dinner and he said yes and it has sold out already.

      I ordered the hamburger. I asked for Medium Rare. It was well done. I asked for Mayo and it was also sold out. At this point I asked the waiter, do you know that there is a Giant down the street and if you guys run out of stuff you can just go BUY it.

      Come on Man–how do you run out of Mayo. Condiments should be in apply supply.

      Also, the restaurant is cold. The windows are huge a super drafty.

      The waitstaff needs serious help. First of all the place is so big they must walk for miles by the end of their shift. But then it seems like they also just walk around in circles. Maybe they have too many wait staff–because after I finished eating my over cooked hamburger it took another 30 mins to clear my plate–and no one came during the meal to ask if we needed anything.

      Strange place–but just as strange as their other locals. The idea is always good but the reality is a bit lacking.


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