• Who is the architect? Also – has anyone been inside? The rooms over the garage look like they would be verrrry narrow. Just curious.

  • Anonymous

    It is a beautiful house, but so out of place in that neighborhood. It belongs in LA or Miami. I love it but would not be happy to have a large copper boat (it really looks like a large copper boat) next to all of the traditional houses in the neighborhood. It makes a good statement for historic preservation.

    • On the other hand it makes a good statement for having neighborhoods with mixed styles.

      I like it and have no problem with it next door to more traditional houses.

  • Travis L. Prince’s personal house is for sale in the Forest Hills section of NW DC:

    Prince has done a lot of interesting homes in NW DC and around the wealthier areas of the metro region:

  • bajin


    • Anonymous

      For anyone whose eyes are allgeric to beauty, yes. Beware.

      • hma


  • anonymous

    What a terribly ugly building..

  • Anon

    Are the blue outer walls supposed to look that faded, or has it just not been taken care of?

    It seems like it could look nice if it didn’t look so corroded.

    • hma

      Copper, like the statue of liberty.

  • Anonymous

    What is the metal material covering the building? Because if it was copper, it would’ve long since been hauled off in the back of a pickup truck at 3am while the occupants were on vacation.


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