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  • Anon’y

    The hillside homes on this tiny, steep public road are ridiculous and very difficult to find. I want one of these so badly. I think there’s 7 homes up there. It feels like you’re living with the Ewoks on Endor.

    • Anonymous

      I live next door to this house (rent the basement). All the houses are pretty cool. My fav part about living here is it’s like I’m in the middle of the woods…yet still in DC. Perfect location.

      • anon

        color me jealous

      • Yes, I am also super jealous. Hit me up if you ever give up that rental! I’d love to live up there.

  • JenDC

    Love love love.

  • Anonymous

    The inside is very 70s retro. Cool!

  • Anonymous

    Cleveland Park Chainsaw Massacre!

  • Anonymous

    It reminds me of the Jawa Sandcrawler.

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting house, but I’d love to know about its structural soundness. It looks like it’s not built directly on an extensive foundation, but rather supported by a couple of foundational pillars. What’s that do on all sorts of fronts: house settling, insulation/heat retention/cooling, sturdiness of the floors, etc.? Any architects out there want to speculate? Anybody actually been in this place? I’m just curious.

    • So you’re saying that it’s basically just a big wooden deck?

      Cool with me.

  • This place is so cool. I always try to catch a glimpse when I ride by on my bike.

    This has been a House of the Day before: https://www.popville.com/2010/12/house-of-the-day-re-pop-25/

    • Prince Of Petworth

      And I guarantee you it will be a house of the day again next year. One of my favorites in the city. One day I’ll get a tour of the inside!

      • Hey PoP, next time you’re over there, be sure to climb/bike/drive up their steep road that leads to these houses. The entrance to their road is on the service road that leads to the back gate of the zoo. It’s very easy to miss!

        There’s a few other really cool houses up there that you can’t see from the road. I’d love to know more about the developer and how they got a hold of the land. It’s obviously a custom designed micro-neighborhood. I’m sure all the neighbors up there must be pretty close with one another! 🙂

  • BC

    I’d also love to know more about this house and the other 7 up there. Anyone have more pictures? I was snooping on google maps and it seems like there is a sign leading up to the road to these houses that says ‘Klingle Ridge.’


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