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Faces Lounge Coming to 1414 14th St, NW in Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth December 9, 2012 at 11:23 pm 55 Comments

1414 14th Street, NW

More news for the 14th and P St, NW section of Logan Circle. A liquor license posted out front of the Sav On Liquor store at 1414 14th Street, NW says that a new tavern called Faces Lounge is coming to the space:

“New Tavern. Serving chicken wings, burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. Entertainment to consist of live music. Occupancy load is 98.”

Updates as construction on the space progresses.

Looking towards P Street

  • Rich

    I’d rather have the liquor store than a place with lousy wings and pizza.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know their wings and pizza are lousy?

      • Anonymous

        Live music and the name is ….. lounge. This place is just a night club with a small food option. They are all over DC.

        But it it proves me wrong I do love me some wings!

        • Really?

          A capacity of 98 and you’re calling this a “Night Club”? So let me ask you this. Is bar “Nine” on P street or any of the other bar/lounges in the vicinity considered a night club?

          Some real jokers in this city…

          • Anonymous

            First of all “night club” is such a old school term.
            Second “9” doesn’t have live music so bad comparison.
            Third.. why don’t you people just chill out until you figure out what this place actually is. Stop speculating.

          • Really?

            Excuse you but I am very chilled. I was not the one that first used “night club”, second “9” is a good reference because it plays music on both levels and sometime shave Dj’s, but it has never been labled as a “night club” nor have any of the other establishments along the 14th street corrider.

            It is clear that some of the previous posters are perceiving that a certain ethnic/class group is behind this project thus the tone of the comments.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like another ghetto ass club scene where people get stabbed and shot.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, becuase you can tell it will be “ghetto” from the descrpition provided. Not. What a racist thing to say.

      • Anon

        Who said anything related to race? Are you the one insinuating that the term “ghetto” implies a certain race?

  • Leroy

    Where will I sav on liquor now?

    • rococo

      Barrel House across the street, a far superior and better priced store.

      • Barrel House’s wine selection sucks. And is overpriced. Though, I can’t imagine this place is much better.

  • JerOmy

    It’s being set up in the renovated basement, pretty sure the above ground is gonna stay a liquor store. And is there another ghetto ass stabbing club in that area that has furniture stores that sell 5k couches? Are you talking about the whole foods or caribou coffee nearby? Go back to what ever mid west town you’re from and stop complaining about dc

    • AngryParakeet

      If it is to be an ass-type club, we will be warned with glossy postcards of scantily clad females aiming their buttocks, placed on car windshields and tossed on the sidewalks.

      • monkeyrotica

        Big booty club flyers have been a part of the NoLo community since the days when it was THE destination for out-of-state johns cruising 14th looking for streetwalkers. It’s as historic as cracksmoking mayors, kleptocracy, and “the plan.”

  • Peyton Sherwood

    I like wings, burgers, pizza, sandwiches AND beer. I’d show my face 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nooooo! They can’t take away Diddy’s faded face away! The heart of Logan will be gone then.

    • Hahahahahahaha, you win.


  • rosenrosen

    At first, I thought it was called Feces Lounge.

    • indc

      That’s probably going to be a more apt name. Who knows though, maybe it will be a decent place. Maybe the name is just super ironic somehow. Maybe they’ll end up serving vegan or korean style wings, along with D.O.C. certified pizzas using local ingredients (like fresh smegma from the Crew Club).

  • RozCat

    That they are calling it a “lounge” sounds promising. It would be nice to have an adult-oriented, non-gay, non-small plate, regular people’s bar on 14th street.

    • Anonymous

      What do you have against gay people? I bet you are in favor of segregation to!!!

      • RozCat

        Nothing against gays (“some of my best friends…”). Just seeking some watering hole diversity in the DuPont/Logan/U Street areas.

        • Anonymous

          So….are you saying gays are not “regular people”?

    • Anonymous

      there is only ONE gay bar on 14th Street and it’s north of U so it’s technically in a different neighborhood. So I am sorry that there are just soooo many gay bars on 14th Street.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I remember when P st between, 14th and 15 st, Gay central when it came to clubs.

        And it was only a few years ago that Logan Circle itself was stabby, druggy and tranny center. Oh how times have change.

        Instead of watching out for broken needles, now you have to watch out for dog poop.

        • indc

          Yes, the dog poop. And the over-caffeinated, yoga-mat toting, small plates stroller people. Same thing I suppose.

    • Regular_you_are_not!

      So are you stating that gays are NOT regular people? So sad to think that you consider yourself “regular”. If the gays didn’t move into that area and brought the incomes and style etc, this 14th Street wouldn’t be no where what it is today.

      • Anonymous

        Look… i’m gay and this person has not offended me. I know it’s monday but you people seriously need to chill out.

        • chln

          Whew, I totally agree with you. I know the weather ain’t pretty, and it’s finals week for some, but c’mon people! Stop with the jerk comments! Also- the comment above ^^^ “…sometime shave Dj’s,…” Made me smile.

      • RozCat

        As is typically with your community, you’re blowing this way out of proportion. I am just making a generic plea that the new place will avoid the copycat sameness of the many new spots in the area and can be a simple, no-nonsense place to grab a reasonably priced beer or cocktail after work.

        • Regular_you_are_not!

          First off I am not gay. Secondly- as typical with your community- really? I would hate to be in any bar, gay or straigth with someone like yourself. There are plenty of “non” themed bars in the area, but it is easily to see why you don’t/wouldn’t fit into any of them.

        • Anonymous

          I think I understand the sentiment this original comment was trying to convey, but the problem is, it wasn’t just a “generic” plea for a chill, affordable, non-scenester, non-gimmicky bar where all are welcome (which sounds great, by the way)…it specifically called out gays and gay bars. Why even take it there?

          I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt–it’s Monday, we all occasionally comment off the cuff, quickly and without necessarily thinking it through, etc.–but the “as is typical of your community” rebuttal isn’t doing the commenter any favors.

        • Anonymous

          Wooo… i was the one that defended you up there. That “your community” comment just made me sorry that i did. You got plenty of straight bars so go take your normal homophobic self to those.

        • Anonymous

          Generic?!?!?! If you had inteded to be generic you would not have specifically metioned the word “gay.” Maybe you should pack up and move to Utah where the “regular” people rule.

        • Identified

          Your first comment was silly (as has been pointed out, there is only one gay bar in the neighborhood).

          Your 2nd comment “As is typically with your community”…. is complele venom of hate.

          Rozcat takes the day for homophobic comments on PoP.

        • SS3345

          A bit late to the party here, but “As is typically with your community?” …Seriously?

    • LOL wut?

      Most of the venues on 14th is predominantly targeted for The Straights. Go on any Friday night and you’ll see that. And yeah, almost all of it is for adults. I never see strollers or families in these establishments. I don’t really understand your criticisms. I’m guessing you’re An Old who probably hasn’t gone out in a few years. Lemme guess, Dupont is still “the gay neighborhood” too, right?

      • Anonymous

        +1…..the person also probably think being gay is a “choice”

    • DC

      Hahahaha. It’s hilarious that anyone would call this area gay at all. It’s like walking around Arlington. Stoney’s, Standard, Masa, El Centro, Estadio, Birch and Barley, Pearl Dive…

      • +1

        Pretty much.

      • indc

        Exactly. We should call it Little Arlington.

    • brent

      I don’t think your “non-gay” comment is in any way anti-gay, but I do wonder what neighborhood you are talking about. In what has been for several decades a neighborhood with a high gay concentration, there is only ONE gay bar. Yet, the list of “regular people’s” bars is extensive … including every new restaurant on 14th Street (Pearl Dive, Churchkey, Masa 14, Saint Ex, Cork, el Centro, Drafting Table, Standard, Bar Pilar …). Seriously, do you “regular people” still have no where to go?

      • Brent

        Wow, I had not read the entire thread when I noted I didn’t think your comment was anti-gay, and I still want to give you the benefit of the doubt but when using language like “as is typically with your community,” I really gotta wonder. Still, I stand by comment wondering what neighborhood you are describing with all those gay bars.

    • Anonymous

      What a totally narrow-minded thing to say. With the exception of “9” that is located on P Street, name another “gay” bar in that area. However, the list goes on and on for “regular people” bars in that area. Yet, you choose to single out the gay bars. Congratulations….you get the Horse’s Ass of the Day Award!!!

      • Robrow

        Last time I check the bath house (sex club) Crew Club was as gay as gay gets.

    • Anonymous

      LOL… unless you mean 17th St you will have a hard time finding your “gay” place -ok 1 on P albeit empty 24/7. Suggest you try the crew club for what you need !

  • JoeEsq74

    I believe there was a popular club called Faces (late 80’s?) on the corner of GA Ave & Madison Street NW (now Rite Aid)

    • chln

      Pretty sure the bar I spent my 21st in was called Faces. But that was in Florence. It was a bar that catered to American/Canadian tourists, or people that understood that turning 21 not in EU actually meant something. Ahhhh, memories.

  • Anonymous

    They spent the past year surreptitiously digging their basement deeper and laying concrete (they used buckets to fill a flat bed with the back garage door closed.) THis explains why.

    • Anonymous

      ..and replying to myself, I am suspicious of anyone who seems to do major structural work like digging a basement deeper without a permit (none was posted until the closed off the basement entrance from the front sidewalk.)

      • That’s some A+ scuttlebutt. Nice reconnaissance.

        • Anonymous

          I have a dog I walk multiple times a day. You see things. Gladys Kravitz is my idol. lol

  • Anonymous


  • Robrow

    Darn, I was hoping they were going to open another bath house to compete with Crew Club. Something to off set the yoga wear, yoga mats, and baby strollers.


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