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Carolina Market Becomes Mi Casita Bakery in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2012 at 12:30 pm 16 Comments

14th and Newton St, NW

Carolina Market (3429 14th St, NW), not to be confused with the nearby Carolina Restaurant (3700 14th St, NW), has become Mi Casita Bakery. They are still stocking up but later in the week they’ll also offer some Tamales and Pollo options.

  • July

    They have Pan Lourdes next to them, I don’t know how can they survive selling the same product in such short distance.

    • Poon

      With respect to Pan Lourdes and their very small clientele, perhaps this place won’t suck as badly. Besides, it’s not like the market formerly known as Carolina was selling unique products. It was basically a place to buy sugary soda, chips, and a four-pack of beer, if it was in stock. This place was awfully strange. New bakery = step forward. Possibly.

    • Santiago

      I wish to see a FRITANGA in that location.

  • Jason

    The inside looks great and I wish them all the best. I love my Le Caprice, but am willing to share the love.

    Two suggestions and the first should cost you little or nothing:

    Take down the burglar bars so passers-by can see how great the inside looks. You obviously put a lot of effort into renovating but the bars hide this.

    The second, if you have the funds, is to replace the flourescent sign with something a bit more upscale.

  • 3 bakeries in 1 block. Somethings gotta give.

    And honestly, naming it Mi Casita? Was a business/marketing expert consulted? I know a lot of white people that won’t eat at a bakery with a Spanish name. Is the same true for the reverse? Just seems like a bad way to write off half the community (and a growing half). Goes back to my original question: Was a business/marketing expert consulted?

    I’ll admit I don’t what Mi Casita means, but I never studied Spanish.

    Maybe they only want to sell bakery items to people that speak Spanish. Now I understand.

    • Anonymous

      well a lot of white people are stupid, it means little house.

      i know a lot of white people that will eat there b/c it has spanish name.

    • SS3345

      You could have said the same thing in SO many less words. I guess no white folks go to El Centro because of the Spanish name, or El Tamarindo in Adams Morgan. Heck, given that I’m not Ethiopian, I probably should stop going to Dukem, Etete, etc. WHAT DO THOSE SILLY WORDS MEAN?!?

      • I avoid El Tamarindo because it gave me food poisoning.

        • My point was this: If you were opening a business, would you want to pull customers from 100% of the community, or only 50%?

          In other words, would you chose to reduce your revenue by 50%?

          If your answer is yes, you aren’t being honest with yourself.

          So of course your answer is no. Why? Because you have business sense. And that is why I don’t expect either this store (or Pan Lourdes) to be open in 2 years.

          Somethings gotta give.

          • Anonymous

            what business do you own?

          • gesd

            I understand your point. Maybe and just maybe that is the reason why “CHIPOTLE” is always empty and no “WHITE” people like it…

    • saf

      ” I know a lot of white people that won’t eat at a bakery with a Spanish name.”

      Really? Wow.

    • Anonymous

      i’m baffled by your post.

  • Poon

    I, too, know many white people that won’t eat at a bakery with a Spanish name — not because anyone’s racist (all those racists in upper Columbia Heights!) but because Latinos aren’t exactly known for their baking prowess. I’m open to trying new things, but when we’ve got an outstanding French bakery across the street, it seems unlikely that this place is going to be frequented by young white professionals.

    My best guess would be that this place is attempting to appeal to Latinos, who still make up a sizeable portion of the Columbia Heights population. The constant craziness of Panam is evidence enough that businesses catering to Latinos can be successful.

    • Anonymous

      Mexican bakeries make all kinds of delicious sweet breads, pastries, and cakes. You’re missing out if you think that only good bakeries are French bakeries.

    • Pate

      Mexican cookies with milk are awesome!


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