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Car Crashes into McDonalds at 18th and Columbia Rd, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — December 7, 2012 at 3:17 pm 41 Comments

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Eisendrath

Thanks to all who sent in photos of this crazy crash at the Adams Morgan McDonalds at 18th and Columbia Rd, NW. @jessica_travels tweeted at 2:45pm:

“@popville Just saw a car drive into the McDonalds in Adams Morgan: http://ow.ly/i/1dAef – I took the pic from the bus.”

Updates as they become available.

From the PoP Facebook page Justine sends:

  • McRib must be back.

    • Anonymous

      You are on fire today cornholiodc

  • Anonymous

    Probably some trying to take out a drug dealer

    • really

    • Jack5

      Details just came in, it was the HamBurglar trying to commit a robble robbery. Showing my age on this post…

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean there’s no drive-thru lane?

    • Anonymous

      there is now

  • Anonymous

    Too soon for a “drive-thru” joke?

  • Anonymous

    Maryland plates?

  • Anonymous

    Do we know there is not a body trapped under the car before we start making jokes?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Has anyone heard from Ronald?

    • Pretty sure it would have been mentioned.

      Lighten up.

      • Anonymous

        CityPaper has a photo of a guy being taken out on a stretcher.

    • This is all so tasteless it is making me Grimace.

      • Anonymous

        You deserve a break today. I won’t post any more comments.

        • elbeech

          Don’t you mean a brake?

          • Anon

            Old McDs slogan

  • Anonymous

    oh no, where will all the crackheads hang out now…

  • Anonymous

    Hamburglar’s getting desperate and resorting to smash and grabs!

  • nick

    That car has Maryland tags.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone Marion Barry yet? He needs to start planning a shelter to keep the drug dealers and thugs warm while McDonalds rebuilds over the winter.

    • Anonymous

      try again #worstjokeever

  • God Damn ‘maps app’ on the iphone 5 is complete shit. I meant to drive the car through McNasty’s

    • Anonymous


  • E

    Was in the same bus and saw that mailman running out of the way. Sounded horrible…

  • or….. McDonald’s monopoly is back. He landed on Park Place

  • Anonymous

    They’re saying it may have been a medical emergency that caused him to crash, possibly a Big Mac attack.

  • somo

    Updates from the DC papers:
    “The driver, an adult male, and an adult female inside the McDonald’s suffered minor injuries from the crash, according to D.C. police spokesman Hugh Carew. The cause is still being investigated, he said.”

    “Firefighters had to rescue one customer caught in the rubble of the restaurant after the accident occurred. That customer and the driver were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries according to police.”

  • Akeem!!!

    The comments for this post are so WIN!!! =D

  • Anonymous

    No drive thru at this McDonalds??? I will show your ass!!!!!!!!

  • The Real Jason

    RIP to the 15 panhandlers that were no doubt mowed down in the fray.

  • Was probably texting or something. Scary to think that there’s people like that out there on the road.

    • readfirstpostlater


  • clubber lang

    Looks like the work of hamburglar.Any leads?

  • Anonymous

    Morgan Spurlock is really running out of ideas…

    • Anonymous

      Clearly not 1 Billion swerved

  • Anon

    I hope this guy recovers quickly and gets his car fixed soon. There’s a McDonald’s at the corner of 14th and U in dire need of the same treatment.

  • Robrow

    Hmmmmm, Texting while driving like every other car in DC ??


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