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  • anon

    building looks great… and im excited about the street scape-ing that is happening down on that end of U. it will prove to be a cluster F for a while, but will to deal with it to have a safer/more walkable/more beautiful street

  • bb

    Cool sign for sure. I’m a bit perplexed about the place, though. Where are the bikes, exactly? They must be on the third floor, because one can’t see them from the street. It always looks closed…or is that just a dim lighting scheme? It seems that they aren’t using their prime location to the utmost advantage in terms of showing passers-by what they’re all about.

    • Cycling studio is upstairs. The main floor is used for some crossfit type classes. The entire place is very nice, as are the owners – go in and talk to them! Maybe even sign up for a class…

    • Anonymous

      Depends what time of day you’re walking by. They don’t have a full-time receptionist, so they’re only open around the times classes are scheduled–early morning, lunch on some days, and evenings. The spin instructors sometimes dim the lights, so it might appear dark up there even if a class is going on (although you’d probably hear their music). They do boxing, TRX, and some circuit/bootcamp type workouts on the main floor.

      The owners are really nice, and it would be great to see the studio get more business and support, so check out a class if you can! Per-class rates are a little pricey–although on par with boutique spin studios in DC or other cities–but I got the monthly unlimited, which is worth it if you’re going to go a lot (pricier than the average gym, but cheaper than a couple of other spin studios in DC).

  • Anonymous

    Random, but speaking of signs, I like the sign(s) for Zeba (though I have never bothered to go in there)

  • I’m glad this place is no longer a boarded up eyesore, but I just don’t get how an indoor cycling studio will be a profitable business in an urban location.

    Hey cyclists – are you all really in need of a mini-track to spin your wheels on rainy days?

    If I were a bike rider, I’d prefer to ride outside or on some huge velodrome track, not one that fits inside a two-storefront building.

    • Anonymous

      I’m hoping they will be profitable, because they’re a great addition to the DC fitness community. (And no, I don’t own the place or teach there, I’ve just been taking classes there for the past couple of weeks.) There’s definitely a market for indoor cycling in an urban location–case in point, Flywheel and SoulCycle in New York, which do a ridiculous amount of business despite their insane (in my opinion) prices. Granted, DC doesn’t have the population of New York, but I think two other spin studios in DC, Biker Barre and Sculpt DC, (in Capitol Hill and Penn Quarter, respectively) that have been open for longer are doing a good business.

      For me personally, I have a bike, but I’m not a “cyclist” per se. If I want to go on a leisurely ride for fun, sight-seeing, and fresh air, I’ll take out my bike. If I want a hard cardio workout, I’d rather go to an indoor spin class–I can focus solely on working out without having to worry about traffic, balance, etc., or without dragging my bike to a velodrome, not to mention I can also hit up an indoor class when it’s cold, dark, raining, or whatnot. Not that there’s anything wrong with an all-outdoor preference, I’m just assuming there are others like me that prefer the indoor workout for a number of reasons.

      • Anon 1:44

        I’ll also add that it’s nice to be able to mix it up and take some bootcamp, TRX, or boxing classes at Off Road on days when I’m not in the mood to spin. And the owners are super-nice, always there, and really committed to creating a fun, friendly workout environment. AND if there are any serious cyclists (or novices) who are interested in getting inside for the winter, in addition to their regular classes, Off Road is doing a specific winter training series with lectures, progressively longer rides, progress-tracking, and…a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember, but check their website or contact them for more details.

  • Anonnn

    I recently went to my first class at the studio and I am totally sold. The owners are awesome and Artis is the best instructor ever, what’s wrong with cycling inside when it’s freezing outside? Spinning burns a ton of calories, the prices are reasonable, and the space is really impressive. Don’t knock it til you try it.


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