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54 Proposed New Capital Bikeshare Stations Announced

by Prince Of Petworth December 17, 2012 at 3:05 pm 42 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From Capital Bikeshare:

The District Department of Transportation today announced proposed locations for 54 new Capital Bikeshare stations to be installed this winter in the District of Columbia. The list includes proposed new stations in all 8 wards of the city.

“These new locations will mean a 40% increase in the number of CaBi stations in DC,” said DDOT Director Terry Bellamy. “Combined with new stations in Arlington, Alexandria and soon in Montgomery County, we’re building a robust and truly regional system.”

There are currently 138 stations in DC, 45 in Arlington, and 8 Alexandria.

DDOT selected the 54 locations from a longer list of 78 suggested locations submitted by the public over the past 2 years. DDOT evaluated the locations using several criteria, including population density, employment density, bike-to-work rate, proximity to metro, and proximity to other Bikeshare stations. Residents also ‘voted’ for their preferences using an interactive crowdsourcing map.

The proposed stations are in a mix and new and existing bikeshare neighborhoods. “We need to balance the desire to expand into new areas with the need for more docks and bikes in existing areas, particularly downtown, where demand is heaviest.” said Chris Holben, DDOT Project Manager for Capital Bikeshare. “Basically, for every ‘expansion’ station we also need more spaces downtown to keep up with demand.”

DDOT plans to start installing new stations and bikes in January and finish in March. Locations not selected in this round of 54 will be considered for the next round. The complete list is below. You can also view the proposed locations alongside existing stations on a map at http://goo.gl/maps/UJPZs.

To comment on the list of proposed locations, please email [email protected] by January 15, 2013.

Full list after the jump.

First Round

1 18th Street and Wyoming Avenue NW
2 11th Street and M Street NW
3 14th Street and Clifton Street/ Boys and Girls Club NW
4 15th Street and Euclid Street NW
5 20th Street and Virginia Avenue NW
6 Ellington Bridge, SE corner NW
7 Elm Street and 2nd Street (LeDroit Park) NW
8 New Jersey Avenue and R Street NW
9 Hiatt Place between Park and Irving NW
10 13th Street and U Street NW
11 17th Street and Massachusetts Avenue/JHU NW
12 5th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW
13 8th Street and D Street NW
14 11th Street and Florida Avenue NW
15 11th Street and K Street NW
16 L’Enfant Plaza at Independence Ave SW
17 11th Street and F Street NW
18 23rd Street and W.H.O. NW
19 Constitution Ave and 21st Street NW
20 34th Street and Water Street NW
21 Connecticut and Nebraska Avenues NW
22 Connecticut Ave and Albemarle St NW
23 O Street and Wisconsin Ave (east) NW
24 Wisconsin Ave and Fessenden St NW
25 Wisconsin Ave and Veazy Street NW
26 14th Street and Upshur Street NW
27 14th Street and Colorado Avenue NW
28 5th Street and Kennedy Street NW
29 Georgia Ave and Decatur Street NW
30 V Street and Rhode Island Ave at Summit Place NE
31 2nd Street and M Street NE
32 Hamlin Street and 7th Street NE
33 12th Street and Irving Street NE
34 Neal Street and Trinidad Avenue NE
35 Rhode Island Ave Metro entrance NE
36 18th Street and Rhode Island Ave NE
37 8th Street and F Street NE
38 Pennsylvania Ave and 3rd Street SE
39 8th Street and East Capitol Street NE
40 15th Street and East Capitol Street NE
41 Independence and Washington/HHS SW
42 Constitution Ave and 2nd St/DOL NW
43 6th Street and Indiana Avenue NW
44 New Jersey Avenue and D Street SE
45 15th St, F St and Tennessee Ave NE
46 9th Street and M Street SE
47 Tingey Street and 3rd Street SE
48 Deanwood Rec Center and Library NE
49 Burroughs Avenue and 49th Street NE
50 Burroughs Ave and Minnesota Ave NE
51 Minnesota/34th Street and Ely Place SE
52 Alabama Avenue and Stanton Road SE
53 MLK, Jr. Ave and Alabama Ave SE
54 MLK, Jr. Ave and Pleasant Street SE

Next Round

55 MLK, Jr. Ave and St. E’s Gate 5 SE
56 14th Street and Fairmont Street NW
57 18th Street and C Street NW
58 L’Enfant Plaza at Banneker Circle SW
59 G Street at MLK Library NW
60 Wisconsin Ave and Ingomar Street NW
61 Brandywine St and Wisconsin Ave NW
62 Connecticut Ave and Porter Street NW
63 O Street and Wisconsin Ave (west) NW
64 Massachusetts Ave and 48th Street NW
65 Van Buren Street and Rec Center NW
66 Ft Totten Metro Station NW
67 Cedar Street underpass (Takoma) NW
68 Piney Branch Rd and Georgia Ave NW
69 1st Street and K Street NE
70 Rhode Island Ave and Franklin St NE
71 18th Street and Monroe Street NE
72 New Jersey Avenue and L Street NW
73 Haines Point Rec Center SW
74 2nd Street and V Street SW
75 Burroughs and Division Avenues NE
76 Ely Place and Ft. Dupont Ice Rink SE
77 16th Street and Minnesota Ave SE
78 MLK, Jr. Ave and St E’s Gate 1 SE

  • Anonymous

    Wow – 54 new stations? That’s alotta new stations and new bikes!

  • 15th and Euclid? Sweet!

    • UrbanEngineer

      I was kind of hoping they weren’t going to extend the counterflow cycletrack up to Euclid, but if they’re putting one of these stations there they almost have to or else that north bound bike lane will be flooded with salmoning cyclists

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would put one up near Sherman Circle!

    • Anonymous

      A Godleski memorial!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Park View and Petworth didn’t fair too well.

  • Grand Funk

    I hope they financially plan for when these new bikes will need servicing and replacement. This doesn’t seem like slow steady growth to me. Glad to see the expansion though!

  • Anonymous

    Is CapBi a private company or is it part of DDoT?

    • DDOT oversees the program, a private company runs it.

    • I think it’s a public-private partnership. Happy about the station at Independence and Washington St SW, but I think the House side of the Capitol Complex is still pretty underserved.

    • The stations and bicycles are owned by the participating local governments and operated in a public-private partnership with Alta Bicycle Share.

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited that 5th and Kennedy got a station! Very surprised, but excited!

    • K8te

      Same! This is great for Kennedy Street. I wish Ft. Totten was in the first round though. That way folks could bike to the metro. Oh well, still excited!!

  • Anonymous

    Still nothing for Silver Spring? What the hell?

    • nathaniel

      These are the new stations announced by the DC DDOT. If you want stations in Silver Spring, you will need to talk to Maryland officials.

      • I don’t believe there are any municipalities in Maryland that participate. It’s only DC, Arlington, and Alexandria. You should talk to Maryland folks about that.

        • The annoucement above mentions that the program will be starting in Montgomery County in the near future.

          Regardless, as Nathaniel noted, the list is strictly related to the District.

        • Anonymous

          bikeshare is “Too Arlington” for maryland.

        • Anonymous

          College Park should be adding stations in 2013 (Metro, Downtown, UMD Campus).

  • anon

    # 3 and # 4 are two blocks away from each other.

    This would be better with a map than a list, map showing where stations are currently and where new stations are going.

  • dcgent

    Was hoping for a fill in at 11th and Penn SE for Fragers hardware but can’t complain too much as they added a 2nd station within a block of my house.

  • Anonymous

    yay for Trinidad.

  • very much a fan of the three new stations around the house office buildings and a new one on u and 14th (the old one was full 100% of the time on weekend evendings).

  • PH

    Amazing, the Shaw bikeshare hole continues! 14th Street docks are consistently empty in the morning, apartments up and down 11th Street, lots of new restaurants along 9th Street, but no stations in the triangle between the Whole Foods and either the Shaw or Mt. Vernon Square metros.

    • There is one going in at 11th/M. Hopefully they’ll add one on 7/9th when the O St. Market construction completes.

  • sharon

    nothing for rosedale or kingman park.

    • Anonymous

      you’re a visionary ahead of the pack.

  • Anonymous

    Yay Gray… Oops, I forgot we aren’t allowed to mention the good stuff he does.

    • Anonymous


    • Yeah, congrats for him expanding a very successful program begun by Fenty. How impressive.

  • D

    I’m surprised that there are none planned for Kalorama west of Conn or up Mass Ave east of the Naval Observatory. It’s a pretty dense area that’s under served by current stations. Don’t live or work there myself, but know quite a few people who do that would sign up if they had closer options.

  • Lame – why wouldn’t they put a station at 2nd/Missouri/Kansas? Kansas is a bike route & 3rd is a bike route. I wanted to get a bike share membership, but that seems in convenient.

    • Anonymous

      I’m near that intersection! My wife and I just bought a house in the last year & we cancelled our bikeshare memberships, because we didn’t live near a station anymore. It’s the one thing that miss from renting down in Columbia Heights. Fifth is too far in the wrong direction.

      • beabeth

        Hello neighbors – I’m at Kansas and Longfellow and was hoping for a station somewhere on Kansas, especially since we are on a bike route! Duh.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing. 5th is to far and Ft. Totten Station is in the 2nd phase. Also Gallatin & the streets you mentioned are on or part of the MBT. Hello DDOT!!

  • This might be good news for the people going to the new Coast Guard Headquarters at St. Elizabeths. (No apostrophe people!!). See #78 above. BUT – is the Bikeshare station going to be at the St. Es WEST campus gate #1, or the EAST campus, across the street and many blocks in between. Even so, Gate 1 for the West campus is about 5 blocks away from the actualy CGHQ building on the campus – a long walk through constant construction, mud, etc.

  • bb

    Also, hooray for one at the Rhode Island Avenue metro! I’ve been waiting for that.


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