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Upper Crust Pizzeria Closed at 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — November 20, 2012 at 11:30 am 6 Comments

1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word that it looks like Upper Crust Pizzeria has closed downtown. We judged them back in June 2011. While their website is still live, there voice mail has not been updated since April. The reader also sends a link to a Boston Herald story that says:

The Upper Crust pizza chain has shuttered 10 of its restaurants in the Bay State and Washington, D.C. as the struggling eatery, which is going through bankruptcy, tries to preserve cash flow and stay open long enough to attract a buyer.

DeGiacomo said an infusion of funds totaling $120,000 would get the restaurants back up and running and allow 170 workers, including several part-time employees, to get their jobs back.

  • em

    Oh no 🙁 This was our go-to office place for pizza and a fairly regular after-hours happy spot. They seemed to do pretty decent business.

    • em

      * happy HOUR spot

  • Boooo. I liked this place, not many places but for this and Washington Deli to get a decent slice or two for lunch.

  • Anonymous

    These guys did it to themselves — the original owners screwed their employees out of wages, lost a class action suit for back wages, and then made those employees pay back the money from the class action to keep their jobs. Dept of Labor came down hard, now they are in bankruptcy. I think the bad apple part of the ownership has split off, but their previous labor practices were abhorent (http://www.boston.com/businessupdates/2012/11/13/the-doors-are-shut-some-upper-crust-restaurants-future-uncertain/qERHqrhYcG23XQudlSauKL/story.html).

  • EmilySquirrely

    Welp so much for that groupon that I never used but for which the original purhase value “never expired.”

  • Todd

    You can get a credit on your groupon account for the amount you paid. They were quick to respond when I emailed them.


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