Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user quemac

Dear PoPville,

A brief story that makes me so proud of my neighbors in Shaw. A guy was walking home from 7-11 on Monday night when he was assaulted by two or three teenagers. They jumped on him and started beating him in the face and body for no reason. He stumbled out into the street, screaming for help. A neighbor who happened to be driving down our street at the time stopped and honked, frightening the attackers. They took off sprinting down the street.

Another neighbor who was apparently in his front yard heard the commotion and jumped out into the street to see what happened. Bravely or stupidly, or both, he chased down the attackers, tackling one from behind putting him face first into the sidewalk. The guy doing the tackling looked like a former linebacker.

A number of other neighbors immediately called the cops, who showed up within one or two minutes and put the guy in handcuffs. Thanks to everybody for helping to make our neighborhood a safer place.


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