• Eric

    too much leg bro. need to get you some longer shorts. sweet shirt tho.

    • Anonymous

      That’s funny– before I read the comments I thought, wow, those are nice legs

  • Anonymous


    The longest (or second longest if you’re a fan of estuaries) river flows south to north.

  • Anon

    The Nile also flows north. As does the Shenandoah, if we want to stay closer to home.

  • The Genessee River in NY State flows north. Fargo seems nice though.

  • caballero

    You are facing east toward Minnesota. I wouldn’t call this Fargo. I would call it Western Minnesota. Go Gophers!

  • Jenn

    Doh! Rivers flow from higher elevation to lower elevation, don’t matter the direction. There are hundreds of rivers in the world that flow north, including several of the worlds largest rivers. But that sure does sound like a neat made up fact.

  • Logan Res

    Uhm, J.S.?? Who else would go to Fargo? LOL Nice legs too!


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