• park

    I think thats actually Naylor Court

    • Yep – Blagden Alley is on the south side on N ST

  • Fz

    Hmmm….I love this old ads, but what I love about them is how they look after all these years. Redoing them is a nice gesture but it ruins their charm to me.

    • Anonymous

      Stick around long enough and it will look faded and aged again!

    • I kinda agree with Fz — I prefer the faded version.

  • RozCat

    More Swagger Jacking?

  • Shaw Guy

    Yeah, the issue is that there is no remnant of an old, faded ad or mural there at all. Perhaps they have a historical photo of one, but otherwise, I think this is just creating a fake history of the neighborhood to make it SEEM more interesting, which should be frowned upon and taken down, not encouraged.

    • Lisa

      What a strong stance to take without a moment’s research. Even PoP has documented it. Of course it was there before. Welcome to your history ‘Shaw Guy’.

    • Anonymous


  • Bob

    It’s too bad that A&D bar, with the paper up in the windows, isn’t open yet. The neighborhood needs a a good bar.

  • If you go to Shorpy’s web site and search for 9th Street you will find a 1930’s image of this building. This is the direct link. http://www.shorpy.com/node/5822

    The ghost signage is evident in the old photo not only at the top but also below. It had already faded. Before the current restoration was done, you could still see the outline of the original signage.

    Agree with the idea of patina appeal. Perhaps “new painted signs” should use a paint that fades and eventually disappears after 20 years without damaging the underlying brick.

  • Lisa1314

    The restored Julius Viedt Jr. sign is done, looks great and we are thrilled. I highly recommend the artist Mark Walker at http://www.lordants.com. He is also the artist responsible for the great chalkboard work at SundeVich and their painted signage on the wall below ours.


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