• This is where my wife and I had our first date. We never went back, but still sort of sad it’s gone.

  • We used to celebrate special events with our kids here. It was pricey but fun. I remember going to the original Melting Pot in Tallahassee while attending FSU in the 80s!

  • Anonymous

    Thank god. I’ve never been to this one, but Melting Pot was definitely in the top 3 of the most disgusting inedible restaurant experiences I’ve had.

  • I love fondue but Melting Pot never did it for me…way, way overpriced, and mediocre fare at best. I am rather surprised that it’s made it this long.

  • Anonymous

    If you feel a sudden urge to dip just about anything into molten cheese, it looks like there are seven other locations still open within 50 miles of here.

  • I never even knew this was there. Maybe something else can do better there. Seems like it is a good location.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised it lasted this long. The one time I was there was, by far, the absolute worst dining experience of my life. Overpriced, terrible food and insanely bad service. It was so bad that I had to walk back into the kitchen (after waiting for 30-friggin-minutes) just to refill my water glass.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. worst food ever.

  • Tim

    I’ve always thought fondue should be much cheaper than The Melting Pot charges. I mean, they don’t even do any cooking!

  • meltingpoop

    You mean boiled meats dont get a good turn out? The cheese and dessert portion was cool, but the entree was always kinda lame.

  • Anonymous

    Way overpriced too….

  • TonyS

    the secret to this place is don’t get the meat… just do cheese then chocolate dessert. so good. sad it closed.

  • jeff

    There is a location within walking distance from the ballston metro station

    • TonyS


  • DE

    I’ve never understood how this place stayed in business. Twice I’ve tried to eat (at another location, technically), only to be told that I had to have a reservation. Even though the place was empty. I always figured it was a front.

    Making fondue at home has got to be tastier and cheaper, based on the comments.

  • I went a couple months with my girlfriend and her mom at about 6 pm on a Sunday. We were seated, a server finally came over after we waited 15-20 minutes, we told her we were only having dessert, and we were generally treated like lepers. All while you could fire a cannonball through the dining room and not hit anyone.

    Not particularly surprising to me – from the fondue menu to the greenhouse ceiling to the fact that it was in a basement, the whole thing was really outdated.

  • josh

    Cafe Mozart in Metro Center-ish has great fondue

  • Anonymous

    Poste’s winter cocktail lounge has fondue

  • Petresident

    This place was definitely fon-don’t!


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