Judging New Restaurants – Cusbah

by Prince Of Petworth November 14, 2012 at 12:00 pm 15 Comments

1128 H Street, NE

Cusbah is located at the corner of 12th and H Street, NE. Their website says:

The Cusbah concept was created on the pretense that a hybrid American South Asian restaurant experience did not exist, at least not in Washington DC. We wanted to create a building block based on authentic Pakistani and North Indian cuisine, while providing an atmosphere rooted in multi-cultural America.

Cusbah literally translates to “little village”

With that translation, we hope to bring that sense of a “little village” or neighborhood bar and restaurant where there’s something for everyone to the ever changing H Street Corridor. Keeping in mind that DC is constantly evolving, we have many ideas and concepts that will hopefully keep us one step ahead of the game. We envision our restaurant to be the place where you grab a damn good Kebab, Curry or Naan and wash it down with a nice cold quality beer or cocktail all while listening to great music.

You can see their menu here.

Any fans? Any must order items?

  • Anonymous

    Just tried them yesterday at lunch. We had terrific service and the food was great. If you love spicy Indian, this is your place. Everything we had was delicious.

  • JK

    I had the Chicken Vindaloo and Kashmiri Naan a month or so ago. Excellent, but when they say something is spicy they mean it!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to try it. I love Pakistani and northern Indian food. Spicier and more complex seasoning then the Indian food you find in your average Indian restaurant, in my opinion.

  • Anon

    What’s with the ugly gray cement on the turret above the doorwa? They should paint that a cheery color. It looks drab and out of place.

  • Great food, good prices, great portions. They deliver as well. Two thumbs up.

  • SF

    Excellent spot that doesn’t dumb down the spice.

  • After confronting an abnormally long wait at Granville Moore’s, we ended up eating here Mon. night. We were in a big hurry to see a show at R&R Hotel, and we were a bit disappointed that the Cusbah seemed to be understaffed. We actually mentioned that we were in a rush to our waiter, and despite appearing to be understaffed, he took our order that instant and got the food out to us super-quickly.
    We were pleasantly surprised by the food. It wasn’t as good as Rasika (hell, very few places in DC are) or Indique, but it was solidly good Indian food. The chick-pea dish was really excellent, chicken curry- ok/pretty good, veggie samosas- really good, and the Naan- good, but a bit on the greasy side. The “authentic” spice level was a bit mild for us, but still really flavorful. We would definitely eat here again, and I think this place is a great addition to H street.

  • Kingfisher – shot of whiskey – Shrimp Biryani? Yes, please.

    Nice to see them getting good reviews.

  • Huma

    Have eaten there a few times — their chickpeas and shrimp tandoori are fantastic — and as a Pakistani, I can say it is pretty authentic.

  • Anonymous

    Very good. Had the chicken Vindaloo, Kashmiri naan, and an order of Samosa’s for dinner last night (and leftovers today!)

  • Ger

    Me and my friend went to this place after refusing to stand on line for a pizza at H Street Pizza (they really need to get another oven).

    The food was excellent even according to my very discriminating friend. We had a spicy salad for appetizer along with a the dumplings and the shrimp biryani & a vegetarian option.

  • Anonymous

    place is great… great atmosphere and vibe… spicy food… good service… wow… didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did… nice addition to the neighborhood.

  • That Man A

    Never eaten there, was always unsure if it was good or not. Ive only stopped by for drinks..
    glad to see good reviews

  • kes

    They always have some interesting cocktail special for a good price. The Kashmiri naan is amazing; I would eat that every day if I could. I also had a really good lamb curry. They say their portions are “small plates”, but I found it to be more than enough food. Comparatively cheap for H St food, too!

  • Sarah

    Crazy decent prices. The Chana masala and the eggplant dish are both outstanding. Dishes were on the spicier side, even when when the less spicy option is chosen.


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