• mm

    rumor has it that in the days when Syngman Rhee was studying across the street, La Casa Blanca was a house of ill repute!

  • Rob W

    The owner is as unique and interesting as the house. A pillar of LoHo.

  • I almost bought this house in 1995.

  • Orelia

    Stop by and say hi to the owner… you can find him on the porch in the afternoons when it’s nice out. He’s one of my favorite people in the world :-). Thanks for passing this on Rob W! Viva LoHo!

  • morris

    thanks for the lovely comments everyone.
    yup, come visit (and get a tour), any nice afternoon when I’m outside!

  • Adam

    Miss this street, Morris, and the wonderful summer barbecues… Viva LoHo, indeed!

  • and he has the mangiest mutt of a dog that sits on the stoop with him just checking out the pedestrians. loho!!


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