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  • Will never understand GNC or any vitamin store. Vitamins are the easiest and most logical thing to buy online. They’re pellets, made in some factory. You don’t browse for the prettiest one.

  • Yet another completely boring store coming to Cleveland Park.

  • Anonymous

    This is where that expensive wine shop was, right?

    • CPer

      No, this is next to one of the tanning salons – Case del Sol, I believe. That’s the east side tanning salon, not the west side Palm Beach Tan, just in case you plan your vitamin shopping around your tanning.

  • Mg

    It used to be a Verizon franchise. That closed and a Sprint store is going in across the street where Cacao was.

    • Anonymous

      cacao to cacao

  • Anonymous

    how did whatsa bagel fail? its next to a synagogue for cryin out loud

    • Anonymous

      Their bagels were great, but man, was that place filthy!

      • And the service was god awful.

  • hillizen

    I wrote a bunch of my college application essays in that bagel stop while on a Christmas trip up here with my family. Sad times.

  • Question: Did the significant change in retail/restaurant options in CP affect housing value/prices at all? For a while it was a bit of a ghost town – just curious.

    • No. The fact that there were a couple of empty storefronts didn’t drive prices down. After all, proximity to bars and restaurants is only one reason to buy a home in a certain location. More important for home values are things like low crime and access to good schools. Cleveland Park has that and has always had quite a few good restaurants to boot.

  • petwurf

    waste of space. i’ve never been able to figure out who it is that actually patronizes these places.

  • i live across the street from here. ugh. there are a lot of older residents in the area, perhaps that is their target audience? I wont be shopping there

  • SS in CP

    GNC is a welcome addition. Nice to have more retail.

  • Anonymous

    At least its not another restaurant! You the Cleveland Park Citizens Association is determined to keep the overlay that restricts anymore of those in the commercial area! GNC will totally add to the vibrancy of this neighborhood.


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