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Former Fly Lounge Space to Become The Heist in Dupont Circle

by Prince Of Petworth November 14, 2012 at 4:00 pm 42 Comments

1802 Jefferson Pl, NW

The former Fly Lounge located at 1802 Jefferson Pl, NW just west of Connecticut Ave and the Shack Shake will soon reopen completely renovated as The Heist. I’m told there will be a speakeasy theme and if all goes well they hope to open in December.

  • Was at St. Arnold’s on Monday evening with friends and walked by here, wondering what was happening.

    By the website and their blurb in Vanity Fair, it looks like it will cater to the typical monied ‘burb crowd driving their parents’ BMWs. Meh.

    “With the election looming, big players are in and about town, and they’re bringing tastemakers with them. In a city otherwise lacking in nightspots, three clever chaps named Timothy Sheldon, Chuck Koch, and Patrick Osuna are finally giving the D.C. cognoscenti somewhere to swill their cognac and champagne. Sheldon is all about subtlety—from the outside. Look out for an unassuming red rope aside a door with a subtle brass sign. This is HEIST, and with its flickering candle light, hand-carved black bars, a wall laden with solid-gold bullion, a raised DJ booth, and Chesterfield sofas, it’s Washington’s slice of 18th-century English debauchery. Expect a hard door, suits, and pretty girls.”

    • ctk

      Holy hell, that sounds insufferable. Also, I just noticed that “heist” is an anagram for “shite”.

      • Ahahahahahaha. That was good.

    • Anonymous


      • anon

        Double ick! I am still mourning the loss of club Red, which was pre-Fly Lounge. Are there any cool after-hours clubs like Red out there anymore that play any cool *non-hiphop* house music?

        • What does “afterhours” mean to you? Like, post-3am?

          Dancing at U Street Music Hall and Backbar (in the basement of 930 Club) are good. But they don’t do real afterhours.

          The best afterhours place in DC, until recently, was The Loft on NY Ave. But they lost their lease after they did ONE hiphop party on a whim and over a thousand people tried to get in when the party was at capacity and someone was shot. [/this-is-why-we-cant-have-nice-things]

          • anon

            Well, I meant after 2 so you could still get a couple of drinks, but yeah, till dawn. Ironically, my art studio group is moving into The Loft space at the end of the month. Hadn’t heard of it until last week.

          • Ha, congrats! It’s a great space. Most of the building are art studios and small, creative businesses.

            Yes, for me, afterhours = dancing until sunrise. Unfortunately, there are no regular events like that in DC any more. Sometimes there are one-off afterhours parties, but it’s all word of mouth. It’s also different from Club Red, which was more tied into the deep house/Body & Soul-type crowds. Afterhours nowadays are a bit more “strung out” and techno-oriented. It’s definitely a different crowd.

          • Anonymous

            Townhouse Tavern, although they aren’t supposed to be doing it so it’s very hush-hush.

    • “Expect a hard door, suits, and pretty girls”…. so go here if you’d like to be hit on by Barney Stinson, which will be every guy in this joint.

    • “it looks like it will cater to the typical monied ‘burb crowd driving their parents’ BMWs”

      Well I guess someone has to hang out west of 14th St!

      • Anonymous

        They pay sales tax, right? Sounds fine to me.

      • So you’re saying that people with money hang out west of 14th? Interesting. This place looks ultra-douchy, but I think there’s enough douchiness to go around east and west of 14th (which is a dividing line why?).

        • Anonymous

          If you’re driving in your parents’ BMW from a monied suburb you’re probably driving up 14th when you cross into the city. Then you have a choice of whether to turn left or right, and most of these people will turn left.

          • Anonymous

            If you’re driving in from a monied suburb, you probably aren’t driving your parents BMW. You are probably driving your own BMW. Though Range Rover might be more appropriate. Regardless, it may very well be the parent’s money that financed the car in the first place, but save that for another discussion.

  • Anonymous

    Bwah ha ha ha ha

  • anon

    can’t wait to vomit all over this place

  • anon

    “In a city otherwise lacking in nightspots” — huh??

    BTW, I don’t know about Timothy Sheldon or Patrick Osuna, but Chuck Koch, a.k.a. DJ Dirty Hands, was one of the partners in Fly Lounge.

    • This DJ website is L-O-L funny:


      • Anonymous

        Disgusting. Becoming famous for being someone who hasn’t washed their hands since the 6th grade is not something to brag about.

    • spirit equality

      dirty hands, back when he was dj statik, was a house dj along with dj rbi at one of the seminal weekly hip-hop events, the lifeline, right off u street, back in 97. this was when u street was largely undeveloped (current residents wouldn’t recognize it). dirty hands has paid a lot of dues for live music and partying in this city, he deserves some respect.

      • Anonymous

        I remember back when they used to pass out little bottles of hand sanitizer at the door, and we would all squirt it at DJ Dirty Hands.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to know who wouldn’t be expecting a “hard door.” Whatever type of person that is must be in for a rude awakening every time he/she enters a building…

    • It’ll be like one of my favorite bits on Most Extreme Elimination– where they make them run headfirst into one of three doors, but only one of the doors is soft enough to go through!

  • Anonymous

    I loved the old spot, Red, which was there before Fly. So many memories. Any other fans?

    • Anonymous

      Yes lots of people miss Red! It was one of the best underground clubs in the history of DC. Like Tracks and the Clubhouse it had a quality system, real DJs playing great music, hard core dancers, no fluff in the space or the people. Nothing has replaced it. U Street Music Hall is too big, too young and too sanitized. Nothing else realllllly caters to underground music. Only the Paradox remains from the 90’s.

      • I got to check out Paradox – never heard of it until now! I was a regular at Body & Soul, 718 Sessions, and Be Yourself @ Vinyl from 2000 to 2006 or so. If I’m ever in NYC on a Monday for work, I ALWAYS check out Deep Space with Francois K.

        Will be sure to hit up Deep Sugar sometime soon :)

        • Anonymous

          The Paradox has essentially the same sound system as Club Vinyl… its that good.

      • I guess I don’t share the objections to U Street Music Hall. IMO, the “Red Fridays” nights at U Street Music Hall are the heirs both to Red and to Saturday nights at Club Five, which used to have out-of-town headliners like Dimitri from Paris.

        • Seriously, Red Fridays at U Hall have really stellar lineups. Carl Craig and Timmy Regisford recently were there. Though, the crowd is not as crazy and up-for-it as your traditional deep house clubs. There are a lot of people who just stand around and nurse their drinks.

    • pqresident

      Definitely miss Red. Many of the DJs at Fly were pretty good but it was a different “market.” Red was its own thing.

    • Anonymous

      I loved Red too. It closed about 5 months after I moved to the area, so some of my earliest (and fondest) DC clubbing memories were there. It’s where I met my ex, with whom I started my first real lesbian relationship. It’s sad to realize that none of the spots I used to go to 7 years ago are there anymore (and in many cases have been a couple different things in the meantime).

    • Anonymous

      Oh man I did bad things at Red. There should always be a deep house spot thats open late.

  • Anonymous

    I like the doors

  • SF

    Finally, a place where a PUA can run game on some HBs! Hey Ladies! So many pretty faces in DC, what makes YOU different? F Close!

    Blech. They should just go ahead and call this place the Snakehole Lounge.

  • Anonymous

    The exterior looks like it could’ve been taken from a steakhouse in a shopping mall, circa-1975.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a hang-out for the 1%.

  • Anonymous

    I was informed it is just called HEIST… no “the”. I love the look of the outside, can’t wait to see how the space transformed from Fly. I loved RED, perhaps that’s why I liked Fly….so many memories or actually lack of memories. The more places in this city the better, it just adds to DC.

  • Anny

    DJ Dirty Hands aka Chuck Koch is called Dirty Hands because he’s been involved in some shady shit. Now the name of this club suggest just that. A HEIST is where something is stolen from someone else. I guess they’re suggesting that all Upper Class people are thieves and criminals.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAH this is absolutely hilarious. All those are have chosen to leave a comment of nothing short than ridiculous, ignorant and flat out rude are clearly not seeing the point here. DC does not have many elegant and high-end lounges for those who CHOSE to share a drink and have FUN, hence the need for a new place such as Heist. I think the idea is going to change the vision of nightclubs in DC and finally place us on a level worth comparing to many other cities. Why hate? If you don’t want to go there, don’t. There’s no need to post such harsh words on a business that is just trying to show some fun to a rather life-less city, when it comes to clubs and lounges. I think you will all be rather embarrased for making such shallow comments once you see this place…that is, if you are actually let in. :)


    • Anonymous

      i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t be let in.


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