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Win 2 Tickets to the DC United Playoffs Game at RFK this Saturday (Nov. 3)

by Prince Of Petworth October 31, 2012 at 2:30 pm 63 Comments

photo credit: Ben Keller

The folks at DC United have been kind enough to give someone from PoPville 2 tickets to their first playoff game at RFK in five years on Wednesday, Nov. 7th Saturday Nov. 3rd. So to win the tickets – share your favorite DC United moment and I’ll randomly pick the winner on Thursday afternoon.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Major League Soccer has requested second seeded D.C. United and the third seeded New York Red Bulls alternate home dates in their upcoming Eastern Conference semifinal series. United will now host the first leg Saturday, November 3 at 8:00 p.m. ET before traveling to Red Bull Arena for the return leg of the two-game, total-goal series on Wednesday, November 7 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Both matches are set to be televised to a live national audience by NBC Sports Network and aired locally via United’s Spanish-language radio partner La Nueva 87.7 FM.

Comments (63)

  1. 90 minute winner vs. Columbus to make it in the playoffs! I nearly broke my arm when half the barra brava crowd fell on me in the excitement and was too inebriated/thrilled to care.

  2. I get excited every time there’s a goal

  3. Chris Pontius’ hat trick in 4-1 over New York red bulls this year…same game, seeing Thierry Henry getting the ball stolen and a sweet goal resulting from it.

  4. I’m newer to DC and have never really followed professional sports (so it will be highly ironic if I win these tickets). A few weeks ago, I was on a flight from Portland to DC and the DC United team was on my flight (flying coach, sadly). I had to ask my seat neighbor, a middle aged woman, who they were, and then endure her three hours of raving about how great they are, including telling me about all of her favorite players.

    I’d love a chance to see how great they are for myself!

  5. When we got free parking because of our Volkwagen…

  6. Seeing Ben Olsen getting inducted into the Hall of Tradition this year was definitely a special moment.

  7. The Barra Brava shaking the floor from their chants!

  8. I moved to DC four years ago, but I still consider myself a Chicagoan through and though, except when it comes to the DC United. My husband and I were able to experience the thrill of the DC United win against Columbus, (he is a former college soccer player, so he loved it!) and I knew that my transformation had been complete when, immediately following the United’s win over the Fire, I called up my Chicago friends to rub it in. Go United!

  9. favorite moment…. all of them??

  10. This season or of all time? I’m gonna go with the former, and say the last home match where Lewis Neal scored the game winner in stoppage time. It capped off the most exciting MLS match I’ve seen in years.

  11. i’m just excited that DC is in the playoffs! hope they fare better than the nats

  12. when DC United won the first mls championship and Mayor Marion Barry lead an awkward and confusing DC United chant during their championship parade.

  13. I had just moved to DC from Chicago in 2006. Went to a game with some friends from Chicago and ended up at bar on Capitol Hill afterwards and a few players showed up. Started chatting up the players and told them we were soccer fans, but not really DC fans because we were from Chicago. Then they started buying us drinks! Been a United fan ever since and have been waiting anxiously for them to break back into the playoffs!

  14. My favorite DC United moment: watching them win the MLS Cup at RFK in 1997 with my entire rec soccer team. That and every time Marco Etcheverry touched the ball, in general. The man was a magician and I’m not sure a lot of MLS fans realize how lucky we were that he didn’t jump ship to play in Europe.

  15. It was only a tie, and he’s out in Denmark now … but the Charlie Davies 91st minute tying goal against LA Galaxay last April.
    Anytime the Galaxay, Beckham and Donovan can lose (in a non-US match) is a good thing.

  16. trying not to die of excitement when david beckham took off his shirt during his first visit to RFK with the galaxy.

  17. I had the chance to go to David Beckham’s first game (the first one he played in after recovering from injury) as an MLS player on August 7, 2007. RFK was packed and the cameras were flashing. Best part was United’s 1-0 victory.

  18. Every game I’ve been too has been a blast. Too hard to pick one.

  19. Cheering for United in the tunnel on the way to the game, waving a flag….screaming and jumping the whole game….and leaving covered in beer and without a voice! Vamos United!

  20. Seeing D.C. United win their first championship at Foxboro Stadium in 1996!

    Not before almost having my toe run over by Christina Aguilera in a golf cart on her way to the half-time stage an hour earlier….

  21. @ PetworthNorth , Christina Aguilera was at MLS Cup 1999 (I can’t recall a half time show at 1996, I do remember standing in a Nor’easter and Eddie Pope’s winning goal).

  22. Giggle Bangs Rice Bowl

    When I saw my buddy making out with my co-worker along side 19th Street, then jump in a cab, immediately after a United victory. Man, they were loaded.

  23. Being there live for Jaime Moreno’s final match, complete with his final goal. (unfortunately, they lost though)

  24. We just moved here last year and have been fortunate enough through my grad school to get discounted tickets (woot!) and so we’ve gone to 3 games, including the last home one vs Crew. My uncle lives out here and is a huge DC United fan, and bought me a nice United shirt a 10 years ago that I wore in my high school freshman year yearbook photo. I actually just want to win these tickets to give to him, because I know he would go crazy to go to a playoff game, and he spent all his soccer money taking me to see Brazil vs USA this summer :)
    The best experience we’ve had is the first game we went to last year, we were out in the tailgating section, when Barra Brava started up the lead in to the stadium. We had NO IDEA what was going on and it was awesome. DC knows how to do soccer!

  25. Charlie Davies’ first game in DC! It was a really great moment

  26. Chris Pontius hat-trick vs NYRB last April – pouring rain, freezing cold, the guy was on fire.

    VAMOS DC United!

  27. Best DC United memory: Going to a game against Houston and feeling in my feet the waves from people jumping up and down in unison at the other end of the stadium. It made me think about the famous Tacoma Narrows bridge. To this day, I wonder if RFK could collapse from aeroelastic flutter…

  28. I’ve grown up watching the United, with Eddie Pope, Marco Etcheverry, Jeff Agoos, John Harkes, and of course, Jaime Moreno. Can’t wait to see them in the playoffs again

  29. When my buddy finally arrived up here from his long trek from Salvador, as soon as he stepped out of the car I put him in another car and whisked him to RFK for his first soccer game in America. It was a wild time complete with a large Salvadoreno party and tailgate in the parking lot. He said it was one of the best times in his entire life. And he got to see a childhood friend playing for United at the time. Christian Castillo. Good times.

  30. Seeing Ben Olsen loading his car in front at the RI Ave Home Depot one Saturday Morning… and realizing that I was the only one who knew who he was.

  31. My best DC United moment may have been their most annoying. I desperately wanted to get my 11 year old brother great tickets to a DC United game. After calling customer service they told me that I could only get field-side tickets (with access to player’s for autographs) by purchasing a party pack for 10. Well, I work for a nonprofit so that wasn’t happening. So instead, I did the only thing I could think to do – launched a Twitter offensive, tweeting front office folks and players alike. After a day or two, I lost hope. No one was getting back to me and my friends who follow me on Twitter were getting really irritated with my barrage of DC United tweets, but then something happened. Just as I was hopping off the metro to go to my Dad’s house for my brother’s birthday party I heard a ping on my phone. It was the community affairs/PR department from DC United. Then I heard another ping and another. Suddenly everyone was answering my tweets! By the next day I was on the phone with the DC United folks. They got me the tickets I so desperately wanted at a price I could afford – and I wasn’t stuck taking 9 other 11 year old boys to a soccer game. So, thank you DC United! I live 2 blocks from RFK and I can now say that every time I see the lights go on at the Stadium at night I’m proud to know that the team cared about lil old me and my little brother. He is now a die-hard fan and I promise, one day when I’m making the big bucks, I will buy season tickets or a party pack! So, that’s my ramble. It was a great moment – for me and my little brother at least!

  32. I was pretty taken aback when I first started reading your comment – I think the DCU PR folks do an awesome job, really creative and very smart use of social media/web marketing. (No, neither I nor anyone I know works for them…) So I was glad to see how your post concluded. Thanks for being a great big sister.

  33. Seeing Columbus Crew at United and happy no matter which way the match went.

  34. I was lucky enough to go to my first DC United game the last home game of their season. Nothing is better than biking from NW down to the stadium, tailgating with strangers who become friends, and cheering on a great DC sports team.

  35. My favorite dc united moment was seeing them and the barra brava for the first time. I realized very quickly that this was a team that dc cared about.

  36. Getting the chance to see former Barcelona and Bulgaria legend Hristo Stoichkov play for DC United about ten years ago. He was well past his best, of course, but it was an honor to see one of the greatest players of his generation.

  37. My favorite memory is my first game — April 5, 1997. DC beat the Metrostars 2-1 with the winning goal coming in the last 2 minutes from Jaime Moreno. I was with some friends and everyone in the stands started going bananas throwing their beer in the air. We all got soaked, and then this big Hispanic guy grabbed a buddy of mine in a big bear hug while shouting “what’s up motherf***er!!!”

    Been a fan ever since.

  38. The moment of silence for Chico Solares. Great show of appreciation by fans and the club. The fans truly are the 12th man. VAMOS!

  39. Yeah, that was awesome. And I heard a bunch of DCU folks even attended the funeral.

  40. DC United defeats Columbus Crew in 90th minute!

  41. Watcing them win the MLS Cup in 2004 at the Home Depot Center. Cali and back in 36 hours; just long enough to see the match but not get jet lagged. Prety much the end for Alecko, potentially a great career cut short.

  42. MLS Cup 1997 at RFK Stadium. It’s hard to believe now but there were over 50K people there, back when the used to sell seats in the upper deck. The rain poured but I didn’t care. We won in a hard fought match with the fans going crazy the entire time. I was 11 and took extra pride that my section started the wave which went around the stadium 15 times. Best fans out of all DC teams, you can bring a smoke bomb into Verizon or Fedex Field.

  43. Favorite moment: Post-game happy hour at Trusty’s. Always.

  44. During a high school volunteer/internship project with the team, Mark Lisi recognized me from helping on the sidelines at practice and made sure I got through security at that weekend’s game without a problem when the HR rep I was working with wasn’t there to check me in.

  45. Boo, points off for mentioning Mark Lisi. I remember when he came back to RFK as a MetroStar, scored a goal, and then taunted the DCU fans in celebration. Not cool.

    In related news, I believe I have one of his autographed shoes packed away somewhere.

  46. My first DC United game just last month! I’m hooked!

  47. The time I went with my then closeted girlfriend, and her ex-boyfriend sat down two rows behind us. Good-bye closet.

  48. I don’t have a favorite DC United moment. Help me create one.

  49. Learning what a “vuvuzela” is, and the various ways it can be used by drunken AC Milan fans in 2010.

  50. i hate new york

  51. Actually my first and only DC United game; We played Chicago Fire, and at HT some of the Bara Brava were holding a shirt burning in the concourse, which was funny, and on my way back to the stands I grabbed a dog and a Modelo, and went to grab some napkins and this little kid with a dog as well, raised up and wolloped the mustard dispenser. Shit got ALL over the front of me, but he was so excited all I could do was laugh and reassure him it was okay. His Mom thanked me for being understanding, and bought me another Modelo for my troubles.

    Good damn times!

  52. June 10, 2007 – Seeing Ben Olsen score a true Hat-Trick against the recently re-named NY Red Bulls. One goal off a header, one with the left food, one with the right foot!! The stadium went nuts!

  53. My favorite DC United moment was my first time attending as a member of Barra Brava!!! the energy! the drums! the BEER SPILLED EVERYWHERE!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Vamos UNITED!

  54. Give the tix to an older fan who saw them last time in the playoffs 5 years ago.

    Best moment for everyone is their first time watching and chanting with La Barra Brava! They might not remember the game, but they remember that night!

    Vamos United! Come join us and get soaked in beer when we beat the Red Bulls!

    B.A. and The Crazy 88’s

  55. I think our goal in the 91st minute against Columbus earlier this month will go down as one of my favorite moments. The reaction in the stadium was absolutely amazing. The burst of joy, the beer flying through the air, people giving each other high-fives, the stands shaking… all of that combined to create a moment of pure elation. I’ll never forget it.

  56. On August 25, 2001, I was living in Columbus and at the last minute, I decided to drive to DC and watch the Crew and see some friends who were DC United fans. After the game (the crew lost… they always did against DC on the road), my friends invited me out for coffee at Java House. The person sitting at the next table came over and said hello.
    On August 25, 2010 we were married, and I now live in DC. Without DC United, I would have never met the love of my life.

  57. Barf…

    haha, just kidding. That’s a good story! but I’m trying to win.

    PoP, if the winner is picked at random–can I enter 1000 comments to increase my chances? Technically, that’s not cheating.

  58. My best DC United moment came recently. Promisining my two boys that I’d take them to see DCUnited this year, I feverishly scoured craigslist, ebay, facebook for anyone selling tickets to United last home match vs. Columbus.

    Game day came and in addition to attending all three of my kids’ soccer games (I coach them all), I had to fit in time to continue to shop for tix – ideally some discounted tickets.

    At about 2:00, just when I was about to give up. I checked Craigslist one more time. BAM……”3 field level seats & parking pass for $100.” I was floored!!! This is what my boys have wanted to do all year – sit in field level seats to watch DC United. I immediately called the person that listed the tix. Strapped for cash, I asked if he would accept PayPal, to which he replied, “I suppose so.” I said, let me make the payment now while we are on the phone. He got the payment and said “I leave the tickets at the concierge desk (of my apartment).

    Needless to say, it was an awesome game for my boys to see ON THE FIELD!

    But, that wasn’t all. We stayed and waited at the player parking lot gate for the players to exit and get their autographs. Not only did they get everyone’s autograph, but when DeRo pulled up (he was the first player), he said “hey, I remember you guys from last year!” – my boys’ jaws dropped they were so stunned that he remembered signing their DC United jerseys last year.

    At the end of the night my boys looked up at me and said “Dad, this was the best night ever!”

    VAMOS UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. The game in 2008 when Ben Olson played on an injured ankle and the Barra Brava cheered him on with the Heart of a Lion tifo.

  60. Watching DC United play David Beckham- I mean LA Galaxy- and win!

  61. My favorite moment was Long Tan’s goal and subsequent tweet in our 4-2 win over Chicago on August 22.
    Going into that game DC was in its mid-season slide, we were in 5th place, 4 points behind Houston and only 1 point above surgeing Montreal. Our once-secure playoff spot seemed far away as we had tied Philadelphia the weekend before and had tough games against NY and RSL coming up. Scoring 4 on Chicago with their German world cup defender and a talented keeper was confidence building, and getting 2 goals from dc players who had yet to score for us was rejuvenating for fans and players alike. The post-game tweet from Tan: “my left foot score goal today !!” sparked email chains among many of my friend groups and is one of my favorite moments of the year.

  62. Every time DC United play is my favorite moment!!

  63. Congrats to h_to_g – you win!


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