Washington, DC

A reader writes:

On our walk yesterday, I noticed a light green Passat driving around the statue area of Logan Circle – my husband decided to call 911 and started to run towards the car when it was clear the driver was driving around the Circle. When I got closer, I noticed that the car’s front was all busted – he had driven THROUGH the fence of the statue area. When my husband ran up to the car, the driver got out, checked his trunk for some reason, said, “I’m just trying to get out of the circle” then got back in. The driver then continued on through the circle, driving out through a sidewalk, into the actual traffic circle in the middle of traffic and around through Rhode Island Ave headed northeast. The police were notified of his direction, and a neighbor filmed part of it (see above.)

It was frightening to see someone clearly on drugs or possibly having a health problem continue on in their vehicle – in retrospect, my husband should have taken the keys from the ignition when the man got out to check his trunk. Knowing how busy that circle is not just with pedestrians but with people on benches, we’re lucky all that was ruined was some grass and the fence (that seems to get busted often).


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