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  • contemna

    There was a 99 Percent Invisible podcaston the DC Metro escalators, and their unique soundscapes earlier this year. http://99percentinvisible.org/post/14446893953/episode-43-the-accidental-music-of-imperfect

  • Anonymous

    hey thanks!

  • anon


  • edh

    Fantastic. I hope it stays up. I’d like to see another one, too: The platform-to-street escalators at Silver Spring are kind of like free jazz.

  • katie

    where is this exactly?

  • qst

    Ha!! I always joke that the elevator at Cleveland Park sounds like a whale song for all of the people going to the zoo. Maybe that station needs a sign, too!

  • amethystdeceiver

    oh man this totally makes my morning! 🙂

  • Perry

    yes, where is this exactly? I live there and haven’t seen it before. Is it new?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The reader who sent it in writes:

      “It was up last Wednesday – friends out in the area told me it was taken down (surprise surprise), so I think it’s gone now unfortunately 🙁 “

  • lc

    great fodder for tunes. i sampled the archives-navy memorial escalator and remixed into something a bit darker: http://soundcloud.com/lunchcutts/escalator

  • The jimmy

    Thank God they did not put the music to the “Galloping Gertie.” I would hate to see elementary forced resonance with the music provide an external periodic frequency that matched the natural structural frequency for the escalator which would result in aeroelastic flutter.

  • Aww, too bad it got taken down!

  • Anonymous

    I always thought the escalators in Woodley Park sounded like Jurassic Park in the morning.

    Whales definitely make sense, too


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