Washington, DC

1515 17th Street, NW

From an email:

On September 4, local Micro-Roaster Vigilante Coffee is opening DC’s first gourmet coffee Pop-up Shop! It will be located at Mr. Yogato (17th and P) from 7 am – 10:00 am everyday and operate as a completely separate store. Vigilante will feature a full espresso bar, single origin pour overs, Cold Brew Iced coffee, and a quick cup option for those on the run.

Vigilante is the only DC micro-roaster to feature Hawaiian beans; instead of importing from South America, co-founder Chris Roessler travels to farms on 4 different Hawaiian Islands to find the best American-grown beans! He is officially a “local micro-roaster,” meaning he roasts the beans here in DC in very small batches (less than 5 pounds) as opposed to the normal 20+ pound batch!

Photo courtesy of Vigilante coffee


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