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Update on Parc Deux Restaurant, on Schedule to Open in Jan. in Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth September 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm 9 Comments

14th and Q St, NW

A reader writes:

I attended the Zoning Adjustment meeting this morning (9/18) and they [Parc Deux] were granted their variance to extend the building towards the alley for a refrigerated trash storage system.

I talked to the architect (Richard) and the Star representative (Phil) and found out they are on schedule to open in January and will have seating for 280. One of their biggest problems has been removing the contaminated soil leftover from the days as a laundry.

There had been rumors of a roof deck but they stated that is not in the plans but outdoor seating will be along Q street where the building steps back from the street.

  • whatthewhat

    Why would there not be outdoor seating on P? Some archaic regulations? The Philadelphia location has tables all over the sidewalks. Makes it seem so much more vibrant. *Sigh*. Even in its most happening areas, DC manages to seem sterile.

    • whatthewhat

      I meant on 14th, not P.

      • Anonymous

        There’s not much sidewalk space on that part of 14th Street to accomodate patio seating, and the tables at other restaurants have already created far too many chokepoints limiting pedestrian traffic on 14th.

        Besides, I’d say that dining along on Q Street would be far preferable to having your meal on an arterial road with so many buses whizzing by. The people watching won’t be as good, but I think overall it would be a more pleasant experience.

        • mshark

          I agree – being on the Q side seems so much more pleasant and the restaurants with tables on 14th generally seem to push pedestrians to the curb (not even factoring in the people who aimlessly stand around outside the restaurant – looking at you, Birch & Barley).

          • roccocco

            Hear hear. If you go to Birch and Barley or Churchkey and want to be outside, stand around in front of the catering company next door and get out of my way.

          • z

            Yea – there is not enough room on 14th St. Philadelphia is too lax on its sidewalk cafe restrictions. The sidewalks are definitely not wide enough for most sidewalk cafes there (Parc included).

            BUT we are in DC….and while on this topic and speaking of Birch and Barley – how the heck did they go even further into public space and get that awful looking freestanding canopy. That piece can’t be by right…

  • Anony

    Agreed. Bummer on the tables.

    That’s part of the charm of the Philly location. They have the tables set up so you sit side-by-side just like practically every sidewalk cafe in Paris.

  • Unless plans have changed, their initial proposal for the sidewalk cafe called for seating on both the 14th Street and Q Street sides.

    Matt Raymond
    ANC 2F-04

  • Tauhid

    Thanks for your interest Roddy.We’ll be in your area on Saturday, Sept. 11. We’ll be set up at the Pirates Cove Marina in Stuart from 9am to 4pm on Saturday.We’d love for you to come by and go for a ride.


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