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Stinky Safeway Closing in Petworth Sept. 8th New Store Scheduled to Open 2014

by Prince Of Petworth September 4, 2012 at 11:30 am 45 Comments

3830 Georgia Ave, NW

From Safeway:

Safeway will close its Petworth Safeway at 3830 Georgia Ave. NW on Saturday, Sept. 8 at 6 p.m. as the grocery chain begins preparations to construct a new, state-of-the-art facility that will anchor a mixed-use development featuring five floors of residential dwellings at the corner of Georgia and Randolph Sts. The new store is scheduled to open in early summer of 2014.

Once completed, the new 62,000 square-foot facility will be the third largest Safeway in the city and replace the current store, which was built in 1963 and measures 21,250 square feet. The project will feature a full-service Safeway at street level with below grade parking on the first level solely for Safeway shoppers and the second level dedicated exclusively for the building’s residents.

The company will operate a temporary pharmacy in a storefront location at 4034 Georgia Ave. NW for the duration of the construction period beginning Monday, Sept. 10 at 9 a.m. The pharmacy will operated from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. no Sundays. In addition, Safeway will offer free shuttle bus service to its Piney Branch Rd. store three times a week for Petworth customers in need of transportation during the construction period. The service will begin on Monday, Sept. 10 running three days each week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays) between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and departing from the temporary pharmacy address. The bus will make return trips to the pharmacy every 30 minutes.

Safeway’s Petworth customers (those residing in specific ZIP codes surrounding the store) can also take advantage of the grocer’s Safeway.com online, home delivery service which will be offering free delivery for purchases of $75 or more (a savings of up to $12.95) until the new store is opened.

  • I moved pretty close to there into a temporary apartment while renovation work is being done on my house further away… Hopefully the construction efforts won’t keep me up late at nights, but it’s finally here, a new era for my hood begins! Yeah!

    There are a bunch of warehouses near to Kansas & Georgia (4blocks up from there) that are vacant, I’d love to see that get developed into a little shopping block with larger stores like Petco and Bed Bath & Beyond too… There’s also a lack of good Movie theaters in DC, wasn’t there supposed to be a big theater placed in Col. Hts. years ago?

    • Anonymous

      No movie theater in CoHi please! Just asking for trouble

      • Ronald

        Co….Hi? No-no-no-no-no…

        • Kvatch

          “Co-Hi” is bad, but not nearly as bad as “Geor-Pet”. ;- )

          • GeorPet sounds like one of those digital pet things that were popular in the 90s.

          • roccocco

            I’ve called columbia heights nothing but “The Heights” since I lived there and after moving. I recommend it.

      • fz

        Please no Petco and no Bed Bath & Beyond in Petworth either. I like the neighborhood the way it is now.

        • I know a place where nothing changes – Rural America… This however is the city…

        • Anonymous

          “Please no Petco”

          Hate pets? Or love to get in your car and drive to Cleveland Park or Bethesda to buy big boxes of kitty litter that are too heavy to lug on your bike etc etc?

          • anon

            A Bed, Bath, and Beyond in the vicinity of the Stinky Safeway would be somewhat redundant, as there’s already one at Columbia Heights.

            A Petco would likely have more of a market… but I personally don’t have much use for Petco. I discovered when I got a cat that Target’s prices for pet supplies were usually better than Petco’s. This surprised me; somehow I thought Petco and Petsmart would have the cheapest prices around.

          • Anonymous

            Petco is like the home depot of pet supplies: they have everything but quality.

            Why don’t you just sign up for amazon prime and get free shipping on whatever large supplies you need?

          • anon

            It’s not an issue for me because I have a car and can drive to pick up heavy items, but I suspect the problem with the Amazon Prime strategy for many people in Petworth and Park View is that package delivery is unreliable (packages being stolen off addressees’ front porches, UPS delivering to the wrong house, UPS getting signatures from random people, etc.).

            So one would have to get the item delivered to one’s workplace instead… thus negating the convenience aspect.

      • Yeah, I guess you’re right, I’m sure our neighborhood would get as bad as the area on Connecticut surrounding the Uptown or Bethezda with all that commerce… sigh.

    • Doug

      Don’t know if we need yet another Bed, Bath & Beyond, but Petco is not a bad idea. What would really flourish would be a big-box sporting goods store. That spot is right near Upshur Park, the connection to sports there would be a natural. They would get a lot of business and employ quite a few people, and if they sold/repaired bicycles it would be hard to go wrong.

    • Anonymous

      If Col Hts. got a movie theater, I’d be in heaven. Presuming it isn’t on MY block of course!

    • Big box stores? Are you nucking futs?

      Why not work on a community initiative to encourage and support *LOCAL* businesses, like a pet supply/spa? Or a retro housewares store?

      • anon

        A smaller pet supply might work, but “retro housewares”? Are you familiar with the area? Of the storefronts that aren’t vacant, many are simply mini-marts making their money on junk food, lottery tickets, beer, and wine. Granted, the retail hasn’t entirely kept up with the neighborhood… but even still, I don’t think the neighborhood is yet in a place to support a niche establishment like a place selling “retro housewares.”

      • Sweetsound

        Pet supply/spa? Retro housewares?

        You are supremely out of touch if you think either of these would survive in this hood. Or perhaps your idea of supporting local business is encouraging someone to open a store that will inevitably close in 1 year and wipe out their savings.

        And WTF is a pet spa? A groomer for the discerning pet who knows his busy bourgeois lifestyle makes him deserving of aromatherapy?

        • sb

          I actually think a doggie day care would work near there (you need gentrifiers + low commercial rent to get a large enough space). Something like Wagtime in Shaw/Barracks Row.

          Housewares are probably covered by Annie’s Ace.

        • You would rather attract big box chain stores?

          My point to the OP was to push for locally owned and operated businesses, not the likes of a PetSmart or BB&B. Big boxes are in trouble, so it’s a good time for local entrepreneurs to come out of hiding and establish themselves with things other than trendy food fads.

  • bb

    So the Petworth Safeway is closed for renovation. The O St Giant is closed for renovation. And further afield, the Wisconsin Ave Giant is closed for renovation. All at the same time. Does DC have any grocery stores left?

    Everything will be fine and dandy when 2014 rolls around, but until then the food desertification of DC will be quite severe. And I think we can all agree that CoHi Giant won’t be able to pick up its game to the level that’s needed.

    • dat

      The piney branch safeway is only a couple miles up the road… we’ll survive!

      POP – Please keep us posted on demolition. I, for one, would love to witness the razing first hand. I hear it’s going to be a controlled explosive demolition.

      • +1

        • dat

          I was kidding about the explosives, btw :-)

          • anon

            sad now…

    • Anonymous

      Even with these closed, DC has more grocery store options than ever before! giant in Col Heights is a 15 min walk at best. Anyhow, I am a loyal harris teeter girl so I go to secret Teet in Adams Morgan. No lines even on the weekends. And the folks who work there super nice and helpful. Something I have never seen at Safeway or Giant. Still glad to see the stinky safeway replaced.

  • The Real Jason

    Good Riddance, this place was the 7th circle of hell and horribly under stocked and filled to the brim with deviants. Any word on there being any ridiculous clearance sales?

    • No word apart from the huge banner hanging on the front of the store. I haven’t been but a friend told me there was not much left worth buying.

    • Anonymous

      20% off of everything. But then again, virtually nothing is left.

    • Anonymous

      ‘Filled to the brim with deviants?’ Please tell me you’re trolling…

      As for the sale, I got a handful of good things last week. This is week is probably a different story but I’ll stop in before Saturday for last look. The cashiers are always friendly so I’ll miss them in the interim!

  • Anonymous

    Stinky or not, I’m not happy. It is a total nightmare to go to Giant after work. This place is much more tolerable if you need to drop in for a couple of things.

  • Sarah

    Do you know how we can sign up for the free delivery?

    • Safeway


      You will need a promotional code to take advantage of the free delivery for a minimum order of $75 (which should be available later this week). You can access the home delivery service through regular Safeway website (www.safeway.com) by clicking on the Safeway.com link/icon.

      • Lisa

        What are the zipcodes included in the delivery offer?

      • Sarah

        Where can I find the discount code?

        • Shawn

          I also need the code for safeway.com and the list of zip codes

  • Anonymous

    Went to the CoHi Giant last night and the lines were nightmarish compared to the stinky Safeway. Missing the friendly clerks. I thought they were going to have every lane open when it gets busy but they didn’t, and the clerks looked pissed to be working Labor Day. I think they were mentally “done” for the night.
    Also the artichokes were overpriced, but’s that’s another story…def. going to look into that delivery discount.

  • PetworthRes

    Yes, please let us know when the demolition will be. Some of us would like to watch it. And I think some of us would like to help.

  • meg

    my roommates and i call it the unsafeway

    • JS

      The unSafeway is the one on 14th SE. Give that area’s gentrification, I’d wager that’s probably no longer the case.

      • This must be the only town in the world where you get called out for using the “incorrect” nickname when referring to a grocery store.

        • anon

          we used to do it in Atlanta… there was the Kroghetto, Krogay, Pickup Publix, etc… got to know the neighborhood really quickly :)

          • Andrew

            Disco Kroger!

          • The Real Jason

            I spent many a night at the Murder Kroger on Ponce.

      • I’ve shopped at the “unSafeway” down on 14th & D many times since the mid-1990s and have never felt unsafe or displeased with the store. Granted, I’ve only gone by car on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon but the surrounding neighborhood has gotten progressively upscale. It’s also just a few blocks from Teeter, so it’s easy to do a sweep of Eastern Market, Safeway and Teeter.

        I also was never put off by the O Street Giant…often took the bus there and back, even before gentrification had gone past 13th.


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