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by Prince Of Petworth September 17, 2012 at 3:00 pm 26 Comments

This rental is located at 315 Evarts Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Great opportunity to share this completely furnished one bedroom with exiting roommate. Unit is lite & bright and includes a queen size bed, night stand, bookcase, desk, and great closet space. Parking space available for extra $50.00/mo. Washer & dryer in unit. Convenient walk to Brookland & R.I.Ave Metro stations. Short term lease considered. Female tenant preferred.”

This rental share is going for $950/Mo.

  • Is this a joke?? Share a 1 BR for $950 in this location? Crazy talk!

    • Anonymous

      I know of two people that each pay $1000+ to share a 1-bedroom in an older building like this. The landlord turned the living room into a bedroom by hanging curtains, but the person with the real bedroom has to go through the living room to get to the kitchen and she’s not allowed to do it from 10pm-6am or something. It’s an incredibly shitty arrangement but I guess people are desperate! At least that rental is sort of close to U Street.

      • Anonymous

        Uhh that doesn’t make me think 950 for this share is less ridiculous. It just makes me think your friends are batshit.

        • Anonymous

          They’re not my friends. One is a friend of a relative and the roommate is someone she doesn’t know that the landlord rented the living room part out to. My point is these arrangements are more common than you think!

  • Anonymous

    do you share the bed?

  • Anonymous

    The wording is odd– looks like it’s actually a 2 bed/1 bath that’s being shared. Still seems high for this location.

  • Anonymous

    Share a 1 bedroom? In Edgewood? For $950 per month?

    No way.

  • slc

    “Exiting” roommate? I assume she means “existing” roommate. It’s amazing how one letter can completely change the meaning of what a person is trying to say.

    $950 has got to be more than half of what this place costs per month. Where is the tenant supposed to sleep? In the queen size bed with the poster? The crazy rental rates in this city are making some people extremely bold.

  • Anonymous

    What is this area like? It’s one of those odd pockets of DC most of us never hear about or go to. I guess you’d need a car here, but assuming you’re ok with a semi-suburban lifestyle is it a decent place to live?

    • Evarts ends at the Edgewood playground/football field/tennis courts. It’s walking distance to the D8 and G8 lines and about a mile from either Brookland or RI Ave metro. It’s off 4th Street which has a lot of people hanging out especially in the evenings. The iffy part, in my opinion, is the 4th/RI Ave/W St intersection where there is a bit of crime. There is also an affordable housing development a few blocks away on Edgewood where 2 homicides occured, although I’ve been told that’s not the norm for the area.

      • Anonymous


    • kakes

      Is there a single neighborhood in DC that requires a car? Kind of confused by this statement.

      • Anonymous

        Well, you don’t necessarily need a car in the suburbs either… as long as you’e willing to take infrequently running buses and bike a lot. So yeah, I guess you could say the same here. I guess my point is that it’s the sort of place where having a car would greatly improve your quality of life (unlike other neighborhoods where it’s almost easier to not have a car).

      • Anonymous

        it’s not a surprising comment really. 90% of all american households have a car, so a vast majority of people are simply used to a car and are unable to see or live a lifestyle that doesn’t rely on one. Even in Ward 5, where this rental is, about 65% of residents own a car.

        • Anonymous

          Hell, no one NEEDS a car anywhere. Amazon can deliver almost anything you need, and you can always hire a cab to take you somewhere if you’re willing to pay enough, and if you have enough time you can bike or walk virtually anywhere within the continent.

          • Anonymous

            sure, but by the same token, no one NEEDS to live in dc. need is a pretty strong word.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe you should sell all your possessions since you really don’t need them? And get rid of your indoor plumbing and heating and electricity while you’re at it.

  • Anonymous

    Time to get a boyfriend/girlfriend and move to an actually cool neighborhood. This looks like the kind of arrangement that will make you question your sanity and/or the direction your life has taken.

  • Anonymous

    it looks like the setting of a horror movie.

  • Anonymous

    if you can afford it, it would be great for a student of Trinity, Catholic U, or Howard.

  • AG

    If it’s a one bedroom apartment, HELL NO. Maybe in a hot neighborhood, but not Edgewood. If it’s one bedroom in a two bedroom unit…meh. I wouldn’t pay that much in that neighborhood, especially that far from metro, but it isn’t a bad apartment.

  • Jay

    I agree that this is probably a 2 bedroom with an ad written by an idiot. I would guess the person is hoping to split the apartment 50/50 which means they’re paying $1900 for a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment in this neighborhood. I’m surprised this neighborhood fetches this much, but it is quite close to the schools there.

  • John M

    As a nearby resident, I can safely say that $950/month to share or whatever the existing roommate wants is unreasonable. Rooms in group houses nearby run for $500-750/month and those apartments aren’t that pricey.

    Interesting that this ad was posted just days after a fatal stabbing took place just 2 blocks from this place http://www.wjla.com/articles/2012/09/bryant-street-fatal-stabbing-remains-under-investigation-79872.html

  • John M

    No, no, no, no x 1,000

    1 bedrooms in the area rarely top out at $1,200 and rooms in group houses routinely go for $500-700 a month. Given the stabbiness of 4th Street (also my street), no one should be paying $950 to share a 1 bd with someone else. The poster probably wants to live rent-free and make some sucker from CL pay all the rent.

  • jem

    Good to hear from some people in this neighborhood on apartment prices. I’ve been looking for a 1 bedroom in this area and everything I’ve seen lately on CL runs around $1500/month but that sounds like it’s a little higher than normal. Maybe prices have been jacked up a bit as it’s the time of year when new students move in?

  • qell

    what rates are people typically paying for their own bedroom in a shared apartment situation?

    i wouldn’t move to edgewood unless i could do so on the very cheap.


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