Church For Sale in SW Waterfront Gets a Facelift by Atlanta-based Artist Hense

by Prince Of Petworth September 30, 2012 at 10:05 pm 22 Comments

This is super cool. A reader writes:

“This long for sale church in SW (Delaware Ave, SW and H St, SW) is getting a face lift from the Atlanta-based artist Hense. We stopped by to talk to the artists tonight — they were hard at work and said the church is going to look much different when it is done — in about a week. It looks interesting!”

  • anon

    wow… Hense is a big name.

  • Love it – very sherbety!

  • Horrible. It was beautiful the way it was.

  • Anonymous

    I think they are going to film Breakin’ 3 here. This old church will be the community center that the kids are trying to save from the evil developers.

    It will be an all-star cast: Wale, Bryce Harper, Doug Jemal, Marion Barry, Adrian Fenty, and many more!

    • BitterElitist

      What about Mayor Vampire?

  • If it was not painted before, they’ve just stripped lots of value from it by painting it… Could have given it 2 more years until this magical waterfront construction project actually happens and then it would sell. No offense to the artist, but that kind of project should be on canvas, not a building that people want sold and renovated.

  • Anonymous

    Poor church :( what did the brick look like before? Had the stained glass been previously removed?

    • anon

      it was painted white in 2009 (via google street view)… not sure about before then…

  • Anonymous

    Someone does a cool and unique project and people talk about property values. SMH.

  • Anonymous


    people, this didnt hurt the churches value, who every buys it will have to repaint it anyway.

  • Stoney_D

    I would open a nightclub there and call it the Limelight.

    • Dr Detroit

      Good one!

  • Not a fan; the church looked better the way it was.

    Would have preferred to see this treatment as a mural on a wall that needed it.

  • sb

    I’ll be curious to see what it’s like when it’s done–this could just be the background layer. This is actually one of 2 churches for sale in SW–the other is on M St. closer to the Navy Yard metro. I’d love if one or both became a good charter school, though I think this one would be great as apartments.

  • Anonymous

    wow, ugly

  • BitterElitist

    I like it, but it needs lavender.

  • I like how it brightens that area up a bit and plays off the pastel colors of some of Capitol Park houses nearby. But for the Randall rec center and fields over there, it’s kind of a forgotten block.

  • Awesome! It was already white so no crime was committed people.

  • Anonymous

    Painting it isn’t going to hurt it. Sad to say, there are endless numbers of big, beautiful old abandoned churches in cities all across the US just like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if its buyer simply razes it and starts from scratch.

  • Nick

    Love it. Great piece.

  • Anonymous

    Knowing the artists work it’s not complete. My guess is is there will be some strong lines that make it pop before its done.

  • shawgirl

    Love it. John Kelly’s column in the Post today was about how DC can learn from Berlin and other European cities about taking more risks when it comes to public art, urban planning, architecture, etc.


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