Board Room Close to Opening in Dupont, Will Charge for Games

by Prince Of Petworth September 10, 2012 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

1737 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in early August we noted there was significant progress at Board Room DC coming to the former Anna Maria restaurant in Dupont. Their Facebook page says:

“The Board Room is a vintage game bar that features over 20 games to rent, vintage coin operated games, house infused bourbon and vodka, 21 beers on tap, hand crafted cocktails and wine by the glass and bottle!”

The City Paper notes:

“It will cost between $1 and $5 to check out a game (which you can keep for as long as you’re there).”

When I walked by on Friday there was a sign posted on the front door saying they hoped to open this week.

Would you pay between $1 and $5 to rent a vintage board game?

Comments (21)

  1. I’m fully expecting to bring my backgammon and play for free.

  2. Still one of the more memorable ask PoPs.

  3. They could also set up a booth at Crafty Bastards in Union Market…

  4. Yep… I immediately thought of Backgammon Guy when I saw this post!

  5. hahaha! oh man. oh. man. that post was HEATED.

  6. Nah, I’d go to Red Derby and use one for free.

  7. I hope they have Candyland!

  8. I’d gladly pay $1-5 to play a board game in a bar setting, but I wouldn’t go all the way over to this part of town to do it.

  9. Since when do people go out to drink and play a board game?? I do that at home with friends. Seems a bit silly to go out to play a board game, but maybe that’s just me.

  10. Since when do people go out to drink?? I do that at home with friends. Seems a bit silly to go out to drink, but maybe that’s just me.

  11. We’d definitely do this! We don’t have a lot of friends to invite over (or any games except cards) so this would be a great way to meet people and have more atmosphere than at home. Definitely checking this out, even though it’s a bit inconvenient location-wise.

  12. Pinball?

  13. So this will be like Toyland Version 2, except they will charge for games? Good luck with that!

  14. Isn’t this what they do at Rocket Bar? I’ve never had a problem with it, and people seem to enjoy it.

  15. I live nearby and would definitely frequent this place (and gladly split the $1-$5 among whoever I’m with) *IF* there is a good selection of non-alcoholic options (and maybe some snacks as well.) Think British pub (where I got a hot chocolate, among other drinks). If it’s just standard bar fare, I may still go, but it will be rare. (Board Room, hope you are listening.)

  16. Cereal Bowl Cleveland Park……

  17. I was thinking the same thing….

  18. I give it a week before all the game pieces are stolen/mixed up.

  19. Only in DC would people pay to rent a beat up old board game at a bar.

  20. Board games in a bar. Will they serve cupcakes and will it be adorable? Where do the grownups drink around here?

  21. My group of friends ranges from mid 20’s to mid 50’s aged people. We will go to this place to play games together. You can keep whatever definition of adulthood makes you happy. The rest of us will do what makes us happy.


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