What the Helen of Troy is Going on in the Omnibus Alcohol Beverage Regulation Amendment Act!?!?!?

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2012 at 10:30 am 40 Comments

Page 2 of the Omnibus Alcohol Beverage Regulation Amendment Act Legislation 2012

So, this is odd. Please note the last sentence from page 2 of the Omnibus Alcohol Legislation 2012 in the image above. Yesterday someone sent me a link to CM Tommy Wells page to look into the Omnibus Alcohol Legislation 2012. It was posted June 26th and explains:

Earlier today, Councilmember Jim Graham introduced the “Omnibus Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Amendment Act of 2012.” The legislation has a wide variety of amendments to the city’s alcohol laws and policies. It includes items related to noise in the neighborhood, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions’ voluntary agreements, Sunday alcohol sales, and much, much more. We’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions to the legislation.

It also has the full PDF of the legislation. So a reader asked that I look into growler sales and whether or not stores like D’Vines will be able to sell them again. Anyway, right as I got to page two I noticed some very odd language:

“(2) Paragraph (34) is amended by replacing the word “buttocks” with the word “anus”.”

So, uh, what exactly are we legislating here… Staffers having fun?

Oh yeah, back to the original request, if anyone wants to comment on whether stores like D’Vines should be able to sell growlers again, you can do so here. The current language looks like only full-service grocery stores and brew pubs will be able to sell growlers.

You can see the full legislation below:

Omnibus Alcohol Legislation 2012 (PDF)


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