Trader Joe’s “Official Official” for 14th and U St, NW?

by Prince Of Petworth July 5, 2012 at 12:30 pm 62 Comments

Dear PoPville,

My wife went down to the Foggy Bottom Trader Joe’s and was told by several employees that the new store is “officially” going in at 14th and U. Don’t know if that counts as “official official” — have had our hearts broken many times before — but thought I’d let everyone know just the same.

Well it won’t be “official official” until they issue a press release but there is near certainty that it will come to this project on 14th Street, NW just south of U Street. As they get closer to completing the construction, I’m sure we’ll be getting a number of press releases. Stay tuned.

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!! I love Trader Joe’s but always have a hard time getting to Foggy Bottom..

    • Paul

      HOW LONG BEFORE YES Organic closes?

      • Ihope there are folks like me — people who don’t really get excited about TJs (while not begrudging others’s tastes), but find themselves in Yes!’s all the time, as a fair (and local) alternative to WFs.

        • Caroline

          I’m one of those people, but I’m closer to the Capitol Hill location (and very excited that they’ll be moving to a larger space soon).

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know about that, I’ve tried to like Yes, but they’re nowhere close to a Whole Foods.

          • John

            YES sucks— If you want to charge more then bring better stuff. Their produce sucks half the time. YES has a simple business model open where there is no other grocery store. Then charge the hell out of customers

          • Anonymous

            Not quite – Yes’ business model is mostly focused on getting government handouts.

        • Yes! certainly lacks WF’s pretensions. But seriously, even the biggest Yes! suffers from an extreme lack of basic non-vegetable based proteins.

          • Anonymous

            I just bought a rotten sandwich from “YES” it taste like crap.

          • Anonymous

            I wouldn’t compare Yes! to Whole Foods. Like Trader Joe’s, you typically wouldn’t go there for produce. I didn’t even know they sold sandwiches, but it would be delusional of someone to expect them to be good.

            Yes! is good for health-food-store items that the big grocery stores don’t carry, like nettle tea and kelp crackers. And it’s great for picking up the occasional pantry item if you just need one or two things and don’t feel like dealing with a big grocery store for it. I’ll pay a little more for the convenience and much more pleasant experience.

          • I just bought a rotten sandwich from YESSS Uniforms.

      • 17thSter

        Better yet, low long before Soviet Safeway closes?

    • 16th Street Heights

      I didn’t know there were a Trader Joes in Foggy Bottom. I need to get out and about in the city more often. I knew there were a Trader Joes in Silver Spring, Maryland. I heard a lot of good things about Trader Joes. Finding parking at 14th & U Streets, NW and in Foggy Bottom is very difficult. I don’t like bringing or tugging a lot of groceries on the Metro bus.

      • There’s free parkng under the store in Foggy Bottom

        • 16th Street Heights

          Thank you, tonyr. It’s good to know, they have parking. Now I can drive and I will not have to worry about finding parking.

  • bajin

    “have had our hearts broken many times before”


  • Elza


  • Anonymous

    This is great news……but I do love my Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan. I will shop at both. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful news. Hope it’s true.

  • Trader Joe’s hummus = godly.

    • anon

      really, because I find their hummus to be mostly serviceable

  • 17thSter


  • jcm

    Our long national nightmare is over.

  • Anonymous

    At that location I’m sure it’s going to be mobbed all the time. I like their almond meal for baking, but I think I’d rather do without it.

    • indc

      If true, this will definitely be a 24 hour mob scene. Although it might alleviate some of the pressure from Whole Foods several blocks away. I’ve stopped going there altogether – it triggers in me unholy visions of human torture peppered with panic attacks.

  • RozCat

    Never understood the fetish for TJ’s but I do shop at the ones in Foggy Botton, Clarendon and Alexandria to stock up on staples and decent wine. Hopefully this will spur the P St. Whole Foods to step up its game; that store has become a jumbled mess.

    • so true – but, if you shop at any number of WF spots, most seem to be a mess. They’ve long since given up on highly trained staff, local produce, and good rotating stock. Why would I buy peaches from Georgia in July?! I really dislike shopping there, but one can’t get to Wegmans every week sadly

  • Someone I know told me that she was at a meeting where they mentioned TJ’s coming in to the new City Center development thingy. Has anyone else heard this?

    • JoeEsq74

      I actually heard TJs is coming to Monroe Street Market, the new development by Catholic U / Brookland Metro.

  • Anonymous

    I heard a Winn Dixie was coming the the 14th / U Street building.

    • Incorrect. I can confirm the scuttlebutt that it will in fact be a Piggly Wiggly.

      • Anonymous

        What’s a piggly-wiggly? I’m intrigued.

        • indc

          My dear, we don’t discuss such things in the public domain.

    • RozCat

      heh– Winn-Dixie… “The Beef People”… nasty Chek Soda… “Let’s Go to the Races”

      memories from my Southern-fried Generation X childhood.

  • dat

    I hope they have a parking garage like the one in Foggy Bottom.

    • Rich

      That parking garage is a mess–all awkward turns. there’s enough foot traffic for them not to bother at 14th & U.

    • TJs typically insists that dedicated parking be available as a precondition for opening a new store. I may be biased since I used to live in Mt P, but I still think that DCUSA is a better location for a TJ’s.

      • lilnemo


        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous


      • 13th and Columbia

        Oh God yes please an alternative to the mealy Giant

  • Anonymous

    very recent former tjs employee here: as i mentioned when this came up several months ago, 14th and U is a go. blueprints and all. there will be a small parking garage (it’s a deal breaker for the company to not have parking in dmv)

    • Ward One Resident

      Re: Deal breaker to not have parking in DMV.

      Their Manhattan store does not have parking and I think reluctance to bring a store to a jam-packed area like Ward One w/o parking is stupid. Obviously they are coming, but if they hadn’t been so stuck on parking they could have been here sooner.

      This insistence on parking by stores is ridiculous, especially some place like TJ. It’s not like they are Costco. Look what happened at DCUSA with the insistence on a certain # of parking spaces…the city ends up subsidizing them.

      • Anonymous

        It’s probably not a deal breaker, but it’s beneficial to Trader Joe’s to have parking since people will buy a lot more if they know they don’t have to lug it home on foot.

        • Anonymous

          +1 Parking is beneficial to everyone (TJ and customers). Although this store will be only 2 blocks from my apartment I will never utilize the parking. However, I am happy for those people that live further away that parking will be available. Really looking forward to this store opening!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, for those of us that don’t live nearby it helps to have parking. If this location didn’t, I’d probably continue what I’m doing now, which is to go to TJ’s in the suburbs whenever I find myself out there.

      • The difference is that the stores in Manhattan deliver for a small additional fee. I think that if they have a delivery service that would offset not having a parking garage…but DC isn’t very good about delivery, so I would be surprised if that were an option.

  • Anonymous

    DCist is reporting they called TJ corporate headquarters and conirmed that TJs is indeed coming to the U Street Corn Door.

  • Anonymous

    Parking = good. Only an old man from Brooklyn would think it is cool to have to haul your melting groceries around in a wheely cart on the bus.

    TJ is great for teriyaki shark jerky and chocolate covered dried fruit. Not sure what else I would buy there. Exotic freezer entries and party food? It’s not a real grocery store, but it will be a nice option with WF in Logan, Giant in CH and Yes in Petworth for those of us who commute from one area in the city to the other.

    Now where can I go besides the CH Giant once the stinky Safeway closes for redevelopment?

    • wylie coyote

      I love the bread at Trader Joe’s. They have reasonable prices across the board. I also really like the service there, every employee actually seems eager to help, which is not always the case in area Safeway and Giant stores.

    • I think the Stinky Safeway was going to be offering shuttle buses to the Safeway at Georgia Avenue and Piney Branch. Not sure what that Safeway is like…

    • 13th and Columbia

      Or, you know, like the 33% of DC residents who don’t even own a car and have no interest in buying one

  • California Transplant

    I grew up with Trader Joe’s and am really looking forward to a store nearby. Mmmm, frozen enchiladas, green tea mochi ice cream, tasty fruit juices, delicious chocolate chunk cookies. Mmmm. Yes I’ll still go to WF too because I have favorite things I buy there too.

  • Aaargh. Just sold my condo on U St. Wish I had known.

  • Jason

    The produce at TJ’s sucks. I live right above Yes, and even though their produce can sometimes go bad within a few days of purchase, remember it IS organic, and generally produced without artificial fertilizers and shelf-life enhancers. And in general, its better than TJs. Very little in TJs is local, or organic, or fair trade. So, yes, TJs has its place, but so does Yes. I hope we get to have both in the U St area.

  • So lame! You already have Whole Foods. We have NOTHING over on Capital Hill North. We’re getting a Giant! Blocks from Harris Teeter. Woodeedoo. Sigh.

    We will continue to give Virginia more tax dollars until business owners realize there are people over on Capital Hill who have lots of money to spend.

    • speezola

      It’s “Capitol Hill”. And you don’t have “nothing”, you will soon have five grocery stores within a mile of each other (Harris Teeter, Safeway, Murray’s, Aldi’s, and the forthcoming Giant), not too mention a Wal-Mart of the other side of the Hopscotch Bridge by the end of the year. Get some perspective.

      • Cap Hill SE

        I agree– this is a ridiculous comment. I didn’t even know we were getting a Giant, but in addition to the list you provided we have Yes! Organic Market, Eastern Market, specialty shops like Sapore and P&C Market, another Harris Teeter coming to 4th and M Street SE, plus some cool places just outside the neighborhood like the Maine Avenue Fish Market and (soon) Union Market. I feel incredibly lucky to have so many grocery options in our corner of the city.

      • Kate

        Seriously, as an H street resident, please do not lump Murray’s into the group of others. Unless your diet consists of pork and…pork. And the Safeway on Bennington and h is disgusting! Truly! When the giant opens on h, we will all rejoice! someplace we can walk to to get produce that doesn’t smell like bleach!!

  • Wallach Place

    Why am I bored/annoyed by Trader Joe’s? Will get back to you on that.

  • When’s the Super Walmart supposed to be opening. They have been promising that for years it seems! That would take care of everything in one stop!


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