Mangialardo Gets a Facelift

by Prince Of Petworth July 23, 2012 at 12:00 pm 29 Comments

1317 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Mangialardo gets a facelift at 1317 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

From their new facebook page:

“Italian deli/grocery store started in 1953 by Antonio and Anna Mangialardo. Now being run by 3rd/4th generation. Best known around town for the “G Man” sub.

Mon – Fri: 7:30 am – 3:00 pm”

Any fans of the “G Man” sub? Other recs?

  • Anonymous

    Been living and working in the neighborhood for years and still haven’t tried this place! I never think to buy lunch and it’s closed by the time I’m heading home.

  • wobber

    The G-man is legit.

  • Nikki

    This place is great! I try to get a g-man anytime I’m nearby during lunch – which is rare. I wish this place was open nights and/or weekends!

  • dc

    G-Man and Big-G are awesome. I’m a big fan of the “Beef Combo” too (roast beef/corned beef). Hard rolls fo’ life.

    Only drawback to the new setup is you have to ask for any sammy accessories (pickles, chips, etc.).

  • Anonymous

    oh my god, the subs here are absolutely incredible. Folks at my office make a 10-block pilgrimage for lunch here regularly.

    • Anonymous

      Damn. I work much closer and haven’t been here because the half-hour round trip still seems too long. I pass by the place on my way to and from work but it’s closed during those hours. I’ll have to take a lunch break and try it one of these days.

  • Looks like they got rid of the canned goods that had been sitting on the shelves since the Eisenhower administration.

    G-Man is the best sandwich on the Hill, with the Italian at Seventh Hill a close second.

  • The interview with Joe Mangialardo is required reading if you’re into local history. Dude used to make sausage by hand before that artisinal $h!t started taking off.


  • I live in the neighborhood and I love love love their subs and the people working there. The only problem is, I rarely get to eat there since their hours are when I am at work, and thus not in the neighborhood. I’d love it if they would stay open later or be open on Saturdays, but I understand if they don’t have to do that to be successful, because I’m sure the owners also appreciate quality off-time.

  • Nicoli

    There subs are awesome and a great deal but I have lived on the same block now for 2 years, and have gone there a grand total of 3 times. Instead of a facelift, it would be nice if they would open for a few hours on Saturday or stayed open later a couple of days a week.

    • I feel the same way about Deli City. There’s times when I could really go for their reuben on the weekend, but they’re closed. Maybe they don’t think there’s enough potential weekend business to justify the cost of staying open.

      • Nicoli

        They are family owned and operated, so I think it comes down to how many hours they want to work a week. They might just not have enough business on the weekends especially with Teeter also selling cheaper though certainly inferior tasting subs.

    • Anonymous

      I think they should stagger their hours like the libraries do. Maybe Tuesday and Thursday be open 6am-2:30pm (so people can get subs on their way to work) and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday be open 10:30am-6pm (so people can go after work).

  • great place. top notch Italian hand made sandwiches. Not many places you can get a hard Italian roll.

  • Derek

    Just went there an hour ago for the first time. G-Man was delicious. The space was simple, clean, and filled with people waiting for their subs. Reminded me of the Italian Store in Arlington (which is a good thing).

  • Love the G-Man . . . my co-workers and I eat them about once a week. BUT this recent facelift also apparently involved stopping their sale of Utz chips. They’re now only selling Lays. Boooooooo. Bring back the Utz!

    • Wow. No Utz? And Lays instead? That’s a mistake. I’ll have to remember to pick some up at Teeter before I get my G-Man.

  • ajax

    Best meatball sub in DC… Period…

  • this place is downright amazing. for anyone that loves italian grinders, go here. I recommend the Super G on the soft roll.

  • dcgent

    Hmm, not a single comment on their pizza…so not as good as their subs?

  • Anonymous

    I like and respect Mangiallardo’s for what it is — old school, cultish following, doing things their way instead of cowing to yuppies who gripe that they’re off at work during their operating hours. Much respect

    That said, and I know this is blasphemous to some, but I’ve never been overwhelmed by their food. I find it inferior to Italian Store and A Literi’s for this kind of authentic italian deli in every way minus volume. There’s also not much happening beyond sandwiches — would it kill you to have some sort of salad/vegetable with that artery clogging conconction?

    • Anonymous

      “There’s also not much happening beyond sandwiches — would it kill you to have some sort of salad/vegetable with that artery clogging concoction?”

      Isn’t this part of its old school charm? And how is that different than what Italian Store and A Litteri does? I think the Italian Store’s sandwiches are mediocre and nowhere near worthy of the hype, so I’m curious to see how Mangialardo compares.

      • Italian Store’s sandwiches are alright, but not worth waiting in the ridiculous lines. Anyway, you go to Italian Store for the pizzas, not the sandwiches.

        Also, why would anyone want to be “overwhelmed” by their food?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know — why would anyone make a separate trip for Utz potato chips over Lays? ;-)

  • Anonymous

    When I moved to Capitol Hill a couple years ago, my dad insisted that I try a G-Man, “hot and soft”, from Mangialardo’s. As a DC law enforcement officer in the ’80s, he came here all the time for good, cheap subs and insisted that I try one. I almost laughed because I passed the location he described dozens of times and insisted that it couldn’t have survived the redevelopment of the past decade. I looked up the address, rode my bike to the spot and, sure enough, there it was! Closed for the day but still looking the same way that he described it from 30 years earlier. So I stopped for lunch during the week, surrounded by cops and construction workers, and ordered the G-Man, “hot and soft”. It was delicious! and tasted just like the authentic deli subs from our trips to my grandmother’s apartment in Little Italy. It’s amazing how you can pass by an institution like Mangialardo’s without ever noticing it. My Dad has passed away since then but we shared a nice moment recounting the taste of a sub that had gone unchanged for 30 years.

  • MCFCinDC

    This place is awesome. Unfortuantly, their hours make it difficult to get to during the day. However, I am not ashamed to admit I have skipped work to get a G-Man

  • Chan Tei

    I agree with everyone else…wish this place was open later and on weekends so I can try it.

  • Shawgirl

    Lays are hands down the best chips, bar none.

  • Tom Welch

    When we moved from Hawaii to Maryland in ’68 my dad worked downtown and would rave about Mangiardo. So my mom would drive me to meet him for lunch there before going to the Commissary on Bolling AFB. Since then, over the years, we would come up with any excuse to come into the city to have a G-man soft roll everything no peppers. Now that I live in DC, the craving comes more frequently. And, yes I still find any excuse to head to the Hill for a G-man and a Rock Creek tangerine soda.


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