Washington, DC

Dear PoPville,

I was walking from Bannecker park area through the twin dorm buildings at 9th and Barry (?) and made a turn into the nearly hidden alley that starts at the traffic circle behind the dorms and ends on V, right behind 930 Club. I was nearly at V street when a large woman and a guy came up to me saying they were 930 club staff and that no one is allowed to walk through there when they have a show playing. WTF! I didn’t have the energy to waste making a big deal at the time. But besides having to go back around the block, which is not a short walk, what really galled me is this: how the hell does 930 club have the right to block a public alley? And if they do, why wasn’t there anything blocking it at the ends, or at least a sign?

Would love to see what PoPville has to say about this, and if it has happened to anyone else.


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