Washington, DC

Ed. Note: The following maps were made by Sarah Hank.

Dear PoPville,

I’m a GIS Analyst, a map-maker, by trade, and so I thought I’d use DC’s awesome crime stats website to download some detailed crime data and visualize exactly where crime is taking place and how much it’s changed in the past year.

I’ve made 2 interactive maps to share with you. One shows the total crimes committed in the past year (July ’11 – July ’12) per census block group, and the other shows the change in number of crimes committed in the same period of time. If you mouse over the map, a box will pop up and show you more details.

Some points of interest: The area near Chinatown, around 10th and G NW, has the highest number of crimes at 1018. That is the highest by almost 300. The highest number of homicides in 1 census block group is 6, in the “Eastland Gardens” neighborhood (near the arboretum and Anacostia Park), where Kenilworth Ave exits the district. The next highest is 3, and there are 14 areas where there was more than 1 homicide. The most common crime was theft, with 10,574 incidents in the entire district. You can visit the MPD website to get definitions on each type of crime.

Total Crime:

Change in Crime:


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