Washington, DC

Yesterday readers emailed and tweeted @PoPville:

“DCgov cut down3 mature trees from N side of 1400R NW in name of “responding to resident concerns about security”.

I took photos yesterday afternoon and saw three trees were removed on the north side of the 1400 block of R St, NW near the alley. I emailed MPD who confirmed the trees were removed for public safety although I do not know if it was a result of “resident concerns.”

This year, on May 6th there was a shooting on the 1400 block of R St, NW. And on May 7th a reader shared a a horrible mugging incident that occurred by the alley on the 1400 block of Q St, NW.

Do you think the removal of these three trees will increase the safety on that block?

Here’s what it looked like before from Google street view. It is the first three trees on the right hand side of the photo near the alley:

Photo via google street view



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