This Guy Does Not Think Cleveland Park Is Steelers Country

Thanks to all who sent notes about the Cleveland Park Banner Thief. The victim writes:

Two videos of a real life crime being committed. This jerk stole my Steelers banner from my back yard. Please help identify the him, the car, his friends/accomplices and anything else that will help me catch this thief. It happened at 12:49 AM, Thursday, May 31st in Washington DC. They drove through the alley from Veazey to Warren Street then stopped, the thief jumped out and the car pulled behind my garage to wait for him to steal the banner. HELP IDENTIFY THIS THIEF AND HIS CO-CONSPIRATORS.

Please help identify this thief and his friends. A police report has been filed with the Second District station in Washington DC. This is the third time that my banner has been stolen, each time attached to my garage or house. Please email me information that will identify this criminal and his friends in the car.

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