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  • Anonymous

    Should I be excited about this?

    • Anonymous

      I dunno, seems shady to me.

      • I’m tired of these big timey chain stores pushing out our local galleries.

        • freddy

          Maybe you should become a commercial landlord and rent out to local galleries at below market rates.

      • lol

        8D – shady

    • Doug

      Slow news day?

  • Anonymous

    Overpriced sunglasses….yay!!!

    I don’t think they’ve had a sale in their entire history.

  • I thought they were talking about making that mall a Target and other big box stores.

  • Comfort One got beat out of a vacancy???

  • Anonymous

    Could DC get any more commercial and plastic? Lets just take every store you can find in a mall and plop it in the district. Speaks miles about the demographic of folks that are migrating to this area…

    • Anonymous

      I agree. These newcomers seem to be displacing the people who like to complain about everything.

    • Just in case you didn’t know: SunglassHut used to be in Georgetown Park back in the early 90s. Don’t tell anyone, though!

  • this was in the mall for a long-time. Now that its empy (besides the stores that face M street) the stores are moving out. Good to know they are staying in the neighborhood – contribute to tax base. Sad to see rents increase to the point that only chains can afford the commercial spaces.


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