Washington, DC

1030 17th St, NW

From Quilt 2012:

What is the AIDS Memorial Quilt?

In June 1987, a group of strangers gathered to remember the names and lives of their loved ones they feared history would forget. It was this group that first set the sewing machines at The NAMES Project Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, in motion in a small storefront in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood. Those first few memorials – sewn 25 years ago, were voices crying out the suffering of one community. Over the years those voices have swelled to tens of thousands calling for compassion, awareness and action in the age of AIDS on behalf of people from all walks of life, all around the globe.

Throughout its history, The AIDS Memorial Quilt has been used to fight prejudice, raise awareness and funding, as a means to link hands with the global community in the struggle against AIDS, and as an effective tool in HIV and AIDS education and prevention.

The store will be:

“the perfect way to support The Quilt as it makes its way to Washington, D.C. You can purchase Quilt 2012 merchandise, attend cool events, learn more about the Quilt, and HIV/AIDS.”


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