PAUL Bakery Coming to Foggy Bottom?

by Prince Of Petworth June 8, 2012 at 10:30 am 18 Comments

2000 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

On Monday we saw PAUL opened their third location at 1000 Connecticut Ave, NW. Looks like they may have a 4th in the works. A commenter writes:

“They are also supposedly opening in 2000 Penn. NW (Tower Records old space) before the end of 2012. The building management sent out an announcement to tenants of the building last month.”

You can see PAUL’s menu here.

  • Jon

    I live above the 801 Penn NW location and our elevators now smell like fried dough. Some like it, I think it is horrible tennant.

    • Anonymous

      Why would it smell like fried dough? It’s not a donut shop. You mean it smells of freshly baked bread? Some would kill for that every morning. From friends who work near the Pauls that just opened…apparently there’s a line out the door and down the block every morning, so somebody’s following Pauls.

      • Rukasu

        They make eclairs and quiches and other oily cheesy things. It could be worse though, you could live above a Subway shop.

        • Anonymous

          But the smell of baked quiche is quite different from fried dough.

        • Eclairs are baked, not fried. Neither are quiches. Or really any item from a patisserie.

        • Anonymous

          “They make eclairs and quiches and other oily cheesy things.”

          Eclairs do not contain cheese, and a good quiche should not contain so much cheese that it could be characterized as “cheesy.” And neither one of those things should be ever be oily.

          • Rukasu

            I didn’t say it was fried, but choux pastry and croissant is basically just butter with some flour and eggs, so it would still smell fatty and oily, especially at a larger slcale operation like Paul, this isn’t some quaint Paris cafe.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, to me there’s a big difference between buttery and oily. And a buttery croissant has an entirely different scent than fried dough. I guess I’m more particular about such things because I like to bake and cook.

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Paul is the new Chipotle. They should partner up and create a new concept store, Chi-PAUL’t-Le, so customers can get their chocolate croissant and burrito bowl fix at one convenient location.

  • pru

    A store North of M st would be nice. Way North like, say, in DC USA or in the long vacant storefront above the Petworth metro stop. Take-out (“takeaway”) from Paul in the morning, dinner Chez Billy, all on Georgette Avenue. Ahh, le reve.

    • jcm

      We already have Le Caprice, which is much better than PAUL.

      • pru

        I don’t agree that Le Caprice is better than Paul. I wish it was, because I’d prefer to support a small family-owned business rather than a chain, but I’ve had sub par pastries at Le Caprice many times now and they’re just not as good as Paul’s.

        • jcm

          Ah, I don’t eat much pastry. I’m mostly thinking about the baguettes and the occasional treat of a croissant, and I think both are much better at Le Caprice.

  • Anon

    Sorry, but I work across from the Paul at Penn Quarter, and it really sucks. Like, not just a little bit, a whole, whole lot. The macaroons are subpar at best, everything is so expensive, the sandwiches are $9 and about the size of half your hand. I don’t see why this place is popular.

  • Tante Antoinette

    Regretfully, I’m still tres turned off by their tres rude non-Francophile staff. I can’t pay their tres haut prices from rude folks who don’t have a clue what they are serving, even if the food can sometimes be really good. Let Them eat Their cake !!

  • Cameron

    I stopped in and had possibly the worst coffee I have ever had. For a French cafe, I was amazed by the horrible quality. I will never go back.

  • It’s competing with Au Bon Pain. I’ll take it.


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