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New Columbia Heights Bar – Kangaroo Boxing Club (KBC) Releases Menu

Last week we took a sneak peek of Kangaroo Boxing Club which opened in the former Acuario space at 3412 11th St, NW in Columbia Heights. Now have a look at the menu:


Hummus and Fluffy Pita- housemade, spicy and delicious, ’nuff said *v 6
Bacon Date Crostini- bacon, date, almond, goat cheese, walnut raisin ficelle 7
Black Bean Dip- with sliced radishes, pita, Greek yogurt and feta, ‘lil heat *v 6
Meat Board- 3 options per plate, blueberry habanero salsa, pickled collard stems -Pulled Pork -Smokey Joe -Pastrami (+$1) -Merguez Sausage 8

Soup- served with toasted bread
Carrot Soup- creamy carrot soup with parmigiano reggiano *v 4
Spicy Brisket Chili- Smoked brisket lovingly enveloped in spicy peppers 4

‘Cue and Sandwiches- served with vinegar coleslaw and a side

Make it a platter for 2 bucks (no bun, more meat, two sides)

Pulled Pork- slow-smoked over hickory and applewood for 16 hours, PORC’s #1 (also available as a 3 Little Pigs with ham and bacon on top ) 9

Smokey Joe- our take on the sloppy joe with smoked Angus beef and our delicious sloppy joe sauce 9

Pastrami- traditional hand-cut brisket served on marble rye with a caraway Guiness mustard 11

Flat Top Burger- Angus chuck, served pink or brown 8

-Toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon ($1), provolone ($.50), cheddar ($.50), blue cheese ($.50)
-Big Bad Wolf: topped with Pulled Pork, Ham and Bacon (plus $4.00)
-Chicken Little: The Big Bad Wolf topped with a heart-healthy fried egg (plus $4.50)

HRC Sammie- spicy hummus, cherry mustard, spring salad, sliced radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes on a kaiser. Invented in the early days of PORC experimentation and we can’t get enough of it. 8

Club Options

Veg ‘n’ Egg- A tasty medley including carrots, beets, mushrooms, roasted garlic, sliced almonds, spinach and quinoa then topped with a fried, local duck egg, balsamic reduction and vegan bbq sauce 9

Farm Salad- a seasonal salad of balsamic-macerated strawberries, arugula, candied ginger, toasted pecans, feta and a tarragon dressing 8

Crab Cakes- two crab cakes stacked on johnny cakes and collard greens with a sriracha mayo 16


Side Salad- spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, balsamic dressing 4
Tots- great for mopping up extra sauce 3
Collard Greens- spicy with lots of good ol’ apple cider vinegar 3
Gorgonzola Mac n Cheese- gorgonzola, rosemary, optional bacon 4
BBQ Beans- smoked beans with pulled pork 3
Johnny Cakes- cornmeal pancakes with maple butter 4


-Margarita Pie 5 -Variety Plate: 5 for $7, 10 for $12, 15 for $15 -Strawberry Marscapone Tart 6

Sound good?

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