More Info on Ace Hardware Coming to Woodley Park

by Prince Of Petworth June 27, 2012 at 4:30 pm 11 Comments

2616 Connecticut Ave, NW

On Monday we learned that an Ace Hardware would be taking over the former CVS space at 2616 Connecticut Ave, NW. From a press release:

Ace Hardware signed a lease Thursday, June 21 and is set to open mid-August 2012 at 2616 Connecticut Avenue in the former CVS space.

Woodley Park Ace is the sixth D.C. metro location for local entrepreneurs Gina Schaefer and Marc Friedman – the couple has three more stores in Baltimore that round out their retail group known as “A Few Cool Hardware Stores.” The 3,800-square-foot space will be built out using Ace’s new “express” model, which caters to stores that are less than 4,000 square feet.

It’s a perfect fit for the smaller storefronts along this section of Connecticut Ave. “For years, residents have asked us to open in Woodley Park, but it was never a good match for Ace’s typical urban store model, which requires a larger footprint,” said Schaefer, who first opened Logan Hardware in 2003. “We know the new model and the location’s proximity to metro and bus lines will be perfect for this bustling community. Neighbors can pop in on their way to and from work and quickly get what they need.”

The size won’t hinder the group’s product offering, which caters to customers looking for a little bit of everything. The store will house more than 20,000 products, including basic hardware, lawn & garden, plumbing, patio furniture & grills, pet supplies, and more. Customers will also benefit from a menu of specialty services like key cutting, tool rentals, paint matching and blade sharpening. Like all of the “cool hardware stores,” Woodley Park Ace hopes to become the community’s home-maintenance hub.

“We can’t wait to join the other businesses on Connecticut Ave. and meet all of our new residential neighbors and, of course, their dogs!” Schaefer said, noting that Woodley Park Ace is a dog-friendly establishment.

  • WP resident

    I would like to reiterate how awesome this is. Every Ace store I’ve been in has super helpful staff and they always have what I’m after.

    • Paul

      Ace is a complete rip off. Its like Yes organic. If there is another option people would should there instead.

  • Randall Stevens

    Nice to have a place in the neighborhood for the neighbors, not the tourists.

    • margaret

      I agree.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Definitely. I hope they are wildly successful and help start a trend of developing that stretch of Connecticut Ave for local residents.

  • Hopefully the staff there is better than the one at Logan Hardware. Even though it’s smaller, I always go to the True Value on 17th, as the staff actually knows what they’re talking about and what products they carry.

    • Anonymous

      True Value on 17th is by far the best hardware store in DC. I shop no where else except at Fragers when I get out there. Those two stores have seasoned employees that have worked for them forever that know their stuff. Everyone at the Ace chain in DC always seems new and never have a clue about anything hardware related. I refuse to shop at Ace. Besides, their Ace brand items are nothing but dollar store junk.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Enough already of the Ace stores. Why is it the bottom of the pit stores always expand and the true beloved community stores always only give 1 store. Doesn’t make sense.
        Maybe its the expansion that ruins a business.

  • True Value on 17th is hardware store heaven! You go in with a bit of broken something, or needing some piece of something, or some weird sized lightbulb and they send someone off into the vast hidden corners and find exactly the right thing. You don’t need huge square footage when you have a smart inventory, great clerks and smart use of space. Good luck to the new venture!

  • Anonymous

    I hope this doesn’t cut into Old School Hardware’s business, because those guys are awesome and always come through in a pinch. I never even need to spend the time searching for things when I go in there needing something at the last minute. They know where everything is and almost always have exactly what I need.

  • sb

    please please please please consider opening a store in Southwest DC! There is a ton of new housing going in there and it’s right by the metro. Frager’s and the 5th & K Ace are each several miles away and not as transit-accessible. I think people would really use an urban-format hardware store there for things like getting keys cut, buying small tools, etc. If they had some bike equipment (like the hardware/bike store near the Trader Joe’s in Foggy Bottom, which is owned by different folks) it would be a huge bonus.


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