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Metro Wedding!

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2012 at 10:05 pm 29 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user sciascia

Sciascia writes:

“I was minding my own business on the yellow line when all of a sudden, as we crossed the potomac, a wedding broke out. these are my new favorite people ever. but if I knew I’d have been going to a wedding, I wouldn’t have worn flipflops.”

Awesome! Congrats to the newlyweds!

Photo by PoPville flickr user sciascia

  • A Streeter

    I wonder if they gave their guests farecards saying “Tiffany and Brad/June 9, 2012”.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be nervous about that dress getting caught in the escalator!

  • Very cool!!! :)))

  • Anonymous

    what do you think crossing the poto,mac had to do with it? crossing into dc or into va?

    • Maybe they liked the view as they crossed the river.

      • RE

        Which jurisdiction/state would that fall under if it was directly over the river?

        • The river is in DC. VA starts at the shore.

        • Anonymous

          The entirety of the Potomac is in the District of Columbia. The border is the southern edge of the river

      • Anonymous

        I happen to know the beautiful couple. Crossing the Potomac had to do with DC’s support of marriage equality. They preferred a particular venue in nova, but wanted to be officially married in DC.

        • That’s sweet. I wish them all the best!

        • z

          how cool. love that!

        • OK that is indeed super cool. 🙂

        • Mike

          That is definitely awesome.

    • That is an awesome view of the city. I love looking at it everyday on my way to work in Virginny.

  • Anon

    Well this is further proof we are all special snowflakes. Whatever works for ya.

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

  • Was it actually real? I ask only because I read about a performance art group (one that started some of the first flash mobs, no-pants subway rides, etc., back when that stuff was cool and exciting) that once staged a pretend wedding on a NYC subway car, just for the purpose of brightening the days of random subway riders.

    Either way, this is awesome.

    • Anonymous

      About as real as same-sex marriage can be at this time, until some nutjobs force it to be outlawed once again.

    • Anon part deux

      Yup. Real couple, real wedding. I know them as well and they are just a cool couple.

  • Sully

    A few weeks ago we were driving down 7th street Chinatown and witnessed an all crosswalk wedding. It was adorable. Talk about a quickie wedding!

  • Anonymous

    starting your marriage out on the metro has got to be the most obvious omen

  • Anonymous

    I hope there was no track work going on and they didn’t have to take a shuttle to the reception.

  • “I am so pissed, if I had just kept playing like I had been, there is a high possibility I could have been $100,000 richer.”

    You’re not familiar the (long) odds for winning the lottery?

    • Oops, this was supposed to be in the Rant/Revel thread.

      I blame it on its being Monday.

      • Actually, your comment is amusingly appropriate–a wedding is indeed about betting on the odds and winning the lottery 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Marriage shouldn’t have the long odds of lottery if you pick the person well!

        • Binpetworth — Heh heh; thanks! I like that idea. 🙂

          Anonymous 12:58 — I think Binpetworth was saying that finding someone you want to marry is like winning the lottery (not that marriage itself is like the lottery).

          Binpetworth — I have to ask… is your username “B in Petworth,” like “resident of Petworth whose name begins with B”?

          I am hoping it’s not “Bin Petworth,” which is what a British person might say to mean “Throw Petworth in the garbage.” 😉

          • Hah! No Britishisms here–just my first initial and where I live. Though given the propensity of the residents in my particular street to litter, perhaps bin petworth may be suitable.

  • Studying some details in the photos, it seems that the happy couple was married on board car 2075, a Breda rehab.

  • Myrina McCullough

    On both the early (6:00 p.m.) and late (11:00) news yesterday, you featured a story about an (inter-racial, I think) couple in their wedding regalia being spotted on a metro train. One news host called it “the love train.”

    In 2003, I had a similar story for children published in Ladybug Magazine. I would love to offer a copy to your happy couple as a memento. Have you been able to get a name or contact for them?

    Many thanks, Myrina McCullough


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