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Have a Look at the Menu of the Brixton Opening on Sunday at 9th and U St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — June 28, 2012 at 10:30 am 49 Comments

9th and U St, NW

A couple weeks ago we got an early sneak peek of the Brixton coming to 9th and U St, NW. We saw how awesome the roof deck looked:

Well they are opening this Sunday for brunch at 11am! Have a look at their menus:


House-made Pork Scratchings with Sea Salt – $7

House-cured Olives and Spiced Nuts – $8

Fish ‘n Chips – $12
beer-battered haddock with pickled green beans and tartar sauce

Tiffin Box – $17
daily curry with nann and basmati rice

Brixton Burger – $14
with shallot marrow jam on a challah bun, chips

Hand-cut Fries – $6

House-made Bangers on a Bun – $10
choice of English banger, chorizo, or
bratwurst, served with chips

Indian Puri – $8
with curried cauliflower, potatoes and tamarind gastrique

Continues after the jump including Brunch menu.


Charcuterie Board – $16
daily selection

Cheddar Ale Soup – $9
with crispy bacon and crusty bread

Seared Scallops – $12
With mango chutney and jerk sauce

Roasted Beef Marrow Bones – $12
with onion jam and crusty bread

Indian Puri – $8
with curried cauliflower, potatoes and tamarind gastrique

Scotch Duck Eggs – $9
with duck sausage, crispy potato and sauce gribiche


Herb and Local Lettuce Salad – $7
of seasonal vegetables with house vinaigrette

Heirloom Tomato Cucumber Salad – $9
with mint-yogurt dressing

Smoked Mackerel Salad Nicoise – $12
with fingerling potatoes, haricot verts, slow roasted tomatoes,
radishes, anchovies and frisee with a red wine vinaigrette


Brixton Burger – $14
with shallot marrow jam and crispy pancetta
on a challah bun, chips

Fish and Chips – $17
beer-battered haddock with mushy peas, thick cut fries and malt vinegar remoulade

Caribbean Spiced Australian Lamb Shank – $27
with roasted sweet potatoes and jus

Berkshire Pork Bangers – $18
with mashed tatties and nips and pickled mustard greens

Petit Beef Wellington – $25
with mushroom duxelles tartlet, charred barley, baby carrots and bordelaise

PEI Mussels – $17
prepared with apples, fennel, house made bacon, hard cider, and
stilton cheese, served with chips

Roasted Half Chicken – $21
with Yorkshire pudding, roasted vegetables, and brown gravy

Roasted Cod – $22
with curry chickpea, cauliflower, tomato curry
and cilantro chutney

Murgh Makhani Tiffin – $17
butter eggplant curry, cumin basmati rice and roti


Summer Berry Trifle – $9
with elderflower ladyfingers

Choorme ke Ladoo – $7
sweet beignets with mango lassi glace

Chocolate Cardamom Pot de Creme – $ 8

House-made Ice Cream – $6

Selection of British Cheeses – $12
served with fig jam and walnut raisin bread


Sticky Toffee French Toast – $10
with toffee sauce and salted nuts

Pastrami Salmon Eggs Benedict – $13
on an English muffin with basil hollandaise

Brixton Granola and Yogurt – $8
house-made granola with Greek yoghurt and fruit

Herb and Local Lettuce Salad – $7
with seasonal vegetables and house vinaigrette

Smoked Mackerel Salad Nicoise – $14
with fingerling potatoes, haricot verts, slow roasted tomatoes,
radishes, anchovies and frisee with a red wine vinaigrette

Scotch Duck Eggs – $9
of duck sausage, crispy potato and sauce gribiche

Fish and Chips – $17
beer-battered haddock with thick cut fries and mushy peas

Tiffin Box – $17
butter eggplant curry, cumin basmati rice and roti

Ploughman’s Lunch – $17
selection of charcuterie and cheese with fruit and pickled vegetables

  • AP

    Oh. Em. Gee. Looks awesome! It’s certainly not cheap, but hopefully it will be very good quality. Nice mix of English and Indian dishes.

  • RegO

    Wow, the prices!!

  • LeBloMi

    The menu looks great. I hope they can pull the food off. If they can, this will be awesome.

  • Snarky

    $14 for a burger! I know the place is named after a district in London, but they didn’t have to give the food London prices!
    Sorry, not happening for me at those prices.

    • Anonymous

      Please, tell me where all of you on this comment thread eat since you are so shocked by the prices. If a place has a cool of an ambiance as this and is producing quality food (at least presuming on what I’ve encountered at their other restaurants – not the best in DC but still pretty darn good), are they really not charges prices in the mid teens to mid twenties? I don’t see how you can be “shocked” by these prices and live in the same city that I do.

  • Anonymous

    $17 for fish and chips..

    • There’s also a $12 fish and chips on the late-night/bar menu, which makes me wonder what the difference is between the two… portion size? Green beans vs. mushy peas?

      Also, I don’t see “chips” listed in the $12 version, other than in its name. Hoping that someone didn’t come up with a “fish and chips” that omits the chips…

      Fish ‘n Chips – $12
      beer-battered haddock with pickled green beans and tartar sauce

      Fish and Chips – $17
      beer-battered haddock with mushy peas, thick cut fries and malt vinegar remoulade

  • Anonymous

    Kind of looks like they just ripped everything off the Queen Vic’s menu.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree, the prices are a bit shocking, but it sounds delicious. Glad to see that the menu is a little different, and not Marvin 5.0, which is what I had expected.

  • Glad U St. is expanding more and more towards me (in Bloomingdale) and will probably check this place out, but those prices are definitely on the high side. $14 for a burger? Better be super tasty… I can only barely justify the truly delicious $10 blue cheese & beet burger from Boundary Stone as it is…

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m going to get slaughtered for this comment, but seriously dudes? Would it have been too much to ask for a single vegetarian entree that isn’t Indian food? I love Indian food as much as (or perhaps more than) the next girl, but I don’t want to eat it while everyone else is eating a burger/sandwich/other food accepted as bar food in this country. Just sayin’. Also, when I want a $17 curry I’ll go to Rasika.

    • anon

      Well, when the theme of a bar is solidly “British pub” I would expect that they would serve food typically found in … a British pub. If you don’t want that kind of food you don’t have to eat there.

      • Pub have jacket potatoes – something easy would be a veggie/vegan jacket potato of the day. I always ate those at pubs and they are deeelicious

      • Anonymous

        True, but I had a really great salad at the Queen Vic that was British inspired (it involved peas and pea shoots) even if it wasn’t true bar food.

      • b

        British pubs tend to be very vegetarian friendly. There are more vegetarians per capita in the UK than the USA, by about 4% versus 10% (feel free to check my numbers there, and I’d be interested if somebody can give the percentage for DC…). The Veg Society does a great job of labeling foods, so you know if the cheese is made with animal rennet or microbial, for example. Plus all the Indians who may come from a vegetarian tradition…

        If this place manages to capture that aspect of British pub food, I’m there every night. As it is, with one veg main course at $17 and nothing but fries for the vegans, this is a menu as interpreted by a meat-eater who went to London a few times but wasn’t paying very close attention to the whole menu.

    • Anonymous

      It’s been a while, but I don’t recall seeing a plethora of $17 entrees on the menu at Rasika.

      • Anonymous

        Pretty sure they do at dinner…

      • anonymous

        The Chicken Green Masala and the Chicken Tikka Masala are $17 and both are delicious!

  • Menu would be perfect if it had more than one Indian choice, a little more veg friendly, and yeah, those prices are going to keep out the real hipsters, invite the faux hipsters who just moved to U Street from Bethesda.

    • Bloomingdude

      I know a whole lotta people who are in their 30s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who can and will eat here. Are they hipsters? Old yuppies? How about just successful urban professionals? My point is that the faux labels are tiresome.

      • Jeff

        I’m afraid you’ve missed the point. Sure, they can all afford to eat there, but those pals of yours in their 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and 70′s are going to a)complain about how the place is too loud, and b)complain that they aren’t open at 5pm for dinner. So they probably won’t go back.

        • wow – ageist much!

        • DiscoQueen

          If we’re making stupid generalizations about age groups, you’ve missed the point. Your friends in their teens and twenties (you conveniently left out the 30’s), will be a.) too poor (and probably living at home) to eat anywhere other than Mickey D’s and b.) too socially awkward from their iphone and xbox addictions to do anything that involves other humans.

      • MP

        I live on Capitol Hill, where there are plenty of people who bought in the late 80’s/early 90’s and are now midcareer or older… Those who filch books from the library’s donation bin despite living in million-dollar homes and those who exhibit logic-defying NIMBYism I call oupies (old urban professionals), all others I call neighbors.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could get late-night puri with aloo gobi in my neighborhood. That is like the perfect post-drinking food.

  • RedraiderDC

    Damn, prices! Whut recession?

    • There hasn’t been a recession in DC — well only a tiny bit in commercial real estate.

      The prices are in-line with other upscale pubs (formerly know as gastropubs ten years ago). Fish and Chips at Queen Vic – $15. At Againn – $17.

      • Anonymous

        Fantastic point the DMV lives in a bubble compared to the rest of the country.

  • redraiderdc

    Also, they need a Sky Bridge that connects them to Nellie’s. #skybridge

    • js

      I think a zipline would be even better

  • Anonymous

    The prices are way, way too high! This isn’t even a decent, attractive part of U st. It looks like a great place, very interesting building, love the roof deck, but I would choose DC 9, 2 doors down, over this place any day, based on this menu alone.

    • Anonymous

      Where have you been? This part of U Street is blowing up.

  • hcfoo22

    these prices really are not that high. It’s tough to find good food at less than a 25 dollar average price point for entree unless you want to truck out to the suburbs (which I often do) Looks great.

  • Anonymous

    “Lisa, hello. How are you doing in England? Remember, an elevator is called a ‘lift’, a mile is called a ‘kilometer’ and botulism is called ‘steak and kidney pie’.”

    -Marj Simpson

    • lol
      And they call all desserts “pudding”. If someone offers you “pudding” they don’t mean that creamy choclate stuff from a box. It could be cake or pie or “spotted dick” or “treacle” (which to me sounds like a side effect of Olestra). BUT it could also be blood sausage. be very carful.

      • PG

        Or yorkshire pudding, which is kind of like a popover. I never understood that when I lived there, but sure went well with a roast beef dinner.

  • Tim

    Interested in checking this out, but with prices like that, I won’t be a regular

  • Anonymous

    to the peeps focused on the prices, a Five Guys burger and fries are $11. So not a big price difference, and look at what you don’t get at Five Guys that you’ll get here for the extra $3. And I’m sure you won’t need to spend an extra $3 dry cleaning the peanut oil smell out of your clothes!

    • anonna

      Your forgetting tip. 🙂

    • BS

      way to just make sh!t up. burger and fries at 5 guys is $7.45 a double pate might bring it closer to $10. With you willingnes to distort facts to suit your own needs you should join the tea party! Im also guessing brixtons price doesnt include tax which means its closer to $15 with tip thats almost a $18 burger.

      I dont mind the price as you get to enjoy it at a really cool spot, my issue is with people on this blog that just pull stuff out of their ass

  • eric_in_ledroit

    lol at the whining about prices when this place is going to be packed on a daily basis. the same 5 people, it seems, can’t believe that anyone would pay $X for a house in a super-popular part of DC when they could buy one in rural Nebraska for hundreds of thousands of dollars less, and would never pay $Y for a burger when they can buy one at McDonalds for $2.

    • @eric in Ledroit

      Now that’s a comment worth sharing!

    • fl


    • Meese is a Pig!

      LOL… Love it, eric_in_ledroit. This is my favorite part of reading about new restaurant arrivals on PoP, so let’s have some fun: irrespective of what an independent (i.e. non-chain-affiliated) individual or group has expended (likely based on a lot of credit) to open a business, there will always be those who determine that based on their intuitive sense or some other reflex that causes them to believe that ‘value’ should ALWAYS be indexed to the chain restaurant they go to or to the dive bar in Akron that serves the same product. The fact is that not every new, independent venture CAN conform, even if they wanted to do so. ALL chain eateries have established average expenditure per person, per visit goals (‘supersize’, anyone?). They keep prices low because of the sheer number of franchises/outlets, the volume of business across regional markets, disposable income and even time zones. Point is that if you’re Starbucks you know that from (roughly) 6am EST until about 3am the following day you’re making $$ somewhere in the continental US. Spread those dollars out and add in the average expenditure per person/visit/hour multiplied by the number of stores open and you suddenly have enough PROFIT to pay down your investment costs, your operating expenses AND invest in improvements/additional stores. Independent operators don’t have this luxury. Add up the hundreds of thousands of $$ to buy an (expensive) building in a trendy area, spend additional hundreds of thousands of $$ to renovate said building; not to mention permitting, licensing, insurance, hiring 2 – 3 work shifts (plus, hopefully, some measure of benefits for those employees) and you have two options: sell $2 PBRs and $6 cheeseburgers and be content to all but eliminate the likelihood that you’ll ever re-coup your up-front investment – i.e. pay back the bank/investors – nor turn enough profit to improve upon that business or open a new outlet. Now, the real irony here is that THIS – for those of you who only associate the term with racial friction – is what gentrification looks like up close….

      • Wow – that’s a lot of words. Didn’t read any of them. But what in the world are “pork scratchings?”

        Also – for comparison – The Heights offers a really tasty local farm grass-fed – (happy-steer) burger for $10.00 – $7.50 at happy hour. St. Ex has gorgeous PEI mussels for $11.00.

    • Anonymous

      You extremist analogies don’t make this place more appealing.

  • Well, with a build-out like they did I’m not surprised by the prices and actually I agree with those who think they are, at the very least, in line with what most restaurants are charging for similar dishes. Perhaps, slightly on the higher end, but you pay for the atmosphere and the quality too. I’ve worked with their chef, who I can tell you is not the most personable or delightful person to deal with, but he does know his shit. Also, this is a restaurant from the Hilton Brother(…and company) who also have Marvin, BlackByrd, Dickson, and American ice Co. (I left out the Gibson and ESL bc they don’t sell legit food). So comparatively, it all looks about right. Probably won’t eat here a ton (rather eat at Marvin!), but will definitely hit up that roof deck!

  • I went the other night and paid $14 for the burger and $9 for a 20 oz Bass beer on tap.

    The fries were cold, the bun cold and hard, and the burger pretty forgettable.

    Is it worth the money? DEFINITELY NOT.

    I don’t mind paying for ambiance and a good meal as I go out often. But we were at a table on the ground floor at 7pm on a Tuesday night and could barely hear each other because it was so loud (read loud, not packed). 2 seaters are way too close to each other. And my date was not impressed at all with the Berkshire Pork Bangers which is literally ONE sausage cut in half on top of some mashed potatoes for $18.

    I live on U street and know the market, and this place will not have many repeat customers at this rate.


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