Washington, DC

1817 Columbia Road, NW

The former Evolve, and more recently Marrakech Lounge space at 1817 Columbia Road, NW has become Mudbugz Creole Eatery and Lounge. Ed. Note: Mudbugz is a nickname for crayfish.

I’m eager to see if the Po’Boys are tasty. Here’s a look at some of the menu:

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  1. The grammar/punctuation/spelling in the menu is atrocious. But, at least the food sounds good.

  2. I echo that…difficult to read it was so bad!!!!!

  3. evan eye ihad problemz wit readin dat menu

  4. I like the menu it tells you a lot without using too many commas and periods!!!

  5. I wish them well, and will give them a go. Use of the word “bug” in a restaurant in roach-infested DC might trigger the wrong kind of imagery in potential patrons (a different font wouldn’t hurt either).

  6. Agree. I think this name is going to be a turn-off to potential customers.

  7. downing street memo

    Jeez, how long did Marrakesh last? I don’t think it’s even been six months since they opened.

  8. grits are groceries? does not compute.

  9. It’s from an old Little Milton song:

    If I don’t love you baby,
    Grits ain’t groceries,
    Eggs ain’t poultry,
    And Mona Lisa was a man

  10. BitterElitist

    Mom, is that you?

  11. Prices are good. Grammar is bad. NEWWWWWWW!!!

  12. Why do they use Mudbugs in their name if they don’t serve them? Lame.

  13. I don’t see a single crawdad dish on that menu. So the name only serves to gross people out who aren’t very familiar with the term.

  14. Ha! Mudbugs was THE bar to go to when I was in high school. Thursday night was ladies night all ladies drank for free. Good times…

  15. Creole/cajun is the new cupcake place I guess? Seems like this is the third such restaurant to open on 18th St recently.

  16. Giving Belgian a run for its money :-)

  17. Their sign needs a new font.

    But I am so down with the menu descriptions, bad grammar and all. I have high hopes for those NEWWWWWW!!! potatoes.

  18. simple menu may actually work – hope the food is good. the question is, will they keep the marrakech happy hour, which was actually decent (but ditch the budlight sign)?

  19. At risk of sounding like an old timer, but didn’t Rocky’s do about the same thing in exactly the same space? It used to be pretty good, too. Best of luck to MudBugz — and way to recycle, DC!

  20. OMG! Rockys was the best!!! It was never the same space after

  21. This seems like a last second desperate attempt to salvage a restaurant gone wrong.

    I liked Marrakesh, but it never caught on. I think trying to make it everything (Moroccan food, bar, lounge, club) instead of one good thing is where it went wrong.

    IF you execute a concept well in Adam’s Morgan good things will happen. See – Cashion’s, Mintwood, Mellow Mushroom, Jack Rose, Smoke and Barrel.

    But cutting corners, putting out shitty food with shitty service will leave you out of business. See Instant Noodles, Bistro 18, Slyvania.

  22. Agreed. Although having stockpiles of cash and years of experience in the restaurant industry also goes a long way (which the examples mentioned above all have one or both). Regardless, I feel the recent streetscaping is marking a new era for Adams Morgan – one that involves less vomit and more focus on quality food/drink.

  23. I really, really hope the new streetscape will be the magical solution you expect.

    Can it get rid of the Jumbo Slice places, too? Please???

  24. It’s already happening. See the list above plus the latest pop pho patrol news.

  25. As a native New Orleanian and a current Adams Morgan resident, I am concerned about a po’ boy that comes with onions and a “secret sauce.” Po’ boys should come with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayonnaise. Dirty rice is also not a Creole dish, it’s Cajun.

  26. agreed

  27. notpostingtooquickly

    agreed. it’s one of the first things i thought too

  28. I am from NOLA and I never ate a Po-boy with jumbo shrimp. Domilise’s like most places in NOLA use the small shrimp and cram on a whole bunch.

    I also don’t remember eating crab cakes and shrimp and grits until I came east. I definitely don’t remember green stew – maybe that is a Cajun country thing.

    The being “clever” with the language is stupid.

  29. Thank you! Somebody finally knows what dressing a po boy is. There is no onion, secret sauce, ketchup, chipotle mayo, or Creole mayo. It’s straight up lettuce, tomato, pickle, and REGULAR MAYO!!!

  30. If you can’t be careful enough to use basic grammar with your menu (the first impression people get before they even visit the place), why on earth would I trust you to put any care into the food you’re making? Even if the chef and owner can’t spell, they at least have to have some family member or friend who could have edited this thing. This kind of sloppiness and carelessness tells me they’re not serious.

  31. But you can be a major party’s candidate to be President of Amercia!!

  32. Poor boys DO NOT get secret sauce.
    Any N.O. themed restaurant that uses Emeril catch-phrases in the descriptions…sigh.

  33. What’s a “poor boy”?

  34. Here’s to cashing back the kgbdeal I had on the place.

  35. Six Foot Seven Foot

    Yes! I found this post incredibly helpful.

    1. I’ve now saved time (and money) by quickly deciding I will never try this place.

    2. I’ve cashed in my Marrakech (expired) Groupon for 22 hard earned dollars.

  36. If you choose not to try it you’re missing a treat. Great service, great food, great experience.

  37. why does everyone care so much about the grammar on this menu?

  38. Walked by this place and it looks totally uninviting. It’s like they put as much effort into the place as they didn’t into copyediting their menu. Wouldn’t waste my time or money on a place that just screams out mediocrity.

  39. “Hi, I’m a Foodie” Yeah I know “HI Foodie!”. I stumbled upon “Mudbugz” earlier this week. I must admit I walked past a few times before deciding to enter. My mission was to ask what the hell a “MudBug” was. As a Foodie, I always let the food do the talking, the staff explained that they had literally just opened it’s doors less than two weeks ago and that the menu shown above is temporary. I had a buddy with me and she had Gumbo (Not listed above), Creole Potato Salad and the Green Stew, while my true test was reserved for the Shrimp Po’ Boy. Of course we swapped food between the two of us, and we can both can bear witness to a very flavorful experience. The drinks specials were a steal, and the owner (Todd? I believe), came out front to inquire about our satisfaction.

    My Ratings FYI:

    Shrimp Po’ Boy: (8/10). I could have easily made a second sandwich from the Jumbo Shrimp (That’s the only reason I shared with my date..lol). The “Secret Sauce” was great!

    Creole Potato Salad: (9/10). Nice spicy kick to this dish, generously portioned too. MMMM MMMM!

    Gumbo: (9/10) INCREDIBLE!!

    Green Stew: 10/10 Delicious! (Certianly a top contender for DC’s Best)

    My biggest question of the evening was “Where’s the MudBugz?” (Sad Face). However, if they’re anything close to as good as the items we had on our first visit, I’ll see if I can eat 6.5lbs in 10 minutes like the Black Widow!

    Best wishes to MudBugz!

    Salute to Rocky’s, Evolve, Marrakech (Thanks for doing business in Adams Morgan, better success on future endeavors).


  40. I thought Rocky’s closed because the owner moved to NYC, not because of bad business.

    Rocky’s ribs were the shit.

  41. I think you’re right. Rocky’s shouldn’t have been about bad business because it was a great spot and seemed to do things right, for a neighborhood bar, even if that neighborhood is AdMo. All the places it became after were really never the same and by same I mean as good.

  42. The menu I was given looked very different, not that the grammar mattered to me when the food was so good. I wouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it. After you’ve had the food knocking it will be a non-issue since you’ll be too satisfied to complain. The gumbo that I had was great as were the drinks. I highly reccommend it.


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