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Whoopie Pies out, American and International Tapas in at old ACKC Space in Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2012 at 11:30 am 37 Comments

Last week their were rumors a whoopie pie store would be moving into the old ACKC space at 1529 14th St, NW. Thanks to all who sent emails and tweets about the new liquor license that was posted for the Gordon Restaurant Group:

“New Restaurant, serving American and International Tapas. Recorded background music will be provided. A total load of 110, total number of seats is 80, and Sidewalk Café with 16 seats.”

Dining BISNOW reported that this is the guy behind Tangysweet and Red Velvet Cupcakery. They note the owner hasn’t fully worked out his vision but he hopes to serve a “no bullshit breakfast”. Stay tuned.

  • Joan Crawford


    • Anonymous


  • Other than the fact that “American tapas” makes no sense, this is a great idea! Seriously, this sounds like a train wreck.

    • Anonymous

      makes sense to me.

  • Abe

    Another restaurant and yet more tapas on 14th street?!?! C’mon folks can we get a little more creative.

  • logan

    another vote for no more tapas.. what a disappointment

  • Anony

    Agreed. No more tapas. Especially no more “American tapas.”

    American tapas = overpriced, very small portions that do not require much culinary skill or preparation time. Ugh, so overdone.

  • j

    Just make it a diner! Just make it a diner!!!!!

    • classic_six

      You are already getting Teds, tk, in the neighborhood.

    • +1

  • NoLongerNew2ch

    I guess between this place, Bar Pilar, Cork, Estadio, and Masa, we can just call this stretch of 14th Street “american and international tapas row.” Seems redundant, but then again, since nearly all of those places are constantly packed, I guess there is an appetite for more. And if the food is as good as Bar Pilar and Estadio, I wouldn’t complaint, especially if crowds at those diminish.

    • NoLongerNew2CH

      Still, I don’t get why there is no good (or any??) Sushi, Indian, or Chinese place around this part of town. All would do gangbusters business.

      • Excuse me, Great Wall Szechuan is totally legit and a block away. But I agree about the rest. Seriously more small plates? Ugh, can’t someone bring back my fancy hot chocolate place! Also, we’re losing Reincarnations which is tragic!!!

        • Great Wall is serviceable, but certainly not good. There is a serious lack of vegetables in their dishes. Mongolian beef is a pile of beef with a few onions. Chicken lo mein is a pile of greasy noodles and chicken and so few carrot slices it’s like they got in there by mistake.

          • You should order off their Szechuan menu. I personally like their food.

      • There’s a sushi lounge right above ThaiTanic. Completely agree about the dearth of Indian food.

        • Whole Foods sushi is sadly better than the sushi from Tsunami…

      • ich

        +1. Indian!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, I’m so sick of feeling nickle and dimed by tapas. Never worth the money, which you lose track of by your 4th small plate.

    • Anonymous

      I like them for their intended purpose, to nibble on something besides bar food while you have a drink. But I do avoid them when I’m going out for a full meal– it really does get expensive.

    • Rukasu

      …and yet we still all continue to order them

  • Ditto all on being siiiick of small plates.

  • eli

    his no BS comment is antithetical both to the concept of tapas and to $3 cupcakes.

  • gonzodc

    What, no upscale burger joint?

  • monkeyrotica

    14th Street should consider “rebranding” its image as the Tiresome Food Trend Corridor. There’s still a woeful shortage of upscale cupcakeries for dogs. And where the hell are the labradoodle wine bars?

    • YES. I just LOL’d

    • Identified

      I believe the labradoodle shop is at 13th & U, and the “adopted rescue dog” cupcakery is at 12th & U, and the “I don’t pick up dog shit” craftbeer bar is at 16th & U and the “my teacup dog deserves a rooftop pool” is at 17th & U.

      What 14th really needs is a BBQ-prison joint, 27$ hamburger joint and/or any french/belgian/southern foods. Really missing those from the WCP restaurant row. If there is any shop on 14th that isn’t a restaurant… it must be closed asap.

  • bb

    How about we do a community trade: Columbia Heights sends its unwanted duplicative mattress store to 14th St in exchange for its unwanted duplicative tapas place. Deal?

    • Anonymous

      over here is bloomingdale we can offer 2 liquor stores and a dry cleaners for that duplicate tapas joint.

  • Anonymous

    It seems like the landlord promised many different people that they’d get the space. It’ll be interesting to see who wins out. I’m surprised that you can file for a liquor license even before you sign a lease, for a space you don’t control.

  • Anonymous

    Another tapas place I want to die.

  • A whoopie pie store? Seriously? Who are the morons that come up with these ideas!? Let’s pick the most ridiculously esoteric concept and dedicate an entire store to it, in THE most expensive real estate in the city! Brilliant! Oh I have an idea, what about another bank! We don’t have nearly enough of them. Only this bank will be open on every third Tuesday from 11:00am – 11:23am. It is embarrassing living in this city sometimes. Thank god the whoopie pie concept was abandoned.

    • Anonymous

      dude! it’s gonna be okay. i promise. we’re here for you.

  • classic_six

    Although I tend to agree with many of the previous commenters about “another tapas” place on 14th Street (or anywhere in the city, for that matter) – I am more bothered by the fact that the identified proprietors do not have a vision/business plan (even if it were being turned into a tapas place, if done well, would be boring but another option, at least. If you don’t even have a clear focus for the business, there’s no way it will be good) for the space, yet. Well, what are you waiting for? To see what is on-trend?

    Please get some inspired innovation on your own and bring something fantastic to the area. Please do not be like every-other-business that has no vision and jumps to the on-trend bandwagon. Those who risk big have the most to gain…visionaries, please apply.

  • No More Tapas! Please!

  • I was pleased when this place opened, but boy did it continue to disappoint. What was it? Bad feng shui. Too much sizzle, not enough steak. Just never seemed to come together.

  • I like the idea of a “no bullshit” breakfast. No brunch, no mimosas. Just honest to goodness rye toast and crispy bacon and eggs. Of course this doesn’t jive with their tapas idea, so the only thing I liked about the concept I’m sure is BS.


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