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What’s Shakin’ in the Makin’ Vol. 17 – Guitar Bar Still Coming to Dupont?

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2012 at 10:03 pm 16 Comments

Thanks to a reader for noting that the Guitar Bar placard was no longer posted at 1216 Connecticut Ave, NW (above Shake Shack) in Dupont. The Guitar Bar was supposed to be an:

“Upscale tavern serving European sausages, hotdogs, pretzels and popcorns featuring DJ and background music. No designated dance floor – no dancing. Summer Garden with 210 seats. Seating capacity is 60. Total occupancy load is 330.”

Anyone know if plans have changed?

The Guitar Shop officially closed Oct. 31st, 2011:

  • Cliff

    I hated going there, they had the rudest staff and most attitude i’ve ever experienced.

  • Zach

    Agreed…The Guitar Shop was a miserable place. The staff was obnoxious, the selection was terrible, and the whole place was disorganized. The owners ex-wife had a shop in Adams Morgan for a while when I first moved here named Barbara’s Guitars. It was an awesome shop, she was a sweetheart, and I took extra relish in supporting the ex-wife of that guy at the Guitar Shop…

    It amazes me that in DC, a city with a great culture of live music, there is now only ONE music store in the city limits (Middle C, in Tenleytown…perhaps the worst, most over-priced music store I’ve ever seen). I now buy most of my strings and things on Amazon, but god I miss the camaraderie of the mom&pop brick and mortar music shop.

    • PG

      One of the best music stores in the area is Atomic, in Beltsville. I think they also have an Arlington location.

  • Zach

    Oh, there’s also a rumor that when Prince was in town a few years ago, he had The Guitar Shop shut down so he could privately shop there. He must have been horrified by the waste of everyone’s time….

  • The Real Jason

    Nothing screams European upscale like hot dogs and popcorn.

  • amethystdeceiver

    Just to add to the chorus of voices here. Good flippin riddance to that place. What utter utter incompetent understocked scumbags they were.

  • amethystdeceiver

    Also, Zach, there’s the place in Cleveland Park that isn’t great price or stock-wise but good if you need something basic in a pinch. Agreed though about the absurdity of not having a Guitar Center or a decent mom and pop anywhere.

    • Anonymous

      I realize a lot of people here are absolutely terrified of leaving the cozy confines of DC, but FYI, there is a Guitar Center in Rockville and one or two in Fairfax County.

      • amethystdeceiver

        Missing the point dude. DC is big enough to support a real deal music store and it’s bizarre that there isn’t one. Thanks for the tip though, I TOTALLY didn’t realize that there were suburbs with places to shop!

        • Jeff

          Well once you discover that magical formula that allows a big music store to afford the rent in DC with its typical profit margins, then you let us all know, ummkay?

  • blithe

    It’s been closed for almost six months — and I STILL miss the place!! I miss the challenging — and entertaining conversations; I miss the way staff and customers would chime in whenever I had questions; I miss the kindness of the staff (!); I miss Steve’s effort to ensure that I eventually found a guitar that was exactly what I needed at the time, and I miss Jody’s calm patience whenever I had yet “another guitar problem”.

    I’ve yet to make the trek out to Atomic Music — since I’ve been told that it’s NOT Metro friendly. I’m not at all terrified of leaving the cozy confines of DC — but unless I can find a VERY patient friend with a car, figuring out the transportation piece is a little daunting. (Yes, I’ve heard of cabs, but getting a cab in Beltsville — when I’ll probably be lugging purchases like guitars and amps — is a little daunting. And Guitar Gallery, Middle C and Chuck Levin’s aren’t quite what I’m looking for. Sigh. )

    • Anonymous

      Beltsville isn’t too far from the Greenbelt Metro (not walking distance, but a short cab or bus ride), but you should go with a car if you visit Atomic. You’llprobably try several guitars or amps you’ll want to take home with you if you go.

    • Anonymous

      Zipcar is your friend :-) They even have some small pickup trucks and SUVs now.

      • blithe

        Lol! Thanks Anonymous 3:02 and 3:15 for your suggestions — and the information re: the Greenbelt Metro station. I actually did the Metro guide/ride for Atomic at one point, and the directions that it gave me included an hour long bus ride from the Metro station, so that kind of dampened my enthusiasm a bit. It’s nice to know that when I go there to “just look” — it’s an easy cab ride from the Metro, and that when I get serious, I can get a truck from zipcar! And I’m sure that if I actually DID have a truck, I would do my best to get enough guitars to fill it properly! LOL

  • blithe

    And, more on topic: I’ve been wondering where exactly the Summer Garden was gonna go….

  • This place was full of assholes and 90% of their stock was garbage that they didn’t take care of. Good riddance to people who think running a guitar shop means you have to be a dick to everyone.


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