There must be some major, major catch to a listing at that price in that location

  • Anonymous

    Can only see that one picture but if it’s a true bedroom – that’s a good deal. I’m mean the building probably oldest shit, the kitchen looks like a tiny closest with stove being the only upgrade – but worth it as long as it doesn’t have a pest/rodent problem.

  • Anonymous

    there’s no way, for that price, that this isn’t the crappiest apt in the land.

  • I can only see the picture of the kitchen, unless I’m missing something. Sounds kind of shady for that location, at that price. Also, I can’t stand when apartments are called handsome. Does it have great cheekbones and a full head of hair? It just seems cheesy.

  • Anonymous

    Suspicious lack of pictures. Wall to wall carpeting. No thanks.

  • Daniel

    I live in the building and can confirm that the bedroom is TINY (as in no larger than full bed and nothing else in the room), but does have a closet. This unit is in the basement, and does have a decent living/dining room space that opens to the kitchen. Pretty old carpeting, and the previous tenant had a small dog. Coldwell Banker is the property management company for the building. A month after I moved into the building three years ago, this unit went for $1200.


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