Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Penn Quarter

by Prince Of Petworth April 4, 2012 at 3:00 pm 29 Comments

This rental is located at 701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW:

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The listing says:

“Unbeatable location at the Residences at Market Square just steps from the Navy Memorial METRO. This terrific apartment has it all including spacious balcony. In unit W/D. Roof top pool. 24 hr concierge. Carpet and bath tile floor to be replaced prior to new tenancy.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,895/Mo.

  • The building tends to have small units, and has rather low ceilings. Can’t beat the location, though.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it’s small, and yes, it’s nearly $2k, but I actually think this is a good deal. The location is so great with the National Mall pracitcally in your backyard. And that balcony looks pretty sweet.

    • Anonymous

      Plus you have three metro lines all within two blocks!

  • Anonymous

    not to mention, parties on your balcony during DC festivities…

    • ah

      True, although it appears to face north, not towards Pennsylvania Ave.

  • Anonymous

    Good deal, but why why WHY could you carpet this place? Carpet is disgusting!

    • Anonymous

      At least it’s being replaced before the new tenant moves in.

      • Anonymous

        Meh, just to get dirty and nasty again. Even new carpet is bad news – loaded with industrial chemicals. Carpet: Just Skip It.

    • ah

      Maybe its a requirement so that downstairs neighbors don’t hear every footstep

      • ^.^

        That’s what I was thinking. Sometimes it’s required as a soundproofing measure. I don’t like carpet either, but I’d live with if if I could be in this location!

      • Anonymous

        That’s what tasteful area rugs are for…..you do not need to carpet the whole place and ruin it!

    • I’d guess that it’s cheaper for the landlord to re-carpet the place than to get hardwood floors put in.

      And if this is a condo that the owner is renting out, and if the building has an “80% carpeted” rule or whatever, it’s probably easier for the landlord to carpet the place him/herself than to rely on the tenant to supply his/her own area rugs.

  • anon

    I’m not sure it would get enough light for my taste since there aren’t windows in the bedroom. I lived in a window-less bedroom in college and I hated every minute of it. It sapped the life out of me.

  • Anonymous

    Man, this is a good deal. Not extremely nice on the inside but the location…is wonderful.

  • This actually seems almost suspiciously low to me.

    • Ben

      The smaller 1B Condos in this building go for low 300’s now, and originally sold for the 100’s in the late 90’s.

      I’m guessing this guy is making a killing on the mortgage payment vs rent. So it does not seem “suspiciously low.” It’s probably only 500 or so sqft.

      • Anonymous

        I think with small apartments you can get away with renting for much more than your mortgage. People are willing to rent tiny places for a lot of money, especially if they’re in a good location, whereas buyers usually want something a little bigger.

  • Florista

    What’s with all the navy blue curtains??

    • I think there’s only one set of blue curtains, at the entrance to the bedroom — it’s just that there are several photos taken from inside and outside the bedroom showing its doors and hence the curtains.

  • ctk

    Good deal for this location. Really good deal.

  • Anonymous

    This has gotta be a fake

  • Does the bedroom even qualify as a bedroom without a window? I thought that was required per DC regs? It hardly even seems like it is 500 square feet looking at the tiny living/dining/kitchen area…

    • The doors to the bedroom are glass, thus the curtains. Maybe that was supposed to compensate for the lack of windows.

      I still think it’s a good deal considering the prestige of the address and the amenities.

    • This looks like it should be classified as a “junior one-bedroom,” not a true one-bedroom.

      Not sure if the listing agent is fudging things, or if maybe the PoP real estate webform thing is lacking a check-box for “junior one-bedroom.”

  • pru

    And you can pick up croissants for breakfast at Paul bakery just by crossing the Navy memorial in your slippers. Dream location.

  • Anonymous

    I think the weird L-shaped “living room” might have something to do with this pricing. I’ve looked at several such set-ups around town, and I can never quite figure out how you would arrange furniture/television/etc…

  • AngryParakeet

    Electric stove…ugh

  • TG

    This might be the first listing I have seen where they use “steps from …” in a manner I deem accurate.

  • I see the in-unit washing machine… but where is the dryer?


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