Reincarnations Furnishings Closing in Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2012 at 10:30 am 35 Comments

The following was written by PoP contributor Jessica Bonness. Jessica Bonness runs JGB Interiors and writes at Paint It What I Tell You.

As I’m sure many in PoPville may have already discovered while out and about this weekend, Reincarnations Furnishings at 1401 14th Street, NW (at 14th Street and Rhode Island Avenue) is closing because they have lost their lease. Their unique, often one-of-a-kind pieces, will surely be missed. I frequently brought clients here to choose a piece of art, a quirky accessory, or shop for that one thing that’s missing from their space; we always found something, whether or not it was what we came in for. Reincarnations has always had good turnover of items, and their selections tend to be on a more affordable spectrum; as one of the first home and design stores in the now swanky and quite expensive 14th Street corridor, they held strong to their original concept. They really do have something for everyone.

According to the store there are currently no plans to relocate or reopen, as the future of the store remains to be decided. However, options are aplenty. In their own words, “We’re called Reincarnations – say that!” So I am, and I very much hope they find another place to do what they do so well, and soon!

Right now everything in the store is 20% off. As things get closer to closing, I’m sure the prices will dip further. This weekend there were tons of discounted chairs and rugs in the back room downstairs. You’re sure to find some great deals, and while you’re there, please wish them well for the future!

Ed. Note: Longtime neighbor Playbill Cafe closed in Sept. 2011 at 1409 14th St, NW.

  • Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I love this store! Unique pieces that actually fit apartments and condos in DC, incredibly helpful and nice staff, and a convenient location. I really hope they find a new space and reopen. They will be missed!!

  • ehg

    very sad about this, I love this store. bought an amazing couch there–for a really good price!

  • MtPleasantDeeJ


  • Definitely sad news. Wonderful and unique items, fun and helpful staff. Hope to see a new location soon!

  • Anonymous

    sad news. dc gets one more degree less fun and funky.

  • Anonymous

    Overpriced crap

    • Furniture

      I am shocked this place stayed in business as long as it did. I never saw anyone in there and their stuff was priced in the stratosphere.

      • Anonymous

        +1. I also know for a fact that they sold hot items. a friend’s house was robbed and they later saw a unique item end up here. when they questioned the staff as to where it came from, they weren’t given a real answer and they were incredibly rude about it—which probably shows they knew their shit was stolen. good riddance.

        • InTheGaP

          No idea what y’all are on about . . . I found there prices there to be smack dab in between the cheap crap stores and the high end– one of the few places where you could find funky pieces at reasonable cost. Bought a $900 couch there, which isn’t cheap, but it is so much cooler than 2-grand couches I see at other places on 14th. One problem with them was the name . . . which made a lot of people think it was used furniture. On that point, since they do sell new stuff . . . I can’t imagine a large portion of their floor being stolen furnishings.

          • Anonymous

            i agree. i once got a $300 dresser in there. it’s the least expensive furniture store on 14th.

  • I suppose they lost their lease to some boring chain store that is willing to pay higher rent. Barf.

  • dat

    definitely a bummer — they have some really cool stuff here. Never purchased anything, but I had hoped/planned to in the future. I’d like to see them relocate.

    Georgia Ave, anyone?

  • They will be missed. I hope they find new space on 14th Street and stay local.

  • InTheGaP

    PS . . . recincarnate in the GaP (near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro). It’s where the magic happens.

  • loganlj

    i always wondered how this place stayed in business. furnishings were unbelievably tacky.

  • Anonymous

    I visited the store on 14th a couple times after they moved there from 17th street and while the prices were reasonable, I could never see myself owning most of what they sold. Weird styling.

  • Chalk

    How disappointing. I really enjoyed their window displays and liked this business.

  • ~The Dali Lama of Bloomingdale

    That’s a shame. I always assumed they owned that spot and lived above it. People always cry to the heavens when the Gentrifiers come into a neighbor hood and clean it up, make it a safer place to live and offer a better life. The said side of that is when those same Gentrifiers that came in, took a chance, put up with all the BS to make it a better place are themselves displaced by people taking advantage of what they have accomplished. That is the true injustice in DC. No one cries to the heavens about that.

  • When that building was fixed up (ca. 2000?) and before Reincarnations moved in from 17th St., there was talk that a Banana Republic might go in there. That was laughable then. Not so implausible now.

    I hope Reincarnations can find another spot to reopen!

  • dcredhead

    This is karma for their atrocious customer service. If you want to be ignored for weeks and then treated like dirt by the misogynistic delivery service while they install your furniture, buy from Reincarnations.

  • anon

    goodbye and good riddance. this place sold tacky cheap crap, none of which was made in the US but all of which will find its way to a US landfill in record time. that “super expensive” couch found in the shops further up 14th St. is US manufactured, is made to last decades if not mis-treated, and can be reupholstered when desired.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Actually, most of their couches/chairs are made in North Carolina. I special ordered many pieces from them and hope they re-locate.

  • Only to be replaced by: Reintarnations. Specializing in refurbished hillbilly pieces.

  • classic_six

    This place puzzled me. It’s sad that it was a part of the neighborhood before it became “hot” and now it has to leave. I always thought the prices were really high and often the style was all over-the-place. Maybe it was the type of place you had to go to often in order to find the deals. I know a couple of people who got some pieces that worked where they have them, though they didn’t score a deal in terms of price. I wonder if it will be food-oriented or home-decor oriented in its next life.

  • 17th St

    I’ve always found that store to be overwhelming – they have things that might look good as a splash of funkiness in a otherwise unfunky room but together in the store it was all too much. So, not my taste, for the most part, but that doesn’t mean I wanted them gone. They should ask Miss Pixie for advice on how to deal with the landlord.

    • Eric

      Yeah that was exactly their deal. It comes off as a hot mess when you’ve got a bunch of their stuff in one room, but if you have one or two of their pieces in a space it can can add some funk to your space. Also, you could always find good deals in the half-price area downstairs.

  • Rich

    It added some character to the area but the vast minority of the stuff was merchandise I would be caught dead owning.

  • uncreatively anonymous

    I’m sad about this because though I couldn’t imagine furnishing my whole small apartment with their items, it was great for a statement piece or for fun browsing on the way home. But more than that, I worry the neighborhood will soon be nothing but restaurants and expensive stores. This store, Playbill, etc were part of a variety that feels like it is disappearing.

    Also, Room and Board may have high quality furniture made in the U.S. but most is not to scale for affordable DC studio/junior 1 BR/1 BR apartments (most of which from my search are 600 square feet or less).

    • Anonymous

      what, you can’t fit a 9 foot sofa into your place? me either.

  • sad to see them go but i’m in the process of redecorating so the timing couldn’t be better for me.

  • mike

    Always made me want to go watch bettlejuice when I went in there.

  • shawguy

    I tried to like this place…never a fan

  • DCJeff

    With all of the changes in our neighborhood on 14th, this is the one i’m really sad about…these guys have been really great neighbors and will be missed!

  • Anonymous

    Customer service is pathetic!


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