• Anonymous

    While I’m waiting for a call back from the ABRA folks, perhaps someone here can help. Anyone know what regulations exist in DC for BYOB?

    • AFAIK, an establishment must have an on-premises license and can charge a “corkage fee” to serve it to the customer. If they don’t have an on-premises license, BYOB is not permitted.

  • Rave: love that photo.

    Rant: Still feeling uneasy in Petworth despite the arrest.

  • Rave: Smoked a whole duck over cherry wood yesterday, and it turned out pretty tasty.

    Rant: Grandfather not doing well, and I’m not going to have a chance to visit until June.
    Rant: Visiting ailing relatives is depressing and always makes me wish I’d visited more when they were healthier…

    • PG

      Did you brine it first? Are you going to post the recipe on your blog? I have a great smoker (Big Green Egg) and it’s been a long time since I’ve cooked a duck with it.

      • Yep, brined it overnight (8 cups water, 1/2 cup kosher salt, 1 tsp pink curing salt), and I’ll definitely be posting the recipe on my blog! Mostly followed this recipe http://honest-food.net/2011/12/27/how-to-make-smoked-duck/ . I’m jealous that you have a green egg! I used my roommate’s Weber grill…

        • Anonymous

          Cool! I’ll have to try that soon.

          And related rave: found really good lump charcoal (Royal Oak) for a good price locally (@ Balducci’s in Bethesda.)

      • saf

        I’m wishing for a green egg. How hard are they to use?

    • Claire — where did you get the cherry wood? I’m running low on fruit woods for my smoker!

      • Home Depot on Rhode Island Ave. $5 for a small bag of wood chips that was just enough for me to smoke the whole duck over 5 hours or so. I also picked up some apple wood there!

      • saf

        I think I saw some at Annie’s hardware the other day.

  • ew

    Rave: Moving tomorrow

    Rant: It’s supposed to rain

    Rave: The High Line in NYC…went on it for the first time yesterday and it is amazing.

  • Rave: Had a great weekend! Spent time with my sister on Friday, went to a homebuying workshop and dined out too much on Saturday, ran a 5K and finished my last assignment for class on Sunday.

    Rant: super-sore from 5K run today despite tons of stretching, and the Devils’ loss to the Flyers on Sunday…

    Rant/Rave: I am totally addicted to the Redfin iPhone app, but I can’t afford anything I find on there!

  • Rave: amazing photo by my friend blinkofanaye
    Rant: does the P in P90X stands for “pain”?
    Rave: is the good kind of pain!
    Rave: photography is taking off, this is going to be a busy year, hope to have something to show on a gallery this or next year.

  • Rave: Great visit with my Mom.

    Rant: Visit is over.

    Rave: Seeing her again in Sept.

    Rant: Having the darndest time finding someone to appraise a very unique item we have. I know it isn’t an antique or art per say, but come on. I know it is valuable.

  • Bear425

    Rave: Super fun weekend. Did a living social adventure on Saturday where we learned how to do all kinds of fun stunt driving…why did I get so much pleasure from learning how to run a car off the road? Also, my mom came to town yesterday so we went out for a belated birthday dinner at Vermilion and did the tasting menu, which was delicious.

    Rave: Going to Haiti next week for work. Excited to learn about the country and use my French, which is pretty rusty right now.

    Rant: So much going on in work and life that I’m having trouble sleeping. Haven’t gotten more than 4-5 hours for the last several nights, and I’m feeling it. It’s going to be a long day at the office.

  • Rant: The culture of my agency over time has become one of shame, blame, and distrust. What does management hope to gain by treating competent people this way? Such a lousy feeling to dread coming to work.

    Rave: Had a very good interview on Friday and may now have a solid exit plan.

  • Ana

    Rant-Broke up with a guy who was totally wrong for me right from the get go but somehow managed to date him for nearly 2 months before acknowledging this fact.

    Rave-Got the biggest promotion of my career at work after being rode like a pony by management and convincing myself that I never would.

    Rant-With the new promotion will come more work and I have no idea how to compensate without giving away the fractured remains of my personal life.

    Rave-I really love my dog who did me the great favor of peeing exceptionally fast this morning when I was running late for work.

    • To your first rant: Two months isn’t so bad actually. Try four years…

    • Identified

      Your “rode like a pony” line is amusing me. The picture I ahve in my head is a smiling little kid riding a bitty pony being led by a clown.

      Thanks for the smile.

  • Troy

    Wondering does Whitman Walker estate or family get any compensation for the ‘overusage’ of his work in public transportation places…hmm

    • Anonymous

      oops, I meant Walt Whitman..

  • Rant: Concerned about the armed robbery at the Georgetown Five Guys. That’s my daily bus stop (the G2).

    Rave: Got my official job offer yesterday!

  • anonnnnn

    rant: tired, sore, stressed, anxious.

    rant: going on work trip, and leaving the pup behind. i hate leaving her :(

    rant/rave: going on a work trip out of town.

    rave: had a great weekend.

  • DC

    Rave — Decided where we want to move — LeDroit.

    Rant — Down payment.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: No nudity on Game of Thrones last night.

  • em

    Rant: At the eye doctor this morning, I sat down to wait for my new contacts seeing the doc, but only got halfway on the couch and ended up on the floor. That’s what I get for not putting my glasses on in the five minutes between exam and contacts fitting.

    Revel: No one seemed to notice my bone-headed move.

    Rant: Landed hard on my hip, and it hurts.

    • Ha! This sounds like something I’d do. I have “lumpy” hair this morning because I decided to wear glasses (due to allergies) but I can’t seem to pull back my hair without knocking my glasses off–and I’m too blind to see myself in the mirror with them off.

      Related rant: Same allergies have me blowing my nose all morning.

      Rave: It was worth it to plant my gorgeous garden!

  • Question: Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive outdoor venues for a party with about 75 people? I’m open to anything in the greater DC area. Caterers and alcohol need to be allowed.

  • qst

    Rave: The Dog’s Life video.

  • Question: Did anyone see the man walking around Columbia Heights yesterday evening that appeared to have blood wiped on his shirt? (He was about 5’11”, ~40 yrs old, black, scruffy beard, white shirt with possible blood stains, hooded vest.) Saw him walking north on 14th (near columbia) around 9pm and was approached by him at 13th and Kenyon around 12:30am. Called the cops to give them a tip but was wondering if anyone else had seen this guy wandering around and whether anyone else thought it was blood on his shirt. (apologies if this is not the correct venue to post this question)

  • Jack5

    Rant: I went to U street to party, unfortunately for me, could not get a cab home because I was a black man, despite the fact that I was dressed nicely and wearing dress shoes. I tried for damn near to 45 minutes in the freakin’ rain, and not a single cab stopped, the same cabs that passed me stopped for white patrons just beyond me. The same incident happened to me in Arlington VA on the 4th of July in 2010. I never expected that to happen on U street. I was lucky for a regular (scab taxi) driver that stopped in the rain to take me home. I am highly disappointed in DC right now.

    • i’ve seen that happen many times to black men. mostly downtown. but on u street too. it’s absolutely insane. i’m sorry that happened to you.

    • Identified

      This has been happening in DC for the entire time I have been here (19+ yrs) and it is disgusting.

      This would be a fabulous sting operation for the DCTC to run. And to revoke the license of any cab driver busted in the sting.

    • anonymous

      I’ve seen this many times as well. When I dated a black guy I was always amazed the number of cabs that passed by until I (white girl) stepped out into the street to hail one- instantly we had a ride.

    • Agree. Seems like a really simple sting to run. I suppose the excuse would be that they just didn’t see them, so to actually catch someone would be tough.

      Sad this still happens…

    • houseintherear

      That’s infuriating. I’m sorry that happened to you. It makes me think that, if this happened in front of me, I’d hail the cab and then offer it to the person who was passed by.. but that may be more offensive than helpful… perhaps if I punched the cabbie in the face before offering, it would help.

      • 16th Street Heights

        [email protected]

    • 16th Street Heights

      Jack5, welcome to the America and the real world. I too am a 55 year old black male. During the 80’s and 90’s, I had a problem trying to hail a Taxi on Connecticut Avenue, NW, below DuPont Circle. I see things haven’t changed much in 2012. Hoever, don’t let this incident get you down or depressed.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand why anyone takes cabs. Why support a business run largely by racist, homophobic, sexist men? Many of whom are sociopathic?

  • Rave: Props to the DOT! DDOT has been putting in new sidewalks on our street (which look pretty fancy by the way), but in doing so, they did some damage to our property. But then two of their contractors came by the very next day, apologized profusely in person, and fixed the problem right then and there! They did a great job too! I thought I was going to have to go through a bunch of red tape to get this fixed. I never see this level of customer service, and I was especially pleased to get it from my local government. Thanks DDOT! You guys (and gals) are the best.

  • 16th Street Heights

    Rant: I am not voting for President Barrack Obama or Mick Romney because both political parties aren’t worth voting for.

    Rave: I am switching from Comcast Cable to Verizon Fios.

    • Anonymous

      Good luck with your rave– I personally have found Fios to be much less reliable than Verizon. Before I moved to DC it had gotten to the point where my channels were unavailable more than 50% of the time. No problems with Comcast yet, once I got past the initial setup.

  • Anon

    Rant: As I sat in the 52 bus last night, I saw 2 women walking faster than the bus up the hill… ergh.

    Rave: Seeing a friend last night on the street

    RANT: The protesters on 16th Street whose drums and bells have been driving me CRAZY for the past few weeks. Seriously, PLEASE try another tactic for your cause (I’m sure it’s important but still!)


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