Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 3, 2012 at 10:00 am 109 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Please don’t forget to vote today!

And congrats to Gabe Soll who won the PoPville 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket. And a reluctant congrats to Kentucky too… Gabe please email me directly at princeofpetworth(at)gmail for your t-shirt.

Rant: I left my coat in a cab on Sunday night.

Rave: On Monday night I got a knock on the door. It was the cab driver, Daniel, knocking with my coat. Thank you Daniel!

  • Dupont

    CaBi Ethics Question for the group –

    On my way to work this morning there was 1 bike left at my usual 17th and Corcoran station. This 1 bike had a purse hanging from the handlebars in what I assumed was a not so subtle attempt to reserve the bike until the individual came out of the grocery store. After a few moments of thought I took the purse off the handlebar and neatly leaned it against the dock and took my bike to work.

    Who is in the wrong here?

    • Anonymous

      I think you had the right to take the bike. (However, I might have tried to find an ID or cell phone in the purse just in case the purse was accidentally left on the bike)

      • L

        If someone left a PURSE to hold their spot at a bike in the middle of a city, they don’t deserve the last bike. Who would possibly do that and think there’s any chance the purse will still be there when they get back?

    • I think what you did was OK, although I would have been more inclined to assume that someone forgot their purse on the bike rather than left it there intentionally.

      • Dupont

        Fair point….to be honest that didn’t cross my mind.

      • Anonymous

        I would be shocked if this wasn’t the case. You should have called CaBi, told them what happened and that you left the purse with the store manager of the Safeway (after doing so and getting the manager’s information). I bet CaBi would have sent someone to pick it up an reunite the purse with the owner.

    • Anony

      Yep, you were 100% in the right. The only time I think it’s ok to “reserve” a bike by putting something on it is if you have to use the CaBi terminal to take care of something like adding extra time or buying a day pass.

    • KS

      I agree that you were in the right (and also agree that I may have tried to look for some sort of id in case someone accidentally left the purse). If someone had put a purse on a bike then gone to pay for the bike, to help a friend with his/her bike, etc., I would consider that bike reserved. But if the person isn’t still at the CaBi kiosk, the bike is fair game.

      • pru

        I can’t imagine anyone would leave their purse anywhere not within their reach, much less out of their field of vision. Would you leave your wallet on the seat?

        • KS

          Of course not. Not sure if you meant to respond to me because I didn’t mean to imply that at all. Like many others, I was simply responding to the OP’s idea that someone had left a purse on a bike to reserve it.

          • pru

            Sorry KS, I meant to reply directly to the original Dupont post.

  • em

    Revel: Mailed the invites for the wedding (DC) and the post-wedding bash (in home state) this morning!

    Revel: Ballroom dance classes for the wedding are going well. My fiancee even said that she’d consider taking more dance classes after we finish this set.

    Revel: Voted in my first DC election this morning!

    Rant: I was voting for a (shadow) rep and (shadow) senator – not the real deal.

    Revel: Beautiful spring morning!

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Feeling super positive today. I have my second yoga class ever today (the first one was a really basic class and I managed to not make a fool of myself!) and I am preparing for an interview in New York tomorrow. I just feel really good about life today.

    Rant: I don’t get the appeal of bikram yoga. The studio I go to is above a bikram studio and you have to walk past it to get upstairs…it REEKS. I mean, really. It is horrible. It is like a gym that has never been cleaned, but ten times worse! I just envision the hot, sweaty room being a breeding ground for bacteria. Ewww.

    • Caroline

      Yeah, some people can never get used to the smell– I actually don’t have a problem with that sort of thing, myself. As for the appeal, I have a lot of joint pain so I prefer to do yoga in the heat where it feels good and I can stretch further. I also like the challenge. I’ve never been great at tolerating heat, so this is something I really have to work at. It’s done wonders for my concentration as well. I think it’s perfectly sanitary as long as you wipe down your mat afterward.

    • It’s something I don’t understand either. I get that the heat helps you go deeper into poses sometimes, but I don’t buy the whole “sweating out toxins detoxifies your body” stuff. That is just physiologically untrue.

      • Caroline

        Agreed. I’m also skeptical of the claim that it works every muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint in the body. That said, it is the most comprehensive workout I’ve ever done. It’s definitely worth trying once, even if you think you won’t like it (I didn’t think I would).

    • Haha, I HATE it. I’ve walked out of two classes. It smelled so horrific and I was so repulsed by people dripping their sweat on MY mat and seriously felt I was drowning in the humidity (and I’m from MS and live in DC–I can handle humidity). I seriously cannot articulate how much I hate it. But this comes somewhat close, in a very amusing way: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-3153/Hilarious-Yoga-Mat-for-Sale-Ad-on-Craigslist.html

  • So many rants today.

    Rant: Ran into two acquaintances from high school while pouring beer samples yesterday. When it came up that this is my part-time job and I also have a full-time job, they didn’t believe me for some reason (like they thought I was just ashamed of that being my job??). Later I also realized that I had semi-drunkenly blurted out the wrong last name for one of them. So now they probably think I’m a big ol’ jerk.

    Rant: Trying to figure out my plans for the weekend. My boyfriend’s parents are going to be in town (and for some reason, really want to do a segway tour, ugh), so I have to balance spending time with them and seeing my parents (who live in the suburbs). Personally I kind of think it’d make things easier if all of us got dinner together at some point, but my boyfriend is really against that happening. Even though apparently his friend’s parents are also going to be in town and he’s trying to plan something including both his parents and his friend’s parents…

    Rant: Not enough sleep last night so I’m feeling tired and grumpy today.

    Rant: Lots of things to do at work, but I’m waiting on things from other people for all of them so can’t get anything done yet.

    Rave: Uhh, it’s sunny out?
    Rant: But my office doesn’t have windows.

    • Oh, and a last rant: Haven’t had a chance to review the information for the elections today, and I usually try really hard to not only vote, but vote in an informed manner. Can anyone direct me to some good resources online?

      • Anonymous

        Which ward do you live in? For the at-large council position, just make sure you vote for Sekou Biddle and NOT Vincent Orange.

        General rule of thumb: In DC, don’t vote for anyone with Vincent as their first name, or a color as their surname.

        • Fantastic rule of thumb. Well done.

        • I often read the City Paper write-ups to help me choose who to vote for when I’m torn about the candidates. Yes, on Biddle, BTW

    • Anonymous
    • me

      This may be a bit of a personal question, and you don’t have to answer, but why is your boyfriend against all of you getting together? Especially on a holiday weekend? My family isn’t religious, but they still wanted to spend time with me, so they are coming down for the weekend. My in-laws aren’t in the area either and aren’t coming down, but I think if they were, we would try to at least make an attempt at getting together. (And my in-laws and I do NOT get along, AT ALL.) Did you all get together before and it didn’t go well, and that’s why your boyfriend doesn’t want to do it? (This also sounds horrible of me, but I semi-enjoy hearing when others don’t exactly relish the thought of spending time with their in-laws or the parents of their significant other… it makes me feel that I’m not alone in this neverending struggle of a “relationship”.)

      • I was wondering the same thing — have the two sets of parents met before? And if not, why is the boyfriend trying to prevent such a meeting from taking place?

      • The parents haven’t met before, and I think his concern is two-fold – firstly, that them meeting puts a lot of pressure on the relationship (not that we’re not already quite serious – we live together and are planning on moving to another country together), and secondly (and the larger concern), that they will clash in some way. My parents are quite socially awkward (my mom especially), and his dad is pretty sensitive to perceived slights, in addition to which my parents both have PhDs and successful research careers so they can be intellectually intimidating (and financially intimidating as well – if we go out to dinner, how does payment get resolved? My dad was also raised in a culture in which you always really really insist on paying…).

        • I can only help with a portion of the problem, but I have had great success when going out to dinner with parents/aunts/uncles who insist on paying. I excuse myself to the ladies room before the end of the meal, and I either find my waiter and hand him my credit card before he brings the bill to the table, or I ask that he hands the bill directly to me. Good luck!

          • classic_six

            Exactly, this is how I do it, too.

          • Sadly, I am not yet at a point in my life where I can afford to pay for dinner for 6 people in DC…

        • em

          Yes, parents meeting is awkward – but it seems like it might be time to bring them together. If nothing else, they can talk about how awesome their respective children are. As for how to deal with paying, perhaps you can each do a bit of pre-work to suggest splitting the bill to the parents before they meet?

        • classic_six

          I was going to ask/to suggest this idea: You mentioned that your bf is trying to arrange a dinner for his parents and friends of his parents. In ways, this could be a good opportunity to toss your parents into the mix, too. The additional couple could help to loosen up the atmosphere (if it gets a little tense, stressful) and help make it a fun, more relaxed meeting. If the issue of who picks up the check presents a quandry, perhaps you could do drinks and hors d’œuvres or some such, since you like to cook/bake. I know this puts an added burden to you, so maybe that idea wouldn’t appeal to you.

          • Hmm, good suggestion. Definitely have to discuss things further with the boyfriend – if he’s really uncomfortable with them meeting, I want to respect that, but it does make a lot of sense for it to happen now, and doing it with a larger group may help. Ideally, I’d definitely do the cooking, but I know I’m already going to most likely be a bundle of stress, so I don’t know if I should take on too much more. Maybe brunch with the help of others…

          • Anonymous

            sorry, but if you live with the dude and he doesn’t want your parents to meet, that’s bad. and really weird. nobody thinks it’s going to go great, but you do it and you realize your parents are adults or you can just apologize for them later. I’d be wary of him not wanting them to meet… unless of course you’re fine with the relationship staying where it is forever.

        • Honey Badger

          For what it’s worth, I was really nervous before my parents and my boyfriend’s parents met for the first time. Our families are pretty different, so I worried they wouldn’t have much in common and it would be stressful/awkward. I got some good advice from someone, though, that they raised us and we love each other so there must be some common ground. It turned out so well that we spent Thanksgiving together with both families last year (his parents came to my parents’ house and stayed for three days). Good luck!

  • ew

    Rave: Phone interview tomorrow for an amazing job at a consulting firm…one I never thought I would even get an interview for since I don’t know anyone there, even though I am very qualified.

    Rant: I don’t know anyone at the company, so I hope I stand a chance.

    Rave: My resume is getting attention, and I am getting interviews, at a fairly decent rate. It’s a step in the right direction.

    • no

      rant: Consultants
      rave: People with real jobs

      • Annons

        Really? What constitutes a “real” job?

      • me

        AHEM. You must not know any consultants, because if you did, you would know that most of us work very hard in what we do. A lot of us, though we are called “consultants”, are butts-in-seats and so we do the actual jobs, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

        • Anonymous

          Yes. I’m a consultant — the work I do is “real.”

        • hahahaha

          Spoken like a consultant. Have you measured your “value added quotient”?

          Having worked as a McKinsey management consultant for years, I concur that management consulting is a sham.

  • anon

    Rant: Kentucky…related rant: their fans post-championship. Seriously, a shooting and burning a car/couches?

    Rave: the weather and a pretty decent workout this morning.

    • Anonymous

      The media makes a big deal about students rioting and starting fires after a big game, but really, it happens at every school with a top tier athletic program.

      • anon

        I know it happens everywhere — but grow up! The team won, let’s celebrate, but what’s with the violence? There’s no need. It is so backwards…let’s celebrate a win by trashing the place.

  • anonnnnn

    rant: my coworker who feels it’s okay to come in every day at like 10, and leave at normal time.

    rant: things are not going the way i want them to!

    rave: new photography toys. new ideas. being creative. it’s the only thing that keeps me going.

    rant: wasting more time at work. seriously i just can’t do this desk thing for another 30-40 years. i just can’t. i need change and i don’t know where to find it.

    rave: pup seems to be feeling better. fiber powder in her food is helping firm up her stool too.

    rant: sitting here trying to come up with another rave but i can’t!

    • We must have the same coworker! Except at my office, he usually shows up closer to 10:30 or 11. I think it would bother me less if he actually did a substantial amount of work in the time that he’s here because, when it comes down to it, I really don’t care how many hours someone is working so long as they’re getting done what they need to. But someone who’s working really short days, not getting their work done (half the time, I have to redo what he’s done because of blatant errors), and getting paid probably twice as much as me? I have no idea how he’s still around.

      Phew, that was a nice little extra rant…

    • I have a coworker that comes in around 10, leaves for lunch at 11:30, comes back at around 1 or 1:30 and then stays only as long as his boss is here. If his boss isn’t here, he’ll leave around 5. And he’s getting paid for a full 40 hr work week.

    • What kind of photography toy? :D The photography toy I want is not sold in the US :(

      • anonnn

        wireless triggers. about to dip my toe into the waters of off camera lighting. oh boy!

        • Nice! I really enjoy lighting and I should be doing more of that. I made my own beauty dish using a salad bowl :D

          • anonnn

            nice! i’ve been enjoying all the DIY tricks out there too for studio stuff. this is a whole new world to me.

    • Anon

      So you admit to wasting time at work, but have a problem with someone else who comes in late? What’s the difference?

      • me

        Since they mention having to be at work for another 30-40 years, I believe that they meant “wasting time at work” as “having to waste away the day in an office for what feels like the rest of my life when there are so many better things to do, but unfortunately, I need a job because I need a paycheck so I can pay my rent.”

        • anonnnnn

          you know me so well!

          • me

            That’s cause I’m right there with you!!

    • On the Hill

      Sigh: I could totally be that colleague. Was given ok to have a more flexible-than-9am start time, and I stay beyond the regular 6pm end time, and get my work done in the middle. But I know it annoys my more traditional 9-6pm colleagues. I feel bad in that regard, but am much more creative and productive with the softer start time.

  • Anon3

    Rave: That photo – happy voting day!
    Rant: Still don’t know who to vote for at-large councilmember. Feel free to convince me and/or share resources. Thanks!

    • In the same boat. Would welcome information about the various candidates.

    • It may seem silly, but I’m voting for the candidate who is competent enough to proofread their official statements in the DC primary election voter guide. I’m looking at you, Michael D. Brown.

      (Takes a long time to open: http://www.dcboee.org/popup.asp?url=/pdf_files/nr_950.pdf)

      • Anon3

        ha! I saw that when reading through my voter guide yesterday and couldn’t believe it (well, sadly, I could).

      • My wife and I voted for our puppy for the shadown senator position. Really dont know anything about either of them, so didn’t want to make uninformed choice. Plus, ya know, it isn’t actually a real position that does anything. Plus, our dog is super cute, and perhaps could convince members of congress that there are actual people who live in DC? Can’t hurt right?

        In all seriousness, for at-large, vote Biddle. He is the only one with a chance to beat (corrupt) Orange. Would have voted for Shapiro, but don’t he can win.

        Orange=blocks bike lanes with his car
        Biddle=CaBi member

        Enough said :)

  • sad face

    Rant: Was engaged with three months to go before the wedding. Got called off last week. As a result I suffered my first panic attack. Not quite sure how I will pick up the pieces and move on.
    Rave: I will pick up the pieces and move on if that what the future holds for me.

    • j

      I’m very sorry. Make some time for yourself. Appreciate everyone’s concern, but realize YOU are the center of your universe. Then take it from there.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no, I’m so sorry. You will pick up the pieces and move forward. For what it’s worth, time and grieving are painful but necessary to get to a better place. As for the panic attacks, I’ve suffered from them myself so I can empathize with how terrifying they can be; I’ve found that meditation helps me immensely. I used to take medicine, too, but have learned to confront them on my own, which is pretty powerful. Take good care of yourself during this delicate time.

    • ich

      I’m really sorry. That must feel life shattering. I know that I don’t know your situation, but there’s no way that some time from now, you won’t feel like it’s for the best. I was almost in your same situation and I now feel like the luckiest person in the world that it didn’t work out. Take care of yourself and nurture your friendships. I hope your friends and family are supportive, and don’t be afraid to lean on them. If you have insurance or can afford it, I’d highly recommend therapy—especially since you’re experiencing anxiety. Best of luck.

    • sympathetic shoulder

      Ouch, ouch, ouch. I’m so sorry to hear this. If it helps to put this in perspective, an engagement that is called off is a far better circumstance to endure than a divorce. At least this means that you are not separating after children, shared property and years of loving effort (I assume). Yes, your life has just changed in a very painful way but perhaps you were spared an unhappy marriage in the long run? Love will find you. Don’t worry.

    • Sorry to hear this. Hang in there!

    • classic_six

      That sounds like a rough break. As others have said, it is probably for the better in the long run, even if it doesn’t feel that way now. Just remember to take care of yourself and give yourself time, If it helps to surround yourself with family, friends, loved ones – do so. If it helps to spend time alone doing things that you love – bookstores, spas, or who knows what, try to do that. There is no one way or right way to do this.

    • anonymous

      Two of my good friends (a male and a female) both had broken engagements not long ago. It was a very trying time for both of them. Then these two friends of mine met at one of my parties a little over a year ago, and they just married in November. Take heart- things will get better.

      • Anonymous

        The odds of what you describe happening are slim to none. Life pretty much sucks. People you think love you (and are either dating, engaged or married to you) decide they don’t love you and leave. Then you are left alone and miserable. You can try and find someone else but you never know for sure that they won’t leave and that things won’t be miserable again. Seems like an unbelievably awful system to me.

    • I was on a similar situation long time ago… If it helps to cheer you up and you think it’s appropriate, I offer you a photo (I have nothing else to offer). Either one from my website or a photo of you when you feel ready.

      • Anonymous

        this is weird.

        • I hope not! I’ve done this before to people in this forum and they like to get photos!

        • OatsDC

          No, it isn’t. It’s actually a really nice gesture, I think.

        • It’s not weird to me, it’s a random act of kindness for someone who seems to be having a rough time.

          Full disclosure: I have one of pabloraw’s photographs, and it’s awesome!

        • Anonymous

          What?! You’re weird! This is a really nice offer.

        • Anonymous

          I just think it’s presumptuous on a few levels.

      • gasp!

        Rave: Pablo’s offer!!*

        *He’s generous, handsome AAAND talented!? Ask him for the pic and then ask him out on a date while you’re at it. ;)

        • Anonymous

          what’s up with the pablo sycophants

          • gasp!

            bahahaha! it’s rare i actually ever have a reason to use the word ‘sycophant’. well-played, sir!

            for the record, i’m not some weirdo and my comment was in good fun. :)

        • anon

          What’s up with the anti-Pablo sentiments? (Or is it envy?)

          He did say in his original offer “if it helps to cheer you up and you think it’s appropriate.”

          Pablo comes across on this forum as a very nice guy (in contrast to some of the snarksters), and he’s a talented photographer. I’m not surprised he’s inspired some crushes!

      • Anonymous

        How thoughtful – love your photos!

  • classic_six

    Revel: inspired beauty
    Revel: just saw the name “bill” and it was what I needed to finally jog my memory – it was bugging me since I was trying to figure out the other half of a couple and I couldn’t come up with his name for the life of me. Thank you.

  • Rave: No insects or rodents in my apartment last night!

    Rant: Keep forgetting to mail Grandpa the marmalade I made him.

    Rave: Sent my grandpa a letter teasing him about corrupting his great grandchildren.

    • j


      Where’s my daggum marmalade.

      Love, Grandpa

  • So yesterday afternoon Columbia Rd was closed between 14th and 15th around 5:30pm. Bunch of police vehicles and a van belonging to the medical examiner’s office were there. Heard someone got run over by a dump truck.

  • Rant: Bored at work. Again/already.

    Rave: Went to the Wizards game last night–don’t even know if they won or lost but the suite sure was awesome! We actually ended up watching the Caps game on the flat screen. And my mind was not changed–professional basketball is sooooo boring!

    Rave: Really excited for Holy Week and Easter festivities! Volunteering for a huge easter egg hunt in Lincoln Park on Saturday morning, among other things.

    Rave: Tonight is my second hiphop class! I’ve been practicing and am excited to learn more!

    Rave:……..I had another one but can’t remember.

    • Anonymous

      Are they still accepting volunteers??

      • I think so! You can check the church website: http://www.theaterchurch.com. It should be really awesome–hundreds of families/kids from the Hill, a HUGE egg hunt, give-aways, the Bunny, etc! Let’s just hope the weather is nice!

  • yoyoyo

    Rave: Gorgeous weather, awesome day to go jogging

    Rant: People who seem to think it’s okay to let their dogs wander off leash in Rock Creek Park.

    • classic_six

      Excuse me, but is your “photo icon” a pink poodle? If so, hilarious.

  • anonymous

    agreed. i hate when people take their dogs off-leash. you may trust your dog but why the heck should i when i’ve never met it before. i find it super selfish.

    hmm…i guess that was a rant!

    rave: working outside today from home. it’s such a beautiful day!

    rant: my work environment is so distracting and childish. my co-workers act like they are in middle-school.

    rave: glad my boss let’s me work from home!

  • Rave: leaving work early for the Nationals vs. Red Sox game today :-) Beautiful weather for some baseball!

    Rave: doing a new project at work that I enjoy. OhthankgodIwasgettingbored.

    Rant: out of our two 9-month kittens, the boy has taken a liking to the hallway, and darts out right when someone gets home. I’m worried one day he’ll dart out when the [cleaning lady, repairman, etc] comes and they won’t be able to catch him. Any suggestions on how to curb this behavior?

    • Try to open the door just a little at first and stomp/clap/hiss to scare him away from it as you enter so he won’t run out when you come home. This might eventually help deter him from hanging out by the door ready to run out. You can also try spraying something that smells citrus-y (or hanging some dried lemon peels or something of that sort) by the door – (most) cats don’t like citrus so this should also stop him from hanging out there.

    • Anonymous

      Our cat used to try to run out when the door was opened, so we started throwing mice (toy mice, that is) away from the door when we planned to open it. Then as soon as we come in, we put a little bit of food in her bowl so she associates people coming in with getting a treat. So far so good…she hasn’t bolted in at least 6 months.

    • ew

      I had this problem too. My kitty would try to sneak around me and dart out when I was on my way out the door. To deter her, I would make a point to stare her down as I turn and go out and stomp at her if she got too close to the door. I think it has been effective behavior moderation so far, but the citrus idea sounds interesting.

  • b4life

    Rave: Two gorgeous days in a row! I see the beauty in life everyday.

    Rant: One of my best friends (since 5th grade) has been ailing recently and is back in the hospital. I’m so concerned for his health and feel helpless.

    Rant: Had an intense argument with one of my besties. I love him to death so this shall pass, but sad that it could have been avoided if he were more sensitive.

    Rave: I have a great set of friends and petty disagreements cannot derail true friendship.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: UK Fans keeping it classy and rioting again.

    Rave: This weather

    Rant: People who look like they are available per their Outlook calendar and then when you invite them to a meeting along with 20 other people, say they have a meeting conflict and ask you to reschedule the meeting.

    • Ugh, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Keeping your calendar updated should be required. It annoys me to no end, since it doesn’t only affect the person who owns the calendar- it’s a total waste of time!

  • neednewhob

    Rave: Beautiful weather. Booking a ticket to Hawaii this week to experience the first proper summer vacation I’ve had since 2008!

    Rave: Cooking pork chops, sweet potatoes and couscous for my boyfriend tonight.

    Rant: Feeling guilty for leaving work for a mere six days. Ahh, this is where I need to embrace my Mediterranean roots and say ‘F it.’

    Rant: Pay. I feel like I am always paying bills and never able to sock away enough. Also I am not sure if I will ever make above 50K in my life — I don’t even make THAT amount, but not sure how to make a comfortable living without chaining myself to a smartphone. Typical first world problem, don’t mind me.

  • On the Hill

    Rant: Car battery is dead as a doornail. Can’t figure out what caused it to die.

    Rave: LOVE our neighborhood! Hubs and I were pushing car out of driveway onto street to get a better jump position, and two passersby stopped to help! Thank you so much!

    Rave: We have a driveway!

    Rave: Client project was on shaky ground, but has righted itself and all is well! Thankful that work and home life are both pretty darn awesome right now. And baseball baseball BASEBALL starts today!!

  • Anon

    it took 1 minute for this PoP site to load.
    it take 35 seconds for each post to load.

    I work in a webbased database, my machine and network are topnotch, no other website takes as long as PoP to load.

    what gives? Timing it now to see how long it takes to post and referesh the page. i bet a minute at least

  • Rave: 50 Shades of Grey. I just can’t keep my eyes off the pages.

  • Wootwoot

    Rave: Listening to Big Pimpin’ and feeling totally badass at work while my unsuspecting co-workers walk by… (I’m basically the last person they would think would be listening to this).

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Is it just me, or has this site been painfully f**king slow lately? I find myself spending less and less time actually visiting the site, when I can read its contents by alternative means.

  • Rant: Kitty has been puking up yellow bile-ish stuff. Today on the antique table – leaving a big stain – any suggestions for removing the stain?

    Rave: Dog and other kitty aren’t puking?

    • me

      Rug Doctor has a spray (normal size) that is specifically for pet stains. It comes in a red bottle. Works like a charm.

      • Thanks – I have stuff for stains – this isn’t a stain, but acid-bile stuff – actually penetrating & damaging the wood – I’ve found some remedies for hot-cup sort of stains, but nothing for digestive juices.


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